President Donald Trump Admits Defeat: No Citizenship Question | All In | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Admits Defeat: No Citizenship Question | All In | MSNBC
President Donald Trump Admits Defeat: No Citizenship Question | All In | MSNBC
Good evening from your conversation today, Donald Trump wave white flag, bogus protect its deeply regrettable, but it will not stop us from collecting the needed information and I think, even in Greater detail and more accurately in admitting defeat Trump order. Government agencies to share existing data. That would allow the administration to effectively build a citizenship database and that could have some very serious implications we will discuss shortly, but on the key issue, the most consequential questions there is the census done. Every 10 years, ordered by the Constitution, sets the groundwork for nearly everything the government does billions upon billions of dollars in federal revenue, not to mention Electoral College vote and the makeup of State legislatures decisions about where to build infrastructure. To do that, the government adding a citizenship question the senses would undermine that go because it would have discouraged undocumented immigrants and their families, among others, from participating. Democrats didn’t admit that was the point. They argued absurdly what they wanted to do to add. The question was in that virtue veteran Ford parts, the Voting Rights Act hostile two from the star in March Commerce, Secretary Wilbur, Ross citizenship question ended up for the Supreme Court. That’S when something even Wilder happened. The estranged daughter of a deceased Republican operative, discovered files on his hard drive that completely undermined hard drive show the offer to help come up with a pretext for adding that citizenship question and that he believed that drawing political maps that exclude on citizens would quote would Be an advantage to Republicans and non-hispanic whites. In other words, we could tip the scales to white people and Republicans that may have been the Tipping Point in a 5-4 decision. Chief Justice, John Roberts side of the Court sliver Wing ruling Administration, could not have the question based on those bogus pretext. Ministration that began printing census form Stephen, is Trump raged in Hamden and try to find some crucially, he didn’t Roderick will continue to have a chilling effect. That rhetoric has been the defining aspects of trumpism from day one from the start. He has worked as a scapegoat to humanize and vilify immigrants and, frankly, to just scare the hell out of them we’re learning now that on Sunday you ministration plan or so says it plans to conduct Mass immigration raids and at least 2,000 families across United States. You might think Administration want to keep separate quiet, make people feel scared and alienated and like strangers in the place they live had to make the people who hate immigrants and love Donald Trump, so good signs, president and general counsel of the Mexican American legal defense and Education fund, which suit Trump Administration over the citizenship question, was one of two suits. This one was the one based in Maryland reaction to the president’s decision today. Well, it’s a little late he’s 10 days behind. They would move forward with census 2020 without a citizenship question, but it’s certainly a victory victory if it sticks. We want to make sure that this is a final decision that cannot be reversed at any point in the future. But if it is, you can get a court order that prevents it from being reversed. It’S a great Victory. What is the if we want to make sure that this is a decision that won’t Revisited prior to the census next year and will get it put in a court order that will prevent them from reversing decision? At any point, this was so intent on enforcing the Voting Rights Act. They had to ask this question that was Preposterous. It was cooked up. I will Ross and Steve Bannon Kris kobach play for you and get your reaction to hearing him be explicit about what they’re. After take Alyssa people are there, are they citizens? Are they not citizens? You needed from any reason, we’ve known from at least the 14th amendment that every person is to be counted and included in a portioning House of Representative seats among the states. They appear to want to revisit that and we have, throughout our history, counted the total population. Recognizing that everyone is a constituent in drawing the districts that are represented by Congress, members, state legislators and others all around the country, anthem, the count in the influence of the Latino Community he seems to have concluded would benefit him politically personally, and also those who follow Him hard drives he’s a member of the GOP establishment, good standing. He cooked up the maps of North Carolina. Do you see this as part of a broader project they pursued court cases? All the way to the Supreme Court have been interested in changing the rules about drawing districts because they recognized that the demographics are not in their favor particular, because the Republican Party, regrettably, has alienated Chino Community, largely because of a near-unanimous anti-immigrant nativists streak in their policy-making. And that is dangerous over the long-term I’m in California – and this happened in California a quarter-century ago when Wilson’s championing of an anti-immigrant proposition on the ballot gain re-election, but really catalyzed A change in the politics of this state. So it went from being a purple state to a very solidly blue State, largely because the Republican party in California had alienated those groups that were growing inside Latinos asian-americans and those who support them and New York from the fact that, in some ways the levy held Here I think it’s a lesson about the strength of the courts and how important they are, which is a further and indication of why we should all be concerned about unqualified folks, with Evan and biases being appointed by Donald Trump lifetime appointments on the federal courts. The federal courts really are our last bulwark of defending the Constitution against very real threats, like the one you described so this. In this case, the courts played their role and that’s something we should all be proud of, but also be vigilant about maintaining all right science. I give her my thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you, can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list and see lots of other great videos?
The census is safe – for now.
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President Donald Trump Admits Defeat: No Citizenship Question | All In | MSNBC

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