Plane passengers saving baggage before themselves

kiosk and fear in the moments after these passengers looked out to see flames shooting up from the wing we went to safety love you guys none of the passengers was injured but there was a major issue with the evacuation too many people ignore tacky warning from flight attendants the results of that the the evacuation process wasn’t he doesn’t stand significantly slowed for their laptops in carry-on bag in Halifax in 2015 and when this Air France flights to get it off at Toronto Runway seriously injuring 12 people back in 2005 ever since the TSB has urged Transport Canada to make the warnings about bags mandatory is there a need to evacuate the aircraft leave your personal belongings behind and WestJet plans to starting this fall does not require Transport Canada only recommends that Airlines warn you to leave your bags behind even though the department recently issued a safety alert saying those voluntary warnings are so effective mandatory or voluntary that’s not the only problem that’s flight attendant says many passengers simply tune out people make it up complacent and forget the fact that every plane is a little bit different He suggests flipping the warnings about carry-ons in right before a movie take a moment take 10 seconds to plug some safety information in there and really captured people’s attention at a moment when they are expecting it a creative way to get the message across that stopping for a carry-on is just too dangerous for everyone on board salima shivji CBC News Ottawa
Plane passengers are prioritizing their baggage over their own safety in emergency situations, a problem the Transportation Safety Board is urgently trying to solve. The agency points to three serious incidents where crucial delays came when people went to take their luggage, rather than evacuating the plane as soon as possible.

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