Pictou, N.S., pulp mill decision pits industry against environment

Pictou, N.S., pulp mill decision pits industry against environment
Pictou, N.S., pulp mill decision pits industry against environment
There’S a big problem in Pictou County Nova, Scotia putting jobs at risk across the province. The northern pulp-mill is a crucial part of the economy, but every day, if pumps, 75 million litres of effluent waste into Boat, Harbor. body of water line next to first nation Land, The Province said that had to stop and it gave the company five years to implement The solution or face a shutdown will that deadline is less than a year away and the company says it can’t be even worse. The planets working on is raising a whole other kind of alarm, so here’s the lay of the land in Pictou County as it stands. The waste from that Mill is piped underwater to Boat Harbor where’s treated before flowing into the North Berlin straight. The company’s proposal is to treat the F-word on site at the Mill and pump it directly into the straight, but further out than where it now flows and that’s a concern for those who depend on the coastal fishery for their livelihood. What it all adds up to is a complete and utter mess with no easy answer and a community full of people with a huge thick and getting it right. The series Tom Murphy is there it’s an unmistakable Pictou County, Landmark the northern pulp Mill and now Faraway Nova Scotia is Dirty Little Secret. This is Boat Harbor he’ll do now rural places have had a Hardscrabble life, but for 52 years it’s had the mill Skyline, paying hundreds of good salary Generations relationship and these days there’s a growing crisis of conscience. Here people know they have to break up with boat harbor find another way the unthinkable pollution they have caused once and for all. The stakes are high, very high. Not everyone is willing to bite the hand that has fed them for so long or work it up over 25 years. I don’t want to see enclosed, but I don’t want to see it in her either Sherman. I know people that work at the mail, but it’s the environment that I’m worried about another deal with the devil. That’S because Pictou is also a fishing community summer fisherman took to the straight in the largest protest ever seen in these parts. Ben Anderson, a fifth-generation lobster fisherman with part of that protest. He fears for his livelihood the same way the mill workers here for how much of your life do. You have riding on the help of the Northumberland Strait, everything pretty well gear, bolts, everything, dandell income. I live basically off what I make per trap fly catching lobsters. I make no money and it goes for pretty well everybody else. It’S in the same ballpark to be a lot of people, Lara, angry people, but fishermen here have a fierce Ally. The migma First Nations. Perfect Landing First Nations, Chief, Andrea Paul, both Harbor, is personal. Whatever the solution for the effluent closing Boat Harbor is about writing a historical wrong against her people, environmental racism, and they had no regard for the people that lived around the area and wasn’t doing the deal was the mill owners would only built in Pictou County if They had a place to dump their affluent the government of the day, desperate for jobs assumed all responsibility for the environment. Unless the company pollutes Boat Harbor, this is what’s going into the sea, but days after the absolute interphone Harbor, all the fish were dead to gather their fish since the Fisher, all they’re, all up in the surface and their inches they’re there golfing and they’re there and You can may talk about, they can just go in and scoop them up. How painful that must have been incredibly Year’s government of all political Stripes defended the dark and water and the dirty foam we haven’t noticed brownies Waters. Naturally, it’s called good Nova, Scotia fog, water McNeil vows to do what other political leaders promised in failed to deliver on both Harbor for good woke up. Frankly, it’s unacceptable that in the 1960s, the gray Port Harbor in the sixties, it’s not okay. Today, while we shall we give them five years, and I’ve been very clear about that that in January 31st, 2020 is our deadline in the middle is still a long way from having an acceptable solution for is effluent. The reality is dark either the government will have to break its promise to Pictou Landing First Nation or the mill will be forced to shut down, at least until a viable found, and is that reality stinks in tension Rises. Everyone has an opinion on which is the Lesser evil and they’re tiptoeing around their neighbors. Just Jack Fraser, a former mill worker. You can feel the tension when you’re walking around you you’re. You know you’re picking your words and I’m nervous that there’s going to be something happen like somebody’s going to get killed or something over foolishness and here’s why the mill is so important to so many each year for he 2000 truck loads of wood chips, bark and Round Wood is stole to this pulp-mill from Sawmills and Woodlawn. It’S all over Northern pulp closes. The fear is the forest industry. Falter in all people are saying always jobs at the Mill. No, it’s not it’s! It’S 11,000. 12000 + jobs that sell tires. Shell gasoline supplies, like it’s, it’s widespread boy. What do you see when you look at this? What do you see? I see the apple tree. Where is possible level regulations walking around Boat Harbor Northern Pope’s Mike Wilson point out there isn’t a bleached Kraft pulp mill on the planet that doesn’t have an effluent pipe coming out of it. If you want white toilet, you have to deal with toxic a fluid. He believes a new pipe into the Northumberland Strait will pass and environmental review trust the science he says, you’re probably used to this kind of taking my breath away. I guess that’s all be on site, but it’s a water going to be any cleaner. At the end of the day it will be equipment what’s going on now, but you can meet the regulations. But here’s the rub. The companies asking to keep both for open another year, so we can get it to plan for a pipe in place. In other words, trust us to problem is trust, has been pretty bruised up in Pictou County over the years, according to Ben Anderson. But what? If the sign says, that’s not the case that it’s okay to put a pipe in the street, I’d like to see the signs begin less. If they talk about, would you believe it? If I don’t know because they said so and it it’s board life? So that’s the signs were looking at, I’m pretty skeptical in my own personal opinion, if a pipe was to pass the provincial environmental review, the premier believes the fishery forestry and Pulp Industries could all codes, but he won’t break his word to the mcmaugh People by giving The company more time are we giving them a five-hour window, you’re not going to back down on that. We give him a five-hour window now. Cheap Paul is upping the ante. It’S not just about the pipe for both Harbor anymore. It’S about the mill itself out loud. Why you saying that now, because they haven’t done what they should have been doing, and I believe that the male they’ve been able to do. They’Ve always wanted to do, and I think enough is enough. Animated discolored the controversy turns on and a community’s future seems no more clear Murphy, CBC News, Abercrombie Nova Scotia across the Northumberland Strait Prince Edward Island. The premier there has raised concerns about the environmental impact on his Province, but yesterday the Prime Minister, chime didn’t see me to rule out the federal assessment we understand are going through the environmental assessment, but the federal government is also looking into ways that it can support And that is something we take very seriously Nova Scotia 29th weather. The new effluent treatment plan can be granted conditional approval,
A decision on a controversial pulp mill in Pictou, N.S., is pitting environmental concerns against economic interests.

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