Photobomb! Bugging the Brexit explanation – BBC News

Photobomb! Bugging the Brexit explanation – BBC News
The EU is proposed X version of the backstop, which should be that Northern Ireland would remain and some elements of the single market and the eu’s Customs Union, the UK size that would break up the Constitutional Integrity of the UK. They say: couldn’t this be done in another AI having a uk-wide customs Arrangement and then some kind of what is that and then some other stuff
Correspondent Adam Fleming was getting in to the detail of Brexit talks when a mystery guest joined him from the BBC Brussels bureau.

Both he and Politics Live presenter Jo Coburn were interrupted during an explanation about talks over the future of Northern Ireland’s border with the Irish Republic.

Adam later tweeted that it was actually a normal sized bug, but it had been very close to the lens of the camera which films the background.

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