Phoenix pay system could cost $2.6 billion, says PBO report | Power & Politics

Phoenix pay system could cost $2.6 billion, says PBO report | Power & Politics
Phoenix pay system could cost $2.6 billion, says PBO report | Power & Politics
Will be working good, replace Phoenix, because essentially it does not work well and are public servants serve, are paying the price for that so we’re going to. We are working and have been for a number of months with the industry providers to identify several that will be able to handle the complexities of the pay in the insta for the Canadian Public Service against them the system and the solutions that they deserve three years Since coming online, Phoenix pay has been a disaster from the start and a costly one. Canada’S parliamentary budget officer has just released his tally for how much it will wind up costing the federal government and, ultimately, taxpayers federal workers were either overpaid, underpaid or not paid at all. The government has already spent our plans to spend more than 1.5 billion dollars on it. According to the PBO Eve, add a new system to replace it will take about 57 million dollars to launch your room. Is a parliamentary budget officer great to see you again? Don’T ask those who are watching who wouldn’t know the ins-and-outs of Phoenix exactly what you studied in this report report his to cost of replacing the current pay system, which has been called Phoenix since its it came online in 2016, if I’m not mistaken. So for the last 3 years, Federal public servants have been paid by a system. That’S called Phoenix and hasn’t worked very well, that’s an understatement. So so we looked at how much it would cost to replace it with something that works at all works. Well, the cost would probably be a year, so that would be the cost of having a system that works. It would probably be slightly more expensive than Dad because of the complexity of the federal pay system so they’re. There is certainly a level of customisation to any solution that the government would adopt, haven’t been able to put a number on the price of customization, because every stakeholder with whom we thought they said it’s commercial commercial secret. So we can’t reveal to you how much it would cost to customize. It depends on the needs of the clients and on this solution that they choose information, because they’re currently bidding for to replace the system, or am I the way of influencing the process? So we didn’t talk to them, so instead we looked at at Big organizations that have gone through that exercise in the past or those that have a system and what are they cost of managing to pay for organizations of a similar size and similar complexity? And what what is the? How does that? Compare to the kinds of costs that exist right now compared to the cost of the federal government is incurring right now, for the year 2017 Teen Witch is the last year for which, for which day are complete numbers. The government is spending about $ 1,000 per employee for for federal public servant compared to a cost that we estimate of the Ram 350. So the government is Spain, probably in the vicinity of 3 times what it would normally cost in a steady-state. A situation moved on from it and focused on replacing the system that there had been discussion. Do we just stick with this one and try to fix it, or do we move to a new one? The government will have spent A 2.6 billion dollars, fixing all the mistakes that have been created by the system, because every 2 weeks it turns out yet more mistakes in peso. These needs to be fixed, as well as fixing the backlog of mistakes. Being it’s a massive mess, so by the time the system is stable, maybe the best solution would be to keep Phoenix, but then it becomes a Communications or perception and a political issue whether somebody keep the brand Phoenix after all these years of very, very bad press. So I don’t envy those who will have to make that decision, because keeping Phoenix, even though you tell people it’s fixed, it’s stable. He pays people on time and accurately. Very few people will believe that Terry for a new system to be implemented, it would be 23 for implementation of a new system and the conditions necessary for that. You have to have clear the backlog of mistakes created by Phoenix and Phoenix to be on providing accurate information to public servants. That’S an essential condition, because if you don’t do that, Fenix will continue to generate mistakes. And if you transfer pay information that is corrupt or inaccurate, then any new system will be basing its calculations on that and we’ll continue to generate mistakes transferred into new system. Otherwise, it’s garbage in and garbage out. How do I say scientifically? Yes, the government has assume it’ll, take them that long to fix and stabilize in Phoenix cost upfront, at least to replace the system. There’S no money right now, something right, so that’s understandable because they haven’t. When would you need to see some money allotted to feel really sure? That’S actually going to happen. That’S a good question. I think the government has to make the commitment to political commitment whether it sets aside specific amounts of money. That’S not that important, because we know the government will have to pay its employees, so in grand scheme of things they can allocate that through the normal Supply process, I don’t think that’s sitting aside. Specific amounts of money would be necessarily essential at this point early in the game and in fact it could even play against the government to set aside specific amount, because that would tip bitters or those who work on fixing the turn system. As to how much the government is willing to put at a minimum, money comes after that, exactly for watching
The final cost to fix the troubled Phoenix pay system could reach $2.6 billion says Canada’s budget watchdog.
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