PM Theresa May addresses MPs – BBC News

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PM Theresa May addresses MPs – BBC News
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PM Theresa May addresses MPs – BBC News
But let’s listen to the prime minister strengthen our Union and we will also continue to work to deliver on the promise we made to the people of this country to deliver is shared by every member of this house. I would like to invite the leaders of parliamentary parties to meet with me individually, and I would like to start these meetings tonight do the same, but we must find Solutions, Madonna, coachable and come on sufficient support in this house and, as I’ve said, we will return To the house on Monday to table and amendable motion on to make a statement about the way forward, the house has put his confidence in this government to deliver on brexit and retains the confidence of the people.
Theresa May addresses MPs, saying she will start meetings tonight with senior parliamentarians over Brexit negotiations.

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