Portland under fire for emboldening protesters against ICE

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Portland under fire for emboldening protesters against ICE
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agency Portland Democratic mayor Ted wheeler violated the Constitution by ordering police to stand down while ice employees were being harassed and threatened by occupy ice protesters they wanted meeting with wheeler for him to apologize and a promise call Portland citizens will be protected regardless of where they work for the museum in court and we’re getting late-breaking response from the mayor himself so let’s back on July 20th when that occupied ice Portland thing was still setup he says I drove by the demonstration yesterday it seem to be very peaceful and I was pleased to see that I want to be very clear I do not want the Portland Police to be engaged or sucked into a conflict particularly from a federal I believe it’s on the wrong track now a letter from a nice attorney representing those folks to the mayor said we understand you have a difference of opinion with a current president of the United States and some of his policies Island and even death for there was a legitimate government interest your policy has created a zone of Terror and lawlessness tonight the mirrors denying that saying it’s inaccurate and inflammatory now you talk to them both there on the ground what did they tell you very violent protests out there right outside of the ice headquarters in Portland on my radio show a few days ago we had the owners of a food truck that was set up directly across the street from the ice headquarters the happy camper food I actually had to shut down the reason why they were caught serving ice agents lunch and breakfast and as a result the apologize protesters targeted the family the mom-and-pop the family who ran the food truck they even threatened to kill their their daughter so we’re talking about some very dangerous people here in chanted we should not be surprised we have seen this time and time again Oakland California for example where the mayor tipped off bad very dangerous illegal aliens that ice was about to a stage charade so this is this is nothing new with the Democrats did or didn’t happen as far as police response but we heard them are saying he didn’t want them to get sucked into the question is did they respond when they were calls for help when they were emergency calls for help or just nuisance calls I mean that’s what we’re trying to figure out now
Portland’s Democratic mayor coming under fire after ICE agents say he violated the Constitution when he ordered police to stand down while they were harassed by ‘Occupy ICE’ protesters. Todd Starnes reacts on ‘Fox News @ Night.’

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