‘Polish go home’ graffiti prompted Polish-British photographer to walk 1,900 kilometres ‘home’

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‘Polish go home’ graffiti prompted Polish-British photographer to walk 1,900 kilometres ‘home’
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‘Polish go home’ graffiti prompted Polish-British photographer to walk 1,900 kilometres ‘home’
‘Polish go home’ graffiti prompted Polish-British photographer to walk 1,900 kilometres ‘home’
Now it’s time for today’s perspective, on the bike racing for you now from the website, based in Cardiff in Wales, in the UK Smoke City in my neighborhood in Cardiff, and it’s felt go home polish on it for a while. I’M sure whether I really should be going anywhere or whether I was already at home in 2016, with the brexit referendum breaking Britain in half an hour nationalism sweeping across Europe and a good pair of hiking shoes Facing East Wales, England, France, Belgium, Poland, about how to Manage any that would take a hundred and five days to complete religious conceit. Michelle Eminem sweet is joining me now from Cardiff thanks. So much are you feeling any? I wasn’t home so I’ll be reminded if you liked into an autistic project. Yes, no, and I would say because I feel like as an artist my job to to communicate uncomfortable in Britain after the brexit referendum, continuing elope at even getting insane in the UK over the last few months with it. Some what’s a typical going on in the in Parliament there any anger on both sides. Is that made the race? Isn’T even worse, would you say no, it’s it’s very difficult for me to say bracelet because I haven’t experienced. It is on a personal level person from the graffiti on the wall, but I do read reports that increasing and hate crime of the restaurant. The most was not was wood. Laminate Tarzan allowed a channel for people who it’s okay. If I took off now, we’ve been them saying some of them appearing as you’ve been choking. Batman looks like you enjoyed the project along on the ground level. Fundamentally, we all always spotted in equal measure. So for me it was going to play This. Land Is Mine, regardless of which nationality, which country was crossing what’s 5 + 1/4. Take me to the Polish person limited many many thousands of people living in the UK, but we’ve also got Rising nationalism in other countries as well. I mean just thinking of the USA. Silly hungry just tonight, just a few national pride as a person. I really see myself as part of something much bigger was very important for me to actually positive message in my project, because it was a reaction to the new speed. We are individuals, stop using big umbrella term. I just found a very, very, very see if you can the mean ones: brexit acara, the seeming it occurs for him. Legal planning to stay and carry on your life are in car, different and hope very much that you know you’ll be accepted for what you are and who you are well. I should hope so I love, God is not real. It’S not a problem for me. My position within these communities – I’m hoping you will remain the same: Jonathan, okay, thanks so much for the rat token to us today from Cardiff and showed you pictures as well. So I’m glad the outfit that Wednesday. Well thanks for paying for this on the program.
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Back in 2016, with the Brexit referendum breaking Britain in half, Polish-British photographer Michal Iwanowski spotted some graffiti reading “Polish go home”. The words set him off on a 1,900 kilometer journey on foot from Wales to Poland as part of his own personal art project to fight back against racism, and the rising wave of nationalism sweeping across Europe.

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