PMQs: Theresa May faces MPs’ questions

PMQs: Theresa May faces MPs’ questions
After the meeting later today, license is set to significant investment at to work alongside the NHS using genomics, an AI to help diagnose major diseases. Early shows that will cost Life Sciences. Companies such as Agilent in my constituency will continue to invest in the UK to help the NHS improve patient outcomes post brexit. They will deliver a 650 jobs recognizing the importance of Jeremy Coleman. Thank you mr. speaker, and join yourself in the Prime Minister and welcoming Sammy. What has to Parliament today and is the typical Act of your General Studies, refer to her in the gallery today, so that others might be emboldened to deal with the horrors of the Rape Crisis that we face. This is Mika. I’D also like to express our sympathies to the family of Luke Griffin from merseyside, who was killed in Kabul last week, alongside five fellow G4S workers. What is Cam Nationals Luke and previously served in the 16th Regiment of the royal artillery? We must not neglect the crisis facing millions of people across country. Last week I wrote the Prime Minister about the scathing report to the UN special rapporteur on this government’s brutal policies towards the forest in Britain. As of now, I’ve received no reply, the Prime Minister, but when the Prime Minister read the report, what short-term or was it the word for you and used, or was it the shocking reality of rising property in Britain? When is Easter country today at record lows for unemployment, the Wii takes a conservative government delivering to the British people conventions. Psychiatry seems to tighten lesson from her and created a hostile environment for those that are claiming benefits won one of the government’s policies. It’S closing the greatest anxiety and poverty is universe. Credit. The UN report, a professor Alston, said it was fast falling into Universal discredit. When will the Prime Minister demonstrate some of her professed concern about Injustice is on hold the roll out of Universal Credit. Reposition says it is making changes as we have gone through those changes, but I actually I’m afraid I’m afraid. we Soul was a Labour party, would support the changes we’re making to you about their Friday. So we listen is ensuring that we see more people in work. In this country, but Deliver Us with evil encourages them into a simpler systems for those people who need she might just catch a castoroides over the report from the Trussell trust – and I quote it’s a five week weight is introduced. The only way to stop even more people being forced into food banks, this winter will be two pulls all new claim to Universal Credit. Do you, and also called for the five-week, wait to be crowned scrapped in the coming weeks? Universal Credit Milton Keynes positive whole parts of London and Glasgow people risk being left with no money at Christmas. The Prime Minister won’t hold the rollout of Universal Credit. Will she at least immediately immediately end the 5-week white prime minister? No one has to wait for money. If they need it, sides of the house, members missed call. The questions will be heard, however long it takes, and the same is true of the replies. Please try to get used to that. The prime minister. He would get advances, we’ve been short, they can get 100 %, a hundred percent of ifs month, payment up front and we’ve already. The 7-Day waiting. voted against it for some people. The Trussell trust is also pointed out that food banks face record demand this December. I just gently say to her the members behind her food banks and not just a photo opportunity, but conservative anaphase prove themselves all of them supported all of them supported the cutscene benefit that have led to the property in this country. Yesterday, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation research found – and I quote – in what property was Rising faster than the overall employment rate due to chronic low pay, an insecure work. United Kingdom weakest, wage growth of all G20 Nations living standards of fallen for the majority of people. What is so wrong with our economy that I’ll pay growth is so much worse than each of the other night in the j-20 prime minister levels, trakt on benefits and it cost every household an extra three thousand pounds a year, the price of mrs. Baker, the chief Economist, the bank of England describes the last decade as a lost decade for wages. The Prime Minister might laugh at this is making too much noise. The stop doing so – and I say very gently to the junior Minister on the back bench, who is making far too much noise but he’s ordinarily genial, chapped, I’m referring to the honorable gentleman, the member for hexham. You can do miss you can do you can do so much better, try to be a well-behaved citizen today, wow, possibly like some of those but Thanksgiving speaker. Two years ago, a United Nations committee found this government’s policies towards disabled people represented at grave and systematic violation of their rights. Does the prime minister that situation has improved in the past two years? The website, through too many disabled people who have felt that they have not been able to do what they want to do about the getting place the place referencing the last decade have mint management. Remember, remember the it’s a speaker when I hear a prime minister talking about difficult decisions. What always happens afterwards and these context is the pit florist loser in our society, 3.3 million disabled people are now in poverty. 50,000 will hit by pulling carts employment Ultra Lounge benefit alone. Last year, this table people scrounges. It called those unable to excavate creates in Oaxaca to the best of his ability. Hydroquinone advice from the right honorable Gentleman on the discharge of mine be clear about that. Jeremy. Corbyn also created a hostile and created a hostile environment for the generation. When the UN reporter said British compassion for those who are suffering has been replaced by a punitive, mean-spirited and callous approach. He couldn’t have summed up this contemptible government, any better 52 ocean rising Rising. When will the Prime Minister turn her into action and the benefit fries? Repeal the bedroom tax and hope that you roll out on Universal Credit, prime minister, the finger pointing and yelling and praying must * understand the passions are running, but on both sides of the house. We need have some sense of decorum the prime minister people out of paying console together under this government, 3.3 million jobs leaves office, destroy all that conservative speaker. Can I ask my friend WhatsApp she and her government to taking make sure more women get tested and thanks for the terrible consequences of picking up cancer do need recognize. We need to do more to encourage women want to take cervical screening test Global screening programs. All those of us who have had smear test recognized then nice, but they are important. They, if you want to see cancer detected early, have your smear test. A few minutes of discomfort be saving your life. We must all call out crimes of sexual violence. Those responsible must be held accountable for what we have. Is he governments in crisis, a government that has lost to brexit Second Home second tree tree tree three consecutive defeats, the first government to do so – Mister speaker in 40 years? I’M not a government time to be in contempt of parliament. Is it time that the Prime Minister took responsibility, responsibility Fox on her brexit deal from members of this house and the public who she take responsibility. Portable C is an evil position that was sent out on Monday in the 34 page document, together with the statements made, questions given by the Attorney General on Monday very clearly sex position, because that is an incredibly disappointing response for the prime minister. We have seen the facts that the government try to hide. This is because this government is getting Northern Ireland permanent membership of the single Market in the Customs Union. Despite statements in the protocol that is not intended to be permanent in international law, the protocol indefinitely has been misleading the house, otherwise the Prime Minister must explain can be no suggestion of otherwise. The right honourable gentleman must make it clear. There is no suggestion that the government is this: leave misleading the house deliberately. That can be no question about which people do now and again he can. But the must be no ambiguity on the point, and I also the right honourable gentleman to clarify mystery and Blackford. No imputation Of Dishonor on the insertion of the word perhaps suggests the right. Honorable gentleman wants to keep his options open. The option of imputing dishonour does not exist. That would must now be removed. Please rephrase continue and complete. Briefly, mr. and Blackfoot explain the Prime Minister must explain why she continues to deny Stockland the rights and opportunities that hurt deal officer, other part of the United Kingdom, but I think that the Attorney General actually published he will see. He will see that the advice has no difference from the statement that was given in G. Indeed, I might take the personal challenge. is. It is not the intention of either party for the option to be anything other than temporary Scotland from the deal we are leaving. The European Union as a whole, United Kingdom, Scotland, the interests of Scotland remaining in the internal market off of United Kingdom, is the most important economic interests and the interests of Scotland coming out Henderson mr. speaker is suitable to chefe. Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen lost Scout housing developments transform our area. We feel we’ve already accepted more than a fair share of U housing. To take steps to reduce the housing Target been imposed on swole proposals. We need to help more people onto the housing ladder young people today who worried that they will not be able to 20 mm. You hoes the highest level we’ve seen in all, but one of the last 31 years, but I’m sure every single Bragg’s scenario. This government have modeled, it shows GDP growth to full-on to fall further. When the impact of ending freedom of movement, the Prime Minister continues to pretend ending free movement. Is it good thing? It is a Bad Thing: children why she do you get in a way which is economically illiterate. Prime minister completing the European Union is on the table MP3 recorder previous year. Does my boyfriend agree that this shows the value of social impact bonds, which provide vital 101 support to people with complex need, support and congratulate? Who makes such a difference? I think the support individuals who spent a long time within the system to reduce rough sleeping in the long-term by helping Traxxas support and services they needed a very important step forward. Kevin Brennan on the single Market, but also on Customs, doesn’t mean it’s even less likely that he would deal will pass through this house. Constitutionally. Should mean a general election, but if not isn’t the way to resolve this to have a public boat on her deal, the arrangements that we have in place will the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union. It is clear that we will not be in the single market and we will not be in the Customs Union, but we will have. We will have it on vicious Trade Agreement which enables us to reduce those, and we will continue to what fiction is trade at the border trade agreement with the European Union? That’S good for this country and it’s good for jobs in his constituency time. We raised the age of marriage in this country from 16 to 18, as we are other countries to do actually continue to decline. A we’ve not seen any evidence of fading’s in the existing protection, so he would marry in Into the Wild 16 or 18 with the appropriate consent to continue to keep this under review. William said back in September that we will look at whether there’s any link between parents giving consent. When goes our age, 16 or 17. Instances of false marriage find the 4th of. May I raised it with her a prime minister’s questions. I meant to speak as she said that the community would get support, we’ll get no such support from her government. When it comes to helping people, you can never trust the Tories. I think she knows she knows of incidence when people have being able in region to trust the Tories, and it was clear it clear, but she has received from the Secretary of State, I’m not made on every generation time enough made money available in response to that Arise from the naughty corner, so I might need your protection. I know it’s prime minister, and will she join me in congratulating to Simon Wesley? He was just on a review of the mental health act. His findings will be published tomorrow, Isis with great Good Humor, great good humor, with compassion and dignity, even though this house is so divided on so many issues. It should be United on this report and I think, he’s absolutely right. I hope that this issue with mental health and how we look at mental health Act is an important question that will unite people across this house for the recognition that we have been like to have. This review congratulate Professor Simon Wesley on the engage with a wide range in the large number of service uses, his health organizations and professionals to help chafing come forward with legislation in due course isn’t important area. We should all get behind this because we need to ensure that we are delivering for those people in our country who do stuff with mental health problems. What’S the June rain, you test site in my constituency continues to decommission the issue of high-quality replacement jobs. I give credit where it is due will ensure that the maximum number of jobs arising from this site will be located locally in north of Atlanta. Fulton, and the ambition that we have that Association and I recognize the importance of the skilled jobs he’s talking about. I think this is a real opportunity for his constituents yesterday relation to the attorney general related to the whole of the agreement, not just to the question to which the letter between given the fact that, under the ministerial code, it states the loft. This must be consulted in good time before the government is committed to critical decisions involving legal considerations and the Attorney General states that the international is binding on the United Kingdom. An opinion on matters such as the control over those ecj jurisdiction. The incompatibility of the agreement with repeater Ryme Minista once again to the issue with a 90 reviews – 1972 European Community pack, European community in the the European Union. Then it would be necessary to ensure that the necessary changes were made in those changes will be made in the the Prime Minister miracle. That last week I asked her about the terrible funding settlement for chinaware. Fire & Rescue service was not happy with the answer, so I’m going to try again tuckpointing local services, such as police and fire through the council tax preset just doesn’t work in areas which is mine again, such as my parents be close to being an unsafe service And fire and police very soon this year, which is equivalent to 52 % of that cool spending power assurance that the guys on the Caribbean Coastline will remain on way. Cooling on orientation, Wednesday strike they’ve been guaranteed, you’ll be on this franchise. There is no. There is no reason to continue this. Needless action on the message is very clear: passengers per FIFA 2018 receive no support whatsoever. Today. Can I ask the Prime Minister: please: don’t we almost to the children affected, the every child, every child Houston, you inspection framework, more focus on local area, strengths and weaknesses, I’m with working to spread fast, the health education, Health in Kathmandu, windchill supposed to take her to The needs of children and family, as opposed to the hall to the pope of the processing more money, is coming in this year. Educational needs who feel that they are constantly having to defeat the head against the delivering food policy. Education find the people raising with her ladyship hotels with a regular basis. Rachel McClain. I promise to take this money, will be spent, fixing all roads be revoked. The UK government has lost three times in the Supreme Court of Scotland in the UK Supreme Court on yesterday. In The Advocate General’s opinion in the court of justice of the European Union, she has poop so much public money and so much energy into depriving this parliament of legal certainty about the options which will be open to it when her deal is about to die next Week AAA Dayton, this is a European Commission. Please clear! The government will not revive Costco 50 and I think everybody in this house final decision making sure we don’t leave the European Union. That’S what that’s what that judgement is about. We will not revoke article 50 old Scully. Mr. speaker, the members of the public are still concerned that we extended it.. Stop situation explain why, in her opinion, the European Union, by what the strangest and good fight for an extensive Free Trade Agreement about the Box., we will not be accepting free movement Beyond place for them. To put the UK and funds initiatives in my constituency of Northampton Aden, doxycycline poverty and promoting social inclusion, we deciding or wait until we get in Plano. Derrick Thomas next week will be the first of 24 mg Suboxone withdrawal agreement, and I was glad to have the Opportunity to speak evidence to show this house to seek to address the genuine concerns of MPS across the house. It is a good deal. I recognized mr. speaker, one of my constituents has lost thousands of pounds from his British steel pension as he was preyed upon by a rogue financial advisor. It happened. A hundred across the country doesn’t have the teeth to sort of tension. This is criminal. Justice degree case of his constituents in relation to his son to his pension and the Johnsons about countries. Children are our country’s future and yesterday offset reported that 95 % of aliens providers good or outstanding. So will the Prime Minister join me in thanking all those who work in early is organization for giving all children the very best start in LA education is important for children Standing Ovation, and we should thank all those who are working in the exhibition for all children And their future permanent Arrangement on Bollinger and definitely a repeat of previous assertions were made – was the Prime Minister degree at this last moment that the entire premise of the backstop has been based on false assertion? It is a practical, physical, political impossibility under any circumstances, for a hard border to emerge on the island of Ireland. Why is she allowed to be used as a noguchi employed by the against the United Kingdom? Prime minister, political assertion is sufficient to give people reassurance for the future. I know what people want to know is it. Arrangements will be in place deal with this. The extension the invitation. Could deal with a temporary. Alternative Arrangements could deal with it, but people needs to know people need to know. It is beyond ridiculous ocean that there is not commitment that to the people when shoulder, we have no hot water, London students from the renowned Holocaust Survivor. Hannah Lewis celebrate the Festival of Hanukkah, of the ultimate contribution that she is bringing home to people, Holocaust Education, trust which I think up and down all country absolutely agree with my friend. I think there is no better place. I want to see important is that this is not just a memorial, it is a Learning Center, it will be about educating young people and others about the horrors of man’s inhumanity to man is several Roberts. The lost well testing through how she is intent on inflicting gbh, her government’s brexit on our nation on all sides, a no-till scenario before this house. Azusa. What’S on the table, thank you very much. Mr. speak, prime minister. Four around again ale is getting was the latest victim is David Griffin, a 77 year-old Fulmer O’Leary, who is being reinvestigated 45 years ago, after which she was already cleared of the time of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, terrorists are given Lexus of comfort when we go Out for Chelsea pensioners instead, please please do something. I say to my boyfriend: the interest around 2500 people were killed in the troubles, including Security Forces. What we have done is committed to establishing a new mechanism. We all concerned. What we see at the moment is a situation where the husband, I believe, a disproportionate on those who are either serving military or in the police officers. At the time. I want to ensure that the terrorists I recognize the strength of feeling in from my own boyfriend and others in relation to this issue, inspired by The Bravery of Sammy, Woodhouse and speaking out, so that we can drive, will change and horrified by the news that the Month who rapes semi and is serving a 35 year, prison sentence was encouraged to seek access to her child through the family. Courts. Agree that no man it was fathered a child through right, should have parental rights, and will she seek to amend the legislation through the courts and tribunals when it comes back to this house, so that men who have followed the children’s roommate had not weaponize the court? Access children, Andre traumatized by victims all over again, is jumping heard the concerns at the whole house, respite sunnywood house and rest with with with what has happened in this case. I’M sure we all of us consider it absolutely extraordinary Ministry of justice and other departments are urgently looking and working with local authorities on the issues raised in this case to ensure that the research process in education to protect children and mothers and mothers from Tom. I understand he has met my honorable friend of the secretary of the Minister of Justice to continue engaging with the ministry of Justice on this very important issue. Thank you order, come to the right, honourable lady in her point of order and long, but I think that she should have an attention with you and attentive audience noise and then we’ll the right. Honorable lady citizen of this country, list of the conventions of the house, are we really do? May I suggest what is intending to raise, but I couldn’t have known because whatever other merits, I have I’m not psychic. But I do now know what she’s got in mind and my response to that is to say that I have to demonstrate to exhibit flexibility in this Masa. In other words, when it is obviously a spontaneous reaction in the house and in particular over non-partisan. I think the chair is very much inclined to be accommodating of that when a political party engages in what might be called orchestrated clapping in defiance of the convention, the house and really in celebration of a Ponte point that is inappropriate in the chair. Deprecated says. I think it would be different in this situation, so this speaker, who has slave to Convention. I think the right honourable lady will agree who sorts of conventions have been adjusted and situations evolve in accordance with changing Morez within the house. This speaker would seek to be flexible. I think the right honourable lady has registered the fact that members on the government benches wish to extend a very warm welcome to semi wood house. Has the people on the opposition benches. I think that feeding, as far as I can tell, was universally and exhibited house. Thank you. We come now to the 10-minute will motion a chittick city speaker. I beg to move that leaves because into bringing a bill that makes provision for a time limit of 28 days for detention under the Immigration Act, 1970 and other connected purposes. I realized that I have chosen to make my first 10
Prime ministers Theresa May faces MPs questions in the houses of Commons.
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