President Donald Trump Considers Another Tax Cut For The Rich | Hardball | MSNBC

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President Donald Trump Considers Another Tax Cut For The Rich | Hardball | MSNBC
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I want to save the middle class you know the middle Bushman good game and nothing says you’re fighting for the little guy of course they’re not a big tax cut for the rich and that’s exactly the presents up to right now according to the New York Times the Trump Administration wants to bypass Congress capital gains taxes I moved it would disproportionately benefit the country’s highest earners tax hundred billion dollar tax cut According to some estimates to watch the Steve mnuchin is not determined at the movies evenly however last year Trump sign a 1.5 trillion dollar tax cut I’ve caught at the Trump Tower tax cuts because as Politico noted the prices at gauge in a two prong political strategy the rich get richer the poor get distracted he writes the president Trump as a blue-collar guy who lives in a gold-plated Panic at Penthouse is the embodiment of the political pitchy mix obsessed with cultural issues as the pain EZ passes benefit is enormous well neither is wealthy nor his Porsche imported seem to care about the inherent tension and that do out anymore than Trump does warmth right by Susan page why should very cheap real estate and two people are progressives they’re going to be really unhappy hearing this but any 9% of Republicans think he’s helping Trump is helping the working people that did the regular income people helping the rich look like the regular guy he talked about how the people that build these little businesses and then the equity voice command Chop Shop them and move the money around they don’t do anything it’s the guy in the garage who builds up the company he or she should be making the money he talked right he said just Right Stuff the worker bee should get the money and now he is now talk about giving a ton of money another hundred billion the people that are sitting on but coupons if he does change in capital gains or text is really extraordinary 2/3 of the benefits would go to people who are in the top one tenth of 1% of our country is for people who make more than 7 million dollars a year in income only 3% you were living off stock and it will ever living off you can you can if you’re making that kind of money is Republican and let’s face the Republican party’s not just Millionaires and billionaires that many in this country the regular person in Erie or Scranton which make it a modest income if that he’s retired why were they root for Trump to do stuff like this free up some money to do to have Investments it would benefit the little guy but that is not what Economist predict would happen if you did this what but they predict would happen would it would exacerbate what we see already happening which is the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer it’s a started about 1980 in a serious way but it would it would continue that Trend and fuel it in a new way normally if you looked at a bad people but they don’t care what horses has Trump performs and what he does so with the often acts the way he talks the language using the Boolean this stuff they would never let their kids to do themselves Irishman Morrow embarrassment so they get a tax cut and they get relief on regulation that’s what they really want to just sit by it and watch this guy humiliate Us in this world make these ridiculous Mark people boys as long as they get their piece of money and that’s a pretty sharp indictment some free book by friend somebody said they’re the criminals because they want the gravy for this guy they don’t even bother defending in society they just want the stuff Congressional Republicans have made a similar bargain commercial generally don’t challenge president Trump because he’s delivering at some of the policies they care most about like tax cuts or nominations for the Supreme Court so that is kind of what the reasoning is what I talked Republicans on the hill today about this proposal on on the capital gains tax cut and they say this is a bad political move for them in the midterms that it gives Democrats a big tool to used to talk about how president Trump is not delivering for working voters including and it kind of exacerbating the problems that have been raised by the tariffs by the trade war that little too greedy Apartment Kansas he’s incredibly worried about this trade with China or automobile manufacturers these are people who could get open to a democratic appeals in the midterms or maybe just get discouraged and stay home NBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Nothing says you’re fighting for the little guy like another tax cut for the mega rich, and that’s exactly what President Trump is considering. The Trump administration wants to bypass Congress and cut capital gains taxes. It would amount to a $100 billion tax cut, according to some estimates.
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President Donald Trump Considers Another Tax Cut For The Rich | Hardball | MSNBC

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