Potential impact of Manafort trial on Russia probe

special prosecutor Bob Mueller team losses this case is the Russia probe in trouble the White House says it has nothing to do with the Russia collusion in the president’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is calling it a legitimate here to sort it all out you were supposed to interrupt opening and closing statements unless something so wrong is being said that it’s going to infect the trial but this judge is not keen on the government’s case this is the federal judge you basically said to the prosecutors in the courtroom Bob Mueller is sent you here to squeeze this guy points at Paul manafort to get information out of him that will help indict charge and Barrister impeached the United States I don’t want to be part of it and then they persuaded him that it was a legitimate case and that’s where the case is is going forward so there’s two arguments here two trials two months in solitary confinement their opposing about the most legal pressure that can possibly put an innocent person that wanted to squeal on something they don’t know what I’m Donald Trump the other argument is there Prosecco if they’re looking for Russian collusion and they stumble on bank fraud they can’t look the other way they have to keep digging and prosecute the back from town with the prosecutor Sports lawyers are former Federal prosecutors were every bit as talented and experience as the people on the other side of the courtroom arguments is this Paul manafort was investigated by the government by a team of federal prosecutors and FBI agents for all the stuff 8 years ago in the exonerated him and who was the young prosecutor that led that exoneration Rod Rosenstein not runs the justice department and they have the call Deputy attorney general as their first witness and have him give to the jury all the reasons why he declined the prosecution of these charges 8 years ago gotten what they wanted or needed your help to find absolute absolutely statements amount of return the press and said all deals are off we will not start will not settle anything we won’t give them anything work Rowland Ice with the journey I am so happy you said that INR write a column every Thursday foxnews.com and elsewhere and my column this week is that collusion is a Hollywood ending media term the crime is conspiracy and agreement to commit a crime whether or not you actually commit it so for Rudy Giuliani to say there’s no such crime is collusion he’s right but that’s the wrong word the lawyer that somehow that is proof of that term that you’re not wild about collusion the same time you had Hillary’s Camp going all the way Donald Trump conspiracy not collusion but I have been complaining for 18 months now about the Justice Department’s looking the other way of them over the many crimes of Hillary Clinton they are not bound by Jim comey’s statement that she’s not going to be prosecuted they are not bound by any decision by Loretta Lynch Not to prosecute her but they don’t want to go there right now
Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Napolitano breaks down the fallout from the Manafort trial.

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