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and detectors here in New York and in Metropolitan Los Angeles both Pro to see if the man who they say it’s connected to the homicide that took place here couldn’t have committed other heinous crime possibly murdered as you pointed out but I’ll tell you the most concerned about the whole situation this victim’s father Kenneth Stewart talks about Daniel Drayton the twenty-seven-year-old from New Haven Connecticut charged with the beating and killing of Stewart’s daughter twenty-nine-year-old nurse Samantha Stewart 10 days ago my darkest amenta is the daughter that her parents want to have the home of the nurse who was also in medical school is still a crime scene detective say there may still be evident at this home the ties suspect Drayton to an Hollywood California where cops arrested him this week with a woman he’d apparently tied up and beat up against her will just like Samantha Stewart’s case here in Queens investigator say Drayton met his latest victim on a dating website then got very dangerous but Stewart’s father says it did not have to happen you can let the person a rape case was dropped by a judge earlier this month days later now investigators father weights and Mourns somebody who similar crime as for the bill being dropped against Drayton a Nassau County Court spokesperson the jurisdiction where his bail was dropped past history which include some very serious crimes including strangulation and other issues involving women that he may have met online
Zynea Barney, 26, met Danueal Drayton, the man accused of killing Samantha Stewart, on the dating app ‘Plenty of Fish’ in November 2017 and soon struck up a rapport with the suspected murderer. Barney said she and Drayton talked about his love of cars and was interested in her work with the disabled. ‘There weren’t any issues. Nothing awkward,’ she told the the New York Daily News ,’He was a cool guy.’ The couple ended up dating for six months, but their relationship soon turned sour as he slashed her tires and tried to strangle her in a park near her home in Inwood, New York. Drayton was arrested over the incident on June 30 but released soon after before beingĀ arrested again in Los Angeles on July 24, for allegedly strangling 29-year-old Samantha Stewart to death at her Queens home on July 17.

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