Phoenix pay system an ‘international embarrassment,’ Senate committee says

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Phoenix pay system an ‘international embarrassment,’ Senate committee says
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Senate finance committee just the latest group I’ve taken a look at the problem they reported on their findings today cbc’s Nikki match has been watching that he joins us from Ottawa what are the Senators playing at the Phoenix system too familiar when it comes to the Phoenix pay system and all the problems that have been playing it basically since it came online early in 2016 the Senators talked about the lack of oversight that lead to all the problems that we’ve seen the fact that nobody has really taken responsibility for what’s been happening and they also talked about the culture that led to this becoming such a huge problem something that the auditor-general has also highlighted and Senator talked about that means to have that kind of failure happen in Canada by modern sophisticated and prosperous G7 country like Canada should be a leader in labor relations and Human Resources it is an international embarrassment the government has failed to pay tens of thousands of its own correctly and on-time that is a big picture Legacy of Phoenix yet at this point there is no guaranteed that no guarantee that everything is in place to prevent this from happening again and the focus of the Senators was not to play as they say the blame game what they want to focus on was what to do next so they came up with five recommendations first of all identify priorities and targets are the people still dealing with a pay issues I also reassess how public servants are trained to handle the problems look at Staffing levels as well as they want Trish reward to report to Parliament on a yearly basis on the costs associated with next they’re also suggesting looking at alternatives for departments and agencies were implementing Phoenix at this time it’s too complicated because of how complicated their pay system is and also suggesting that there’s a report to Parlin before any kind of alternative or successor to Phoenix is put in place that there be a report to Parliament clearly outlining what the government has learned from Phoenix and what the options would be moving forward to try to avoid at similar mistake from being future I’m so where is this all go now Nick at the price tag at the beginning a billion dollars at the report suggesting that by 2023 it could be up to 2 billion so there’s still a lot of work to do to deal with the hundreds of thousands of outstanding transactions at the government is still dealing with the government is also working on what will come after Phoenix something that was first put in the budget they want to move on from Phoenix some point they’re also looking at compensating the employees that have been dealing with all of this working with the unions to try to come up with that so you can see the amount of work that is left and something that the federal government will have to continue to deal with
A Senate committee report on the Phoenix payroll system says there’s still a lot of work to do to solve the outstanding pay issues, cautioning that the government hasn’t fully learned lessons from the public service pay platform

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