Plus size clothing: What curvier women want

I’m 42 years old so you wouldn’t at 10 or 11 or 12 the prime of starting getting into that that Station high school trying to find clothing that fits you it was impossible so I would have to actually scour the men’s clothing section to fit in some jeans shirts anything but I would have to use my own twist to make it look like possible as soon as I got a good we’re going to a function or going to a club or going to a death prom I had to make my dress because it knows prom dresses fit me so everyone got to go shopping for prom dresses and my mother made my prom dress because that’s what I had to do if you see a picture of Kim Kardashian for example in an outfit and you’re thinking like I could rock that but where am I going to find that like the things that are out there in our sizes are very fast fashion that’s what I call it it’s low quality three times and then you know the scenes coming out or there’s a hole in your in the Fab I’m growing up my two best friends like my best friend Bianca is a size 2 and Dana’s a size 4 so I could not shop with them I would go shopping with them I’d go into storage bags David you know a friend with pick out something nice on you want you try it okay it doesn’t fit but like now with J crew and Roxy early and lechateau like they’re making it possible for all of you to go shopping like be able to shop on one rack have to go into the dark corner of the plus-size section and I’ll just take the escalator up to the section of when you have a problem of just because it’s plus it doesn’t mean it’s going to fit your body properly so you got you wanted to the problem where I’m a triple D so even though if it’s an 18 or 2x I have to go higher because the chest area of the jacket or the blouse will not properly because it’s busting at the seams so there’s even like the fit guy that sometimes it’s a bit off just because it is plus it’s not necessarily plus and it’s not like every plus but just because it’s so it’s a size 16 at a to wax your butt does change of some of the designers don’t even put the factor that in and their designs all they do is just make a bigger size for yes and that doesn’t work starting to change but if you would be the decider of these things what’s the first thing that you would like to see change when it comes to just a larger size availability just having more stores where were able to all go shop one rack and I can buy the same t-shirt or pair of jeans that are size 2 a person can I would love to walk and walk into holds or walk into anywhere even like the kiss it faster ostracized because you don’t spend that size 0 and I think that’s why it’s easy for us to you know show pictures of us in lingerie or in bathing suits and feel comfortable because you know you have those women that are they are backing you up supporting you Then You’re beautiful your messages being received and heard and cute and it’s important it’s important and it’s not even like when I post a picture of me or Daniela on Canadian Kirby’s it’s not about us it’s about saying wow like I can rock that look these girls look like me like they have the same shape as me and that’s that’s what it is for me like I want young girls to be confident love them + 40 and they’re like I would never like that I had one woman and never bought jeans cuz you think I would never buy jeans and because their partner to buy jeans she’s like oh my God thank you so much thank you for making me feel that I could do it and it like it’s just for me so easy because I’ve never had that that issue but for a lot of women especially when the older women they never felt comfortable even like bodycons I would never wear body condom but what do you mean you would never wear a bodycon slap it on your look fantastic I have an hourglass shape I have little bit of extra but I could I can rock that lingerie I can rock that bikini pretty good and I and that empowers me
Fashionable plus sized clothing can be hard to find, but inclusive sizing can help curvier women get what they want when they go shopping.

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