Police officers unleash a barrage of bullets on suspect | ABC News

Police officers unleash a barrage of bullets on suspect | ABC News
Police officers unleash a barrage of bullets on suspect | ABC News
We’Re going to start here this half-hour with the wild shootout caught on camera. You can see it right here, police, releasing the video showing officers unleashing of barrage of bullets who was on the run at the time and Tomar Washington Bureau Trevor good morning to you good morning. This morning, shocking police body camera footage just released in Baltimore capturing the firefight so intense. It drowns out the sound of the siren more than a dozen officers unleashing this hail of bullets towards the suspect, on the run that nonstop gunfire lasting more than 30 seconds, with at least 154 rounds fired that killed police identifying him as 30 year old Tyrone Banks Who they say, assaulted multiple officers earlier that we can separate instances. This fatal incident, beginning outside of convenience, store last month escalating into a Pursuit through a residential area. Infrared aerial images from the police Chopper showing the last moments of the chase guys and a tree still can’t say whether Banks ever fired it with an officer and a bystander both getting hit in that barrage of bullets. A comprehensive investigation is underway when you’re in the firefight you’re just trying to survive, but you’re going with whatever training you have to. Basically that trains will tell you to take cover, but still keep the perpetrator. In your view, teen administratively, I have to stand by decisions that were made and then we can discuss them and take corrective action if necessary by cop Lily, with all the ballistics of those 154 shots fired.
An investigation is underway in the deadly police shooting of a man who was shot 154 times.

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