PM Trudeau announces Canada Child Benefit changes

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PM Trudeau announces Canada Child Benefit changes
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thank you Frank for your leadership here in Markham thank you Jane thank you Gary thank you to everyone is come out this morning it’s a real pleasure for me to be here at the End Community Center here in Markham I know that the opening just last week but I can tell that it’s already becoming a great Community Hub this summer I spent a lot of time talking to folks across this country I can tell you but what people always ask me about is how we’re making love better for families cuz here in Markham and wherever you go in Canada parents are working hard to provide for their kids they wake up early stay late sometimes you can work more than one job but the cost of living is going up and wages aren’t always keeping pace so we’re doing something about it 2 years ago we introduced the Canada child benefit A system that reflects the real parents are facing it didn’t seem right to us and under the old system millionaires we’re getting checks that quite frankly they didn’t need while other families were struggling to get by hello started to create Canadian child benefit almost 3,000 children offering more money into the pockets of families that meant nearly $2,300 a year almost $200 more a month more than under the previous system and today I’m proud that we’re taking another step to make benefits families receive reflect the reality of raising kids where indexing CCB to inflation two years ahead of schedule CR economy is growing stronger and stronger which means that we can make the Canada child benefit more generous right now in other words families will get more money and every month when the price of everyday essentials like groceries goes up so will the monthly check because raising kids is expensive and I’ve seen how important the CCB is to families right across this country parents tell me that they’re using it to put healthy food on the table to pay for camp in the summer and childcare during the school here and buy that new pair of cleats for their inspiring soccer player and today’s changes will help pay even more a single mom earning $35,000 a year with A3 year old and a six-year-old received more than $11,000 tax free through the CCB for the 2017 and 2018 it. Today she’ll see that benefit go up by nearly $600 and it’s because we were able to index the CCB two years early because our economy is doing so well putting more money in the pockets of families every month means putting more kids in dance lessons and then warm winter boots we promised to index the CCB to inflation and I’m proud that we delivered to you earlier than expected because we have seen the kind of growth that has come through our economy from the hard work Canadiens have been doing across the country because of the confidence that comes with having a little extra money in your pockets to spend on your kids tax free working hard to join it
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces changes to the Canada Child Benefit at a press conference in Markham, Ont.

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