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are you willing to take his word for it whoever Trump says to vote for you vote for it I do anything he says he hasn’t everything he says is true it comes true Trump is a genius for your mind his mind my mind together match Trump’s brain Samantha genius and he’s Cut From a Different Cloth a different material with me now from Orlando is NBC news reporter Ali Vitali last night’s rally spoke with those Trump supporters and during the 2016 campaign was in that pain quite a bit in there a joins our Roundtable of Susan and Michael and how to Ally give us a taste of that rally last night it just seemed a little Rarity or than we seen at Trump rally in a while and you can I was pretty stunned last night as I was standing in the Press pen watching these folks go after Jim Acosta and try to screw up the CNN Live shots the thing that’s stunning to me is that they were doing that even before the president got on stage so it’s not like they were it was more a matter of they felt that this was a thing that they wanted to do and I also think that in the course of talking to several voters who were there last night I asked them point-blank when you hear the president talk about fake news or the media being mean of the people they all told me yes that’s true and one man summed it up for me so perfectly and he said it’s because they’re saying things that I don’t believe so it’s not even a matter of fact anymore anything that kind of goes against what they believe in president Trump or what themselves is suddenly fake to them for the Lord shall we say to it we have the too many open concession stands last night does depends where you are but people here obviously were very in in the pocket in the pocket of the president and they wanted to show that they supported him and I think that they see this war on the media as one way that they can show Trump that they’re there to have his back against people who they constantly maligning him everyday on the Airways Sanders play this for the Pandora. She responded to a question about it when you listen to her answer I want you to ask yourself this is she condoning verbal abuse of the press take a listen this is a two-way street we certainly support a free press we certainly condemn violence against anybody but we also asked that people act responsibly and Report accurately in Fairly well we certainly support freedom of the press we also support freedom of speech and we think that those things go hand-in-hand again is condoning verbal abuse not saying it’s a bad thing she’s depressed and wish they would have done that this is an effort to undermine faith in the institutions that could hold the president accountable down the road so they win the Press does stories that are critical of the president are they exposed malfeasance by the administration that they just won’t be believed by his followers the price of the other end by Inn in Trump World and it is the place where he likes to keep the Press because that way it’s impersonal it’s not it’s one of these things that people live in it’s a generic wash it applies to everyone who has journalists as part of their background or media but let’s be clear here all of this craziness stops stop so we we sit here we want to parse it and try to intellectualizing understanding and psychoanalyze this this is Trump’s creation and whatever comes of it rests on his head no one else’s you can’t blame the people in that you can point fingers at him and say you should have done that you should have gone after that reporter but this rests on the man who perpetuated and in his presence you know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this they be carried out on a stretcher folks dangerous possibility out there but in a way that he couldn’t still drop back from it what Sarah Sanders said today I guarantee was answered what Donald Trump must have said to her in the Oval Office and otherwise I think he was probably even harsher than she was right there what she’s essentially saying is hey you asked me tough questions that I consider to be unfair here in the Oval Office in the white house that’s what you’re going to get out there and Susan’s absolutely right and you’re right this is part of the campaign by Donald Trump to measure the intensity of his support and places like the Tampa dislike of the press within his group to see what he can get away with when it comes to the question again I say of shutting down Mueller or pardon manafort and Gates still waiting right now in this rally last night was his way of gathering strength to see when he can pull that off I’ll convince that’s what he’s thinking you’ve been through a lot of these and only a handful time to Newark express your concern for your personal safety we are at that point last night or no felt threatened before but I guess I was the point that I want to Circle back to in the thing that is the most potentially dangerous to me is that when you guys talk about this being kind of devoid of the humanity it’s like the faceless media and you’re okay most people are okay with going against a person that they don’t know but I even had folks saying to me last night one of the women I was talking to talking to an independent reporter who just standing in front of them asking them questions at a rally but it’s cuz the other experience I know you had and I hope you share with you or the president will do this rally and a Beat The Living Daylights we’ll see the gears come in and then there’s the whispers and by the way just hit the president’s only begun to Fan the Bellas on this this fall it’s all the way through the on the 2016 campaign last week for the service and two of them thank me for my service can you put weird war on journalist in this country he made them Escape go for all of his shortcomings and failings and it’s an easy target to go after because again you represent a broad or piece of a narrative that you know I think and I think there’s a lot to what you say that the president can have concluded that where an easy target is in another itself AC change to defend Nixon who was out after the press in many ways did it through subterfuge Inns in secret through the 10th through the IRS not always in public and not as part of a open front center political strategy in the way this is not Richard thank you for sharing but thank you for your sectionalism in the way you represent nbcnews out there MSNBC Meet the Press contact every morning and the first week newsletter if you’re tired of content that you don’t know anything about where it came from you don’t have to have that problem with us NBC News MSNBC MTP in the Meet the Press set right here for you on YouTube subscribe now
NBC’s Ali Vitali joins the panel to discuss the president’s rally last night in Florida and his supporters’ attacks on the press.
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President Donald Trump Base ‘In The Pocket Of The President’ At Florida Rally | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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