PM has been ‘stone silent’ on Quebec secularism bill: Mulcair

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PM has been ‘stone silent’ on Quebec secularism bill: Mulcair
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PM has been ‘stone silent’ on Quebec secularism bill: Mulcair
PM has been ‘stone silent’ on Quebec secularism bill: Mulcair
While attending correct ban on religious symbols for those in the public service, such as police and teaches, is Coptic critical eye of the United Nations to discuss this and other issues on the political landscape, like this government really is immune to criticism on the band, but so Does the UN condemnation of this as a violation of personal freedoms going to change any minds and the National Assembly? I think it’s going to get a lot of attention here in Quebec and trysting down. There was a very big pool by Leger, a big Quebec from that came out just yesterday, and it showed that amongst voters that are in the younger trois 18th, a 35 year-old they’re opposed to this ban on religious symbols. It’S really the older voters Heartland who are in favor of what Mr the goes doing. He was lamenting this in Washington during a trip saying I didn’t get elected to talk about religious symbols, but guess what that’s about all he’s done in there as well. With regard to these rap off tile from the United Nations, they do important work. We had one in Canada, not that long ago, named James, I on a very respected fellow, doing, work on First Nations and other indigenous issues in Canada. They’Re going to have to sit up and take notice and I’ll give you a little bit of historical sidebar on this back in the day when Quebec had a unilingual French sign, so you’re not allowed that to go around that long and have a bilingual sign. Everything had to be French only tonight, the United Nation again came up with a report saying that goes against the fundamental freedom of expression, and it was only once we had that decision. I say we because I was one of the advisors for Claude Ryan that we were able to get rid of. The notwithstanding clause in could come in with a new built where bilingualism came back as the that was allowed in Quebec. So I think that this might also give reasonable people around us to go pause to consider a possible way out of this thing, because using to notwithstanding Clauses and they’re proposing Don to use closure to shut this thing down ahead of time. It’S unseemly and I think the most kobackers feel ashamed by how you know and you’ve seen we’re getting a campaign. The federal campaigns already revving pretty high on the engines here, LSA showing the campaign doesn’t want to upset quebecers by campaigning against 21 too hard. Does he well that’s interesting, and I am obviously going to have to declare my conflict here, because my strong stand in favor of the it’s a Muslim women in the 2015 campaign cost me a lot of support in Quebec. We measured that it was in the 20 % range know about it, but here’s the here’s, the deal MR2, I think, is playing this one too cautiously, because he is somebody who does have principles, rights and individual freedoms, and he has been Stone silent on this thing. Pretty well since the beginning, the first day that it was tabled, he mumbled something under his breath and then has been hiding about it ever since it’s interesting cuz, if you compare and contrast Trudeau pal was still around, we might have heard of much so stronger and And really vibrant defense of individual rights and freedoms. The government go so far as to say that this bill suppressing individual religious freedom is necessary because we have to support that the collective rights of quebecers. I mean that is language and terminology straight out of another era, and certainly straight out of another legal system. Alright election issue – and I think you might want to venture into this as a former Federal NDP party leader, to help the conservatives I heard of a premier going out of this province to camp and I’m wondering, is it a help or hindrance, friend or sheer? I think it’s a two edged sword, as you say in your question., Because of course, Jason Kenny has no limitations on high opinion of his opinions, but at the same time I think that Doug Ford is is is not being very prudent if he thinks that the Two of them can redo the front cover of Maclean’s where they posed with Andrew Scheer. As the resistance, I think, they’ll be playing right into Justin Trudeau. Mr. Trudeau is going to make this about character, we’re seeing how strongly he’s hitting the abortion issue and trying to tag Mister share for his strongly-held personal beliefs, but his political beliefs are no different from those of mr. Harper. Who said I’m not going to touch this thing? Andrew Scheer credibly says he won’t touch it either and there’s no reason not to believe him on that. But it again they’re trying to make this the same type of very dark campaign that was waged by the NDP in Alberta against Mr Kenny himself. And he should have learned it object lesson in Canada. That stuff doesn’t work that well. People want to know what your ideas of what you’re planning to do, not necessarily why the other guy is so awful. So I think that Mr Kenny, better talk to Mr Sharon. Advanced, I’m not sure Andrew Scheer is going to be by the Doug Ford at Jason, Kenney combo, trying to help Matt immigration. You’Ve got a lot of cash today and they’re used to call the minister of curry in a hurry and – and it seems to me that you might be climate change denier, so they might look at me differently. Some areas, everything. I think that if you were to visit those ethno-cultural communities throughout Alberta, everytime Andrew she was visiting, it would help. Mr. sheer, I think if mr., if Mr Kenny believes he can go into the 9:05 in the greater Toronto area and somehow work magic with communities who have no connection to him for years and believe that they’re going to have nothing but fond memories of the conservatives. When they had, you know these, you were going to be filling out, forms about Barb, barbarians and Barbara’s practices and the like, there’s not not only good stuff that people remember from the Harper are with regard to targeting minority communities. Mr. Harper was very tough on his on Muslim women in particular, and their rights, their religious right some. I think that Mr Kenny would do well to try to help in his home Province where he is indeed popular. Moving that East Ontario. I don’t think it’s going to work appreciate your time.
CTV News Political Analyst Tom Mulcair speaks about whether Quebec’s proposed ban on religious symbols could become a federal election issue.

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