Police in El Paso update public on mass shooting

Police in El Paso update public on mass shooting
Police in El Paso update public on mass shooting
She found for all the specifics. The outpouring of support we’ve had from across this nation and across this world has been phenomenal. El Paso is a resilient City. This will not Define us and we will move ahead. Let me turn it over to Fallon. Thank you. Basically, the facts of yesterday that were reporters still in place. Nothing’S really changed we’re beginning to remove the bodies from the sink so that the sink alleviated and turned over to the public again later today will be releasing the mugshot of the individual. That’S been arrested here and with that. Basically, if you have any questions, will provide that information to you after everyone here speaks internal write. Thank you. Good morning, Emerson Bowie, today to the FBI, continues. Look at a number of different potential crimes to be charged. We have initiated a domestic terrorism, hate crimes, Fusion sale by that Fusion cell is comprised of Agents, intelligence analyst from the field office as well places United States and that our headquarters level experts from a criminal investigation division as well as a counterterrorism division who look at All the various pieces of evidence and correlate that information to ensure that we’re sharing properly and we can pursue a criminal investigation. I a potentially civil rights hate crime, along with any potential domestic terrorism. Charges that might be possible is spell initiated. Both cases can run parallel. We also, I would just like to remind everyone that anyone that has information regarding this incident can go to our website that we have posted HT colon, slash, slash, www.fbi.gov, El Paso, shooting that website will allow you to load any video that you may have captured during His inside and provide information, if you have a different additional information to provide us in our efforts in this investigation. We have completed three search warrants outside of this jurisdiction and we continue to look at all other avenues and I in the gator please, as they are coming in very difficult time for our community. But we are in the process of working together with a long fart law enforcement, especially the El Paso Police Department, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the FBI. Also with the US attorney’s office, we will pray with the investigation. I can tell you from the outset the charge to stay charged is capital murder, and so he is eligible for the death penalty. We will seek the death penalty. The loss of life is so great. We certainly have never seen this in our community. We are a very safe Community. We pride ourselves on the fact that we’re still safe, and certainly this community is rock and shock. I’M saddened by what has happened here yesterday, but we will proceed in an orderly fashion and and certainly we will get ready for trial and and the prostitute of this person. But if I left you with anything, it wouldn’t be what we’re going to do for word. I would ask you to to think of the 20 lives that were lost, those were persons in our community and we will miss them and all of the all of the victims who either sir flirt physical or emotional impact. From what happens. We are just not a community that that that really this is not a. We are like the like the bright sunshine today, that is us. We are a really good and loving Community about. We will hold him a cow. My name is John bash on the United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas, which covers El Paso. My grandmother has lived here for 50 years, she’s 91, since he was a much smaller Community. I don’t think she’s never seen anything like that in this community. My mom grew up here. My dad went to college here. I lived here when I was very young. It’S been devastating for the community. I’Ve been unbelievably impressed by our First Responders by the DA’s office. Fire police FBI in the works, a productive, be a very long night. Last night, I’m working this case. I’Ve been in close consultation with attorney general Barr. We are conducting a methodical investigation with our partners that careful and vacation, but with a view towards bringing Federal hate crimes, charges under 18 USC 249 and federal firearms charges which carry a penalty of death. We are seriously considering those charges were going to conduct bodycon careful investigation with a few towards those charges. We are also treating this as a domestic terrorist case of the statutory definition of domestic terrorism. 18 USC 2331. This meat, it appears to be dizzy things to intimidate a civilian population, to say the least. We are treating it as a domestic terrorism case and we’re going to do what we do the terrorists in this country, which is deliver Swift and Certain Justice. With that turn it over for questions so failed to recognize everyone in the room on the commander, with the Department of Public Safety, and my name is Tommy Gonzalez city manager. I’D like to send a message to the families, and that is that are First Responders – are working diligently to unify the families in and get the bodies back to them as quickly as possible. We’Re not we’re expending all resources. In order to make that happen, I will open it up the questions now. Yesterday there was some hesitation to absolutely positively say you believe it’s a hate crime. Are you closer to that now or can you now say that you are virtually? This is a hate crime? Basically, from the manifesto that we first saw, we have to attribute that manifest Bill directly to him, based on that information in that Manifesto, that’s where that came from, and so we’re going sound that ruled it’s beginning to look more solid later like that is the case. Being resolved right now, I know you feel hard for them to, but what situation we’ve got a reunification Center. That’S turned into a grieving Center over in the central, where the event took place pretty much as a matter of fact. On that I’d like to ask the media to be respectful of the family’s right now, we’ve been getting. Complaints at the media have been the overburdening them with questions when actually they’re more concerned about finding out about their loved ones. So we’ve asked you respectfully To Us by by their wishes, with that being said, we’re looking at all responders and everyone who has been on the ground participate in this event, we’re providing them references to alleviate their suffering. Describe the scene, there’s not words. You can place to say something like that. You know that you have to see it for yourself when I first got into this job. I never knew there was an older to blood, but there is give me a tell you firsthand see that my description of it as far as horrific would be one serving as far as what that saying looks like so I can’t tell you what that means other Than for the normal individual that doesn’t have to deal with from the day-to-day basis, you will leave an impression that you will never forget I’ll. Just leave it at that. A person still has his rights and even though he’s cooperating, we still have to keep that in played to make sure the investigation goes forward successfully. The firearm legally do we know where this trifle was purchased, but not at this time of I’m sure we’ll find that out later with the help of our federal authorities. But right now those are particulars about the investigation day thing. Do we need to maintain within our purview, open fire? He was not committing any kind of crime technically that type of weapon might be alarmed, but technically was in the realm of the law, describe how they found an in-house support approaching or responding officers. I believe in Texas Department, Public Safety was involved in that particular rest when he saw the officers approaching the scene where he was at, he basically surrendered, and that was over on the farther west side from the shooting site. But that’s why I believe you are done with the FBI of those three search warrants that were outside of his jurisdiction. Can you tell us specifically where those are I am question is from, and I believe there was some media coverage of those residents when we did it so again, we continue to do the investigations not going to give any particular detail as to what was found in Things like that, but latkan transpire in 24 hours in as we continue the investigation to gather information, cooperative, Kaiser substance to the cooperation basically didn’t hold anything back. Questions were asked and you responded in where you need to be answered. I thought it was from from the moment they first heard about it, but can you walk to the process of understanding how it becomes a legal definition and why there is a process that takes time before you declare it that statutory definition of domestic terrorism under federal Law that have mentioned earlier – 18 USC 2331 and that definition matters for a variety of purposes. That has factors I will go through. All of them with the key factor here is. It appears to be an intent to course, intimidate a civilian population, Deathmatch hear it. The attack on the public record certainly appears to be intended intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian populations or treating it as a domestic terrorism case. As the FBI special agent-in-charge said, they have activated the domestic terrorist Fusion sell at the FBI, and so we’re going to treat it that way. Going forward. El Paso, a Paso Historia Reiss, el parador, el derecho de Soto’s, was at the press conference and I just like to say that we want to thank everyone who has reached out to see if El Paso and also want to send our condolences to Dayton, Ohio and For what they’re grieving as well, again, First Responders, who cannot say enough with the way they responded the way they handle this, thank you and if you could media, if you could make sure you get as much information to those loved ones that have been impacted. Thank you not going to stay at La Proxima.
The FBI says they are looking into whether the mass shooting that killed 20 people and injured two dozen more was a hate crime.

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