Premiers Legault and Kenney on building pipelines through Quebec

Premiers Legault and Kenney on building pipelines through Quebec
Premiers Legault and Kenney on building pipelines through Quebec
Best lightweight we spoke to Premier Kenny and he said that whoever wins the federal election in the fall. He would expect that prime minister would exercise our constitutional authority to approve France provincial border pipelines. Even if provincial governments were two of Jack, so the implication being that could be done to come back. Should the next prime minister choose to do so? What is your message to any prime minister who would be willing to exercise that authority to push a pipeline through your Province over your objections down which we disagree, so we agree to disagree on this point. What I’m saying is that for legal reason and fought for political reasons, I don’t see how we can have a new Pipeline on the Quebec. Sorry without the approval of quebecers. So right now, there’s no social acceptability for a new oil pipeline. But again, there’s a great project about the gas pipeline very important one – and I want to focus on this project for the next month and year is important, be good for all Canada, the ongoing saga with Transmountain. What has happened? There is no energy proponer right now, but the concept is still very much alive in the hopes of of certain people. So what is your message? What is in the National interest, even if the back of your ex and willing to use their Authority through before having an oil Pipeline on the territory this province is through in besieged ruin? Quebec. So I know we disagree on this point, but the point was made clearly by both parties: rebozo federal government bill and Fleur. U so hard time reconciling all those statements play Within the borders for the provincial Authority, Section 8 of The Constitution infrastructure projects that are interprovincial responsibility, Japan, kissed by any province of the clear stamps constitutional law. That was just a thought DC court of appeal. Aloha said to be going through at confirm once again that it is federal power of our election. I will be an hour. Are you ready to go to have the pipeline? You must be an environmental assessment. There’S a majority of tobacco
Quebec Premier Francois Legault and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney speak about the possible approval of new pipelines on Quebec territory at the premiers’ summer meeting in Saskatoon.

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