PM: Second referendum ‘would exacerbate divisions’ – BBC News

PM: Second referendum ‘would exacerbate divisions’ – BBC News
Let me know deal with another question this is being raised. Let me know if you have another question: what’s that would say taboos in all constituencies who puts what it would say about the station democracy is the biggest boat in our history to be rerun, because a majority in this house didn’t like the outcome and what it Would do to I’m woke. Is it would unleash this house voltage to get the decision to the British people this has promised. We would the decision if we betray. Promise. If we betrayed again if we held a referendum, because if it was close like last time that we would soon start to cool for third one and it wouldn’t take us forward to square one, we we to spend the next decade But Country going round in circles. On the question of our relationship with the European Union, we have already spent too many years with divisions on Europe simmering in the body politic, Weymouth we must deliver on the referendum. We have already had focus on the day-to-day concerns of the people on take this country forward.
Theresa May says the government’s deal “allows a good relationship with Europe but for the UK to make wider trade deals too”.

She adds that it also ensures a fair settlement of the UK’s financial obligations and “provides stability for businesses”.

“A second referendum would exacerbate divisions in this country,” she says.

“It is the duty of this Parliament to deliver on the result of the vote that the British people gave in 2016.”

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