President Donald Trump Camp Shifts Talking Points On Possible Collusion | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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President Donald Trump Camp Shifts Talking Points On Possible Collusion | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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Rachel Maddow show starts right now with Ari melber and for Rachel good evening re good evening and thank you Chris and thanks for joining us this our Rachel has the night off we begin Giuliani is really trying to help that one way to understand this absurdity is with the Absurd camerawork that bless the internet this weekend when this dog got a hold of a GoPro camera video perspective the little bit of how Giuliani is maybe an unreliable narrator or director twists and turns in this drama have definitely benefited from his talent and so are things tonight to the dog grab that Cameron is mouthing when it all over the this weekend it’s something worth seeing now as for Giuliani he is claiming collusion is not a crime this point of course first arose last May after Trump fired FBI director James Comey news broke within a the Comey said the president asked him to end the investigation into his recently fired National Security adviser Mike Flynn bull than the doj of course appointed Bob Mueller special counsel the next day Trump’s colossal mistake taking the one and only possible action that could enlarge that Pro into his white house as we all know by now I would change the whole Arc of his presidency it’s spawned a cottage industry of of trump legal actions and discussion from former executor is explaining this probe into his conduct will have one in a moment to his allies experimenting on TV with all kinds of defenses and summer better than others if you say Trump was a rookie and he didn’t know what his campaign was up to if true that’s a decent legal defense if you say Trump did collude and that’s not a crime that’s not a decent legal defense cuz it’s not true and also kind of makes you sound guilty so here is how that one got started Fox News I mean look at with a foreign government in an election there’s no such statue go by the crime collusion while I was sleeping. Alarming and highly inappropriate for the Trump campaign two of which have no evidence by the way of colluded with the Russians it’s not a crime will get to that the fact check anyway but let’s go through history in May and June of last year then you had Trump allies going back to the claim of collusions not a crime and it seems like a weird defense to start with at the time rather than just denying it but then it made more sense when the New York Times would later report this would last something that many clothes Trump pays apparently already knew that there was this Russia Trump Tower meeting the Trump’s own son took it explicitly after being promised the damaging information on Clinton and then the times expose the actual exchanges preceded the meeting including of course if it’s what you say I love it so if you did that you might need a wider defense then Denial in October can the indictments of those multiple Trump campaign officials October 30th the special counsel announcing those indictments against Paul manafort who goes on trial tomorrow plus his Deputy campaign manager Rick Gates mother also announced guilty pleas of foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos who admitted to lying about his contacts with who with Nationals who he thought were tied to the Russian government who had offered him what yes information about the possible release of Hillary Clinton’s emails the following those indictments we band saw syskey the president’s own lawyers picking up the argument like a GoPro camera collusions not a crime and running around with it we just had all this conversation about collusion collusion that’s not just a pundit that’s the president’s lawyer Jay Sekulow when he would return to that he pick up that bone if you will in his mouth and whip it around following a guilty plea of Mike Flynn a month later Sekulow said quote something to be a crime there has to be a statue that you claim is being violated there’s not a statute that refers to criminal collusion there’s no crime occlusion presidents himself jumped in on this and the argument he heard about on TV from Harvard law professor it’s in the president then brought it up in an interview with the New York Times saying I watched her show us the other day he said number one there’s no collusion number two collusions not a crime but even if it was a crime there was no collusion that’s the combining of the denial if the Collision is not a crime narrative maybe went away for a few months the president was focusing on just the straight-up no collusion point you see it in all the tweets and then now it is roaring back because of the Thursday night and bombshell at the resident owned former lawyer and fixer Cohen is claiming despite all those denials the president did know about the Russia Trump Tower meeting in advance that when that report dropped the allies of the president you bet you know what happens next it up they whipped it around and began running with it again it’s hard to see the point of all of this hysteria what exactly would the crime here be illegal to talk to foreigners even if it did show what look I don’t think that it’s bad if campaigns are turning to foreign governments hey dude no one cares if you think it’s bad the question is whether it’s an illegal conspiracy now this was carried on through the weekend by the president’s surrogates on Sunday shows so we don’t even know if the information that we’re being given by leather Outlet is even accurate now if it isn’t and we’ve discussed this before collusion is not a crime and so the fact of the matter is that a long way away yet from having anything to talk about here and today it got stranger with the president’s own lawyer Rudy Giuliani going further I’ve been sitting here looking at it as a crime even if that’s a crime fluting about Russian just point out that Donald Trump famously doesn’t pay his own contractors and his own long-time lawyers I mean even if his opponents were accusing him of anything it wouldn’t be of paying gladimir Putin for the hack but big picture we are as all of this voluminous record shows a long ways from any kind of straight denial and we’re getting closer to people who work for the president right now saying that even an alleged knowing election conspiracies pro quo ought to be legal mother meanwhile is probing how Trump use a July 26th 2016 speech that we all remember to weirdly address Russia in the second person on the very criminal activity it’s now been indicted for saying quot Russia if you’re listening I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing indeed we know this timeline from the new indictment it was the very same night that Russian agents quote for the first time at did you Spearfish email accounts used by Clinton’s personal office is that just history is it just odd timing did Moeller just indict foreigners and Paul manafort and is now maybe getting ready to wrap things up to be we don’t know they haven’t said but we’re seeing right now amid some of this collusion is not a crime hysteria is the people closest to this people like Rudy Giuliani and the president of self they’re not act like molar is wrapping this up they are acting like something is about to get much hotter and like it’s somehow for some reason important to them to get at least their supporters at least some people in this nation right now tonight to believe crimes are not crimes I turn now to a federal form of One Federal prosecutor Daniel Goldman of the US attorney in the southern district of New York he’s a fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law School thanks for being here tonight collusion is not a word that figures importantly into the federal statutes but the reference to an election conspiracy is the type of crime that is in the statutes walk us through what to make this type of Defense if you were to sit on television every night and every time you talked about this investigation you were you would have to say let’s talk about the investigation into a conspiracy to defraud the United States from impeding their proper functions of the government people would turn the channel off collusion is just shorthand for potentially several crimes that are in the federal code and so this shift and strategy when Rudy Giuliani Bellino’s that means to me there’s something else up it’s it’s just too too simplistic and just too incorrect even for someone like Rudy Giuliani who has made a number of misleading an incorrect statement over the past couple months even for him it’s a it’s a clear change in strategy what does it suggest you that he’s worried about so you mention the Michael Cohen piece follow me here for a second Giuliani introduced the notion of this proceeding meeting to that June 9th meeting before and today on one of his many interviews he said that people at that meeting was Rick Gates Rick Gates is the * cooperating witness in the Paul manafort trial which is set to begin tomorrow and before a trial the government has to provide to the defense ever prior statement of any of their Witnesses so now manafort’s attorneys have Rick Gates his prior statements all of his interviews with Mueller and his team and what what sticks out to me is that Gates was at that and it would not surprise me this is pure conjecture and there may be limitations on whether manafort’s lawyers can disclose this but it would not surprise me at all if Rudy Giuliani learn from manafort’s lawyers a little bit about what Rick gay she’s going to say about collusion and there now trying to get out in front of this by not denying that there is collusion but by saying it’s not a crime that would explain some of the chain of potential information but given what before discharge with why would the Trump Tower meeting come up at all it will likely not come up at the trial but because of the federal rules of evidence that and the federal statutes that require a the government disclose all of his prior statements because they can be used for cross-examination to impeach him manafort’s lawyers will have known about this so don’t expect to hear about this at the trial that’s upcoming but it’s something that through potential back-channel is Rudy Giuliani learn and also Rudy Giuliani would not have been able to speak to Ricketts so he would not when he says and goes on I said I spoken to everybody at those meetings it is not true that he Giuliani him golf at least has spoken to Ricky since Gates cooperated before Giuliani came on the scene getting bad stuff on Clinton from the Russian but then he says well maybe there wasn’t a pre-meeting anyway so what’s he doing they’re covering his tracks cuz I think he spoke too much and I think he realized at some point that this is the first anyone had heard of this pre-meeting and everyone’s focused on it now and for him to give an explanation of oh there was a pre-meeting but the president wasn’t there and didn’t know about it again it’s about. Protest too much you know of course the president didn’t pay Vladimir Putin for hacking of course the president didn’t speak to Vladimir Putin on the phone and say hey can you interfere in our election on my behalf and what you don’t have to do that if you don’t pay contractors in Atlantic City you’re probably not paying the Kremlin are farther away and they just there’s no fundamental understanding of a conspiracy does not require direct contact you can build evidence of a conspiracy through all sorts of direct or circumstantial evidence is it legal so it doesn’t require an actual a transaction error as always dating older we learn from you thank you very much for being here like you probably click on this list and see lots of other great videos
Despite some confusing re-stating and backpedalling by Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, the pattern of talking points among Trump supporters is clearly discernable: deny that collusion is a crime. Daniel Goldman, former assistant U.S. attorney explains why they’re wrong, and why the Trump strategy may have changed.
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President Donald Trump Camp Shifts Talking Points On Possible Collusion | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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