PM Theresa May updates MPs on EU Council summit – BBC News

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PM Theresa May updates MPs on EU Council summit – BBC News
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PM Theresa May updates MPs on EU Council summit – BBC News
Before turning brexit, let me talk to Sean to significant conclusions from the other business of the council discontinued violations of international law against Russia, and we stand ready to further strengthen all support, in particular, contacting the spread of deliberate, large-scale and systematic information, including I was clear. The European Union, the UK, will continue to work closely with all European Partners drop, hold the international rules base system and to keep all our people safe security partnership agreed with the EU. What insufficient for this house we have to go further and showing that we never want to use. This fact is used. It must be a temporary Arrangement. Some of the resulting exchanges I make. I make no apology for standing up for the interests of this house and the interest basketball whole United Kingdom 20/20 alternative arrangements, so the backstop will not need to be triggered. The house we’ll forgive me, but I think this Bears repeating the backstop – will not needs to be triggered temporarily. They said that the EU would use its best endeavours to negotiations conclude expeditiously, a subsequent agreement, future partnership with UK to make it even less likely than the box. Would ever be needed by stating that the EU stands ready to embark on preparations immediately off the signature Of the referral agreement soon as possible after the UK’s withdrawal Mississippi Queen these conclusions in that statement with the counseling in that private meetings with me, be the best possible future relationship with us. There is no place to keep us in the Back store. Indeed, president macron said on Friday quote: we can clarify and reassure the Box solution and nobody is trying to lock the UK into the Baxter European Council. These commitments, I’m trying to address the concerns at this house, is on top of the commitments that we have already, including and showing the customs relationship in place before the end of implementation.. But it’s a new relationship isn’t ready. We can choose to extend the implementation. Instead of the Box. Still coming, in. Does come in. We can use alternative Arrangements, computer relationship to get out of it, but the treaty is clear: the Box. Can only ever be temporary and explicit termination tools, deeply uncomfortable about the Back store, how’s your vacation going. The council conclusion is in fact possible, so discussions are continuing to explore further political and legal assurances to ensure that any provision., but the statement by the Prime Minister must be heard and herd with the prime minister windshield crack. Stop cannot be in place indefinitely 14 weeks until the UK leaves. The EU confirm today that we intend to return to the meaningful votes to page in the week commencing 7th of January. I told the vote the following week. The boat members will need to reflect badly on what is in the best interest of our country. I know that that very strongly held personal views on this issue across the house, expressing our personal views is not what we are here to do. We also British people to take this decision. 400. 470 to Corinth. Ms cuz of this house voted for the referendum in June 2015, with just the key to coaching against the British people responded by Senator de 438. Current members of this house voted to trigger article 50 with only 85, with today’s Memphis poaching against. I know this is not everyone’s perfect deal if you could compromise, but if we let the perfect, be the enemy of leaving the EU with no deal a cool. Of course, we have prepared for no deal until the next phase and ensuring that we all ready for that scenario. Agreement with our neighbors as the referendum and provides a smooth and pull to the exit. Avoiding no deal is only possible if we can reach an agreement or if we, if we entirely go to the conclusion that this Council has president said it is the best deal possible and the only deal possible proposal. Any proposal for the weather, Canada or any other variety that has been mentioned would require agreeing this withdrawal agreement, don’t break Faith with the British people by trying to Stage another referendum. Many members of this house, including an illustrious chair of a select committee, I just went to McNeil’s jewelry cheeky chappie, but we leave much less of the cheek and more by way of courtesy and listening to the Prime Minister, prime minister. Thank you country. At the very moment, we should be working to United critical moments at this critical moment in our history. We should be thinking find a way to come together and work together in the National interest to see this through makes to fulfill my responsibilities as prime minister to find a way forwards over the last two weeks. So we can take control of all boy, schools and money together we can move on to finalizing the future relationship with the European Union and the trade deals with the rest of the world, but can fuel off Prosperity is to come, and so together we can get This brexit dumb set priorities investing in NHS hospitals and housing. Tackling the Injustice 2 Face together, we’ll see the entrance to the British people.
Prime Minister Theresa May says she wants to begin by discussing two significant agreements made at the December council: a concern at Russia’s continued violations of international law and an agreement to work together to tackle the spread of disinformation.

Theresa May says she has listened to concerns of the House over the Irish backstop, and has told EU counterparts that “their assurances are insufficient and we must go further, that we never want to use it and it must be a temporary arrangement if used”.

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