Prepping For Mueller, Dems Subpoena New Mueller Witnesses | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Prepping For Mueller, Dems Subpoena New Mueller Witnesses | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Prepping For Mueller, Dems Subpoena New Mueller Witnesses | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
6 days featuring today didn’t know we have not confirmed this report, but it’s especially interesting Cindy O’Jays trying to block other mother staff from closed-door meetings at the house. All this comes as Democrats. I’M guilty Trump Jared Kushner John Kelly, the Millers old boss, Rod Rosenstein, who is key because he supervised Miller for most of this protein than ultimately sided with Bill bars. Assertion at the motor did not amount to obstruction by draw a rose inside left. The doj amid separate reports he assured trumpy, could land the plane for him, and today I CNBC reporter spotted Rosenstein dining with yes, one of Defenders, current White House, kellyanne Conway, the two told the reporter their friends and the discussion was off the record of the common Good he said, Congress has a constitutional Duty, 2 impeached president constitutional duty to shortly begin impeachment of inquiry. There’S no question of that.. It’S because of the Senate, Republicans that when and if Democrats actually begin impeachment inquiry are, the public ought to be very, very clear that it is for the purpose of exploring and revealing and the pub understanding everything that was in the Mueller report and more. And so you have been around these Washington crises before the Clinton Administration dealt with its own investigation, went to, as you say, somewhat similar house sitting tweets and screaming and he’s the opposite expect very, very little fireworks are. This is a man who actually is known for being the opposite of interesting. That is he’s going to bring. You can imagine you and I doubt that any new news just going to come out of it. The needle is not going to be shifted. I bet you know you were asking the question. I was remembering back. I am old enough to remember in 1970, when the house was trying to consider whether to impeach or begin impeachment proceedings against Nixon and there was a lot of division. Finally, the leadership in the house, Democratic Leadership, decided to authorize the Judiciary Committee to commence what they then an impeachment investigation, and those words were very important because it wasn’t an impeachment impeachment investigation. I think that maybe the way of threading, the needle here you’re, not so old – I’m not talking about Watergate since you mention it. Nick Ackerman of former Watergate special prosecutor, not too old younger gentleman, take a listen to something that is older, which is the archive. We pulled of all the different times that Bob Mueller has, as as, as you both know, dealt with these hearings before. Let me put it like this before I play this archive. Bob Miller has been through more high-stakes Congressional hearings as a witness, then many members of the current House of Representatives I mean there is a mismatch. To that degree. Take a look. I hate to speculate because I have just as a piece of the puzzle also, and I would have to check to make absolutely certain investigation there a fast-moving investigation, their steps are taken that may or may not work out, and it’s very difficult to generalize. Some sort of understanding or make progress with that a generalization ocean sound likes. So you deal with something like did. He have, as you put it, the legal standard, corrupt intent like to try to kneecap the probe, to try to get sessions back in charge which, by the way his Defender say, he’s the president. He can try to get people to run. He runs the whole government and you would say what, when you asked me, if I would go straight through it and show how he hid that idea, how he tried to get Don mcgahn to basically fire and how he did it and how he lied about it. Afterwards and tried to get through in my new detail all of those facts I mean there’s no reason why this should be boring, actually a very exciting examination. If you go through each of those eight item, you put up a chart that actually has all of these. With the witnesses of corrupt intent, you missing out not being here that I can’t see it and you need the necklace, explain what what you need is you first have to show what the act of obstruction is firing Comey. Then you have to show what is the corrupted? You tried to get an oath of loyalty from Comey, corrupt intent and then going to what is the Nexus. The Nexus, of course, is the FBI investigation into the whole Russian that Robert Rice and fans will remember locked in the cabinet. I’Ll ask the question. It’S okay! Let me ask you a question: do you compare the allegations here in the Mueller report against Donald Trump on obstruction and basically trying to get his own White House counsel to create false evidence to trick Mueller? How do you compare that to the cabinet? You were into the allegations of obstruction against President Clinton, the Bill Clinton. There is no allegation that he that went around telling people that public officials to lie a publicly and also the issue. The underlying issue was very, very different. The underlying issue with Bill Clinton was having sex with a young turn the issue. Here. He is having something else with Russia and I his his age, Detroit coding, magnitudes, a difference in the house did impeach Bill Clinton for those actions. So I think that if there is any kind of a constitutional Duty here to go, wherever. adjust that a president has acted illegally and unconstitutionally certainly would say. The evidence is here, and the house should at least begin impeachment investigations range of experience on a day when a lot of this came together in one sense at the White House, and is everyone gerds for out what you both said could be at times it a Dry but important molar hearing next week subscribed YouTube channel. You could have been anywhere in the world that you’re here with us, and we appreciate that.
Former Clinton cabinet official Robert Reich joins former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman to preview what Robert Mueller may say in his bombshell hearing next week. Ackerman notes that while Mueller is known to be cut and dry in Congressional testimony, he nonetheless believes the hearing could amount to an “exciting examination” of the Mueller report’s findings.
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Prepping For Mueller, Dems Subpoena New Mueller Witnesses | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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