Polar vortex: What is it and how does it happen? – BBC News

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Polar vortex: What is it and how does it happen? – BBC News
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Polar vortex: What is it and how does it happen? – BBC News
Big freeze, friends, but sometimes on-the-go sudden changes and it can influence the weather closer to where we live closer to the ground and that’s what’s happening across North America is the weather closer to the ground is called Vortex itself about fifty kilometers above my head, and it Can get really cold? We see scenes like this Rivers Freeze Ice flows down the rivers. We will see train tracks, freezing cold, that I have to light them up just to keep them a little bit warmer to stop them from cracking weather. Officials have warned people not to take deep breaths outside, so none of this port for scarf that you can possible, and can you get frostbite in this or temperature? I think you know the answer to that. Of course you can, with wind chills of down to minus 50 degrees C surface of your skin could freeze in minutes. Are we going to see a polar vortex in the UK, but do I say it just doesn’t always bring cold weather, but it has a cold weather in the past.
The deep freeze gripping much of the US has been blamed on a polar vortex.

It’s brought extremely low temperatures to parts of North America, with people in Chicago experiencing temperatures of -30C (-22F) – colder than parts of Antarctica.

The US National Weather Service is warning that frostbite is possible within just 10 minutes of being outside in such extreme temperatures, and hundreds of schools, colleges and universities in the affected areas have been closed.

But how exactly did all that happen? Tomasz Schafernaker put on his winter wear to explain.

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