Political crisis in Nicaragua continues to escalate

I’m more than a hundred days Nicaragua has been facing a political crisis but more than 400 people dead and thousands more injured anti-government protester continue to take part in an hour 3 months and demonstrators demanding that Danielle Ortega either step down or call Early election the demonstrators with the support of the Catholic church say that Ortega has taken over the country’s institutions in order to hold power and definitely vice president Pence ministerial to advance religious freedom event in DC last week Islam their crimes and oppression spanned the width of our world here in our hemisphere in Nicaragua the government of Daniel Ortega is virtually Waging War on the Catholic church last week the Ortega government laid Siege to his church after more than 200 students a shelter there and two students lost their lives they joined the more than 350 courageous Nicaraguan to have died in the cause of Freedom this year alone let me say to you father our prayers are with you and the people of America stand with you for freedom of religion and freedom in Nicaragua said it will revoke all visas of top Nicaraguan officials connected to the deadly attacks on protesters are Manuel bojorquez and just come back from Nicaragua he joins me now on Saturday so great to have your back and glad to know you’re safe have been killed in this process the people that you spoke to on the streets do they feel that it was worth it for many reasons one it’s because they now have the attention that many of them crave to say let’s look at this situation here in Nicaragua and how can we solve it how can we reach a peaceful resolution to remove this president from Office of course he does have supporters there as well there have been marches in favor of the Ortega presidency and his government so people really hoping that the international Unity can do more to step in and bring both sides together that remains to be seen though whether it will happen but many people say this is our future we feel that if we do not speak up no one else will their story every time that we ask somebody what is it going to take for a peaceful resolution to this release a resolution to at they say International pressure not only the sanctions and trying to tighten some of them play around the Ortegas but also people to pay attention to say we have to do something about this again on the other side of that you have the president saying that he sees this as an attempted coup and one that was backed by the United States as of clearly when it comes to the international questions around this there are both sides but the opposition they’re very much wants to see people get involved and try to do more here you were actually supposed to interview present or take out today they cancelled what happened to we know why we do not know this is an interview was set up and we have 4 days been planning on it this morning we learned that it would not be happening it was something that was supposed supposed to happen by a satellite we were told that something came up in his schedule so we don’t know can’t really speculate about why it did not happen we had a lot of questions about what was going on in about some of the things that organizations around the world have condemned as human rights abuses I wanted to hear his side of it clearly but that’s not happening he has it the previously though that he does not feel that these pair of military forces that have been accused of killing protesters are working on the direction or under the direction of his government of course the question there is what is the government doing to stop those from from out in the streets you know that some of the things we were hoping to nail down not going to happen at least today okay I hope so maybe it will still happen a minute I want to ask you that he’s been accused can you explain to us the power structure this is a situation now where you have a president to serve several terms After the Revolution and then he lost and then came back and now his wife is the vice-president many critics say that that was an attempt to cement the Ortega Dynasty as they call it as critics call it in to make sure that there is always going to be in Ortega and power and many family members are in key positions this is something that the government they are says is not a dynasty they say that they were rightfully elected by the and the people should wait until 2021 when the next scheduled elections are supposed to happen and not try to move those forward to possibly next year as many of the protesters are trying to get so why would he resign is probably coming from someone who’s against them who is biased probably financed by someone in the US or an international organization is trying to remove elected government in that part of the world will not leave because he was rightfully elected by the people of Nicaraguan there many people there who also very much believe that and say wait until 2021 wait until the elections but again there are a lot of people on the other side these protesters say we are dying under this regime but they call it a shame and they would like to change to happen much before then do people buy this to this is what he spending it in the sense of this is some sort of an outside International Forest trying to watch him out of there believe that a lot of people and it’s underneath the side of this I believe very much at this is a attempted coup that the students because it’s the starter out in the University’s this movement that many of them they feel were put up to it by outside forces outside governments but the soonest that I spoke with will tell you that know this was an organic movement that really did start there that have been really simmering for a long time that it wasn’t just the cutbacks on state welfare that really where the catalyst there were other things that play that really led to this movement happening so of course they say no this is not something that was sponsored by anybody else that this something homegrown lot of them are in hiding right now because even though you don’t have the street fighting that you did a few weeks ago they say that they are still being targeted and that they were being sought after to be jailed on trumped-up charges again that’s their version the government as you know has called many of them terrorists and said that they kill police officers that they are the ones inciting violence but if you look at many of the organizations were saying on an international level clearly the injuries and the deaths are much much heavier on the opposition side looking at the and the nurses and the medical professionals who are actually scared to treat these wounded protesters can you give us a sense of why that is and in what that why it’s it’s such a chilling effect on the medical community anyways are financed clearly by the government and then you have private hospitals so many of the public hospitals the people who were injured felt like they couldn’t go there because they knew somebody would be waiting for them or that the doctors wouldn’t tree because there was word on the streets that the doctors were told you can’t treat these people out because then you’ll be singled out and we have heard reports coming from Nicaragua people in the medical community community being fired for doing just that so you weren’t seeing these violent protests confrontations on the streets anymore they feel that this conflict has moved into other Arenas into people’s homes into people’s professions and that if you were seen to be someone who is anti-government they will be repercussions the government says that’s not happening but it’s what many people in the ground or telling us is happening
The United Nations says thousands of people are fleeing violence and unrest in Nicaragua. Protests have rocked the country since April and have claimed more than 400 lives. CBS News correspondent Manuel Bojorquez speaks to CBSN about his recent experiences reporting in the country.

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