Police gunned down suspect on the side of a freeway in Pennsylvania

deadly police shooting your Pennsylvania amusement park officers along the freeway opening fire on a man allegedly acting erratically and refusing commands ABC’s Ariel Rush chef with the video and the investigation underway doing a deadly scene in Pennsylvania just outside a popular family attraction police gunning down a suspect on the side of a busy road police responding to reports of a man acting erratically allegedly attacking cars across from Dorney Park out of the vehicle only called John Doe standing by the patrol car he appears to walk away then suddenly turns back when the suspect doesn’t hit the ground and officer opens fire the man later pronounced dead at the hospital tonight authorities not saying if he was armed damaged cars in glass littering the roadway the investigation into the bizarre encounter just beginning haters are now coming through footage to try to determine the circumstances of that deadly shooting Tom
The officer opens fire at the suspect, who was later pronounced dead at the hospital

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