President Donald Trump Continues To Spin Falsehoods Ahead Of Elections | Morning Joe | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Continues To Spin Falsehoods Ahead Of Elections | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Well, actually, isn’t Edge real name, Rafael, I think so cuz. I was one of the questions I did have to ask play Robert Francis Aurora sometimes referred to as bado. How do you pretend to be a moderate but he’s actually a radical open borders? Left-Winger? My goodness, I don’t even know where to begin their given tons of money. The Nancy Pelosi given tons of money that Hillary Clinton given tons of money to the DNC. What a funny that guy is and now he’s pretending, he’s a conservative and he suckered all those people into believing he’s a conservative and he he calls other people funnies. That is some funny stuff. He was bringing Jacob soboroff right now, Jacob! Listen! I’Ve got some bad news for you, your Los Angeles you’re, going to be taking on Barnacles, Boston, Red Sox, and it could be ugly. My man, it could be ugly, is left field bleachers at because I’m going to be that last game. I can’t wait the series tonight at Fenway supposed to be drizzles all during the game on that means. The ball is not going to fly as far as that usually does. It could affect the grip on the ball for Clayton Kershaw. I still think that the Dodge is a very good team, great guy Dave Roberts, the manager, I think in the long run, it’ll be the short run. I think the Red Sox will win this series in five games. Operations have children from their families at the border. Let’S just update people, they have not been able to clean up this mess this President and his inhumane policy of separating children from their families. Right now, 66 children are still in government custody and 50 of their parents have already been to they will never. Is there a possibility that some of these children will never be reunited with their families, including one child who’s under five 100 / 240 before they had the right to get reunited with their parents? Let you know earlier this summer I’ve been listening guys all morning. One thing that I want to add is not only, in my opinion is the language of heard from the prison over the past couple days. Obviously racist and completely abhorrence, but it has extreme real world consequences and those consequences of the ones that I saw. First of all, this summer, with my own eyes, when they put children into cages Down On the Border, but the president. Now then, it was state of deterrence policy actually shutting down the southern border and putting arm guards on the southern border, which just makes you realize that the president has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about he’s talking about cutting off tens of millions of dollars. Hundreds of millions of dollars in Commerce to hundreds of thousands of people, probably all across the country, go back and forth between ports of Entry. Every single day he’s talking about American children that live in cities like ciudad Juarez and cross into the United States on a daily basis to go to high school in places like El Paso or McAllen Texas. And I guarantee you that the policies of the present is talking to putting into place will result in more people dying when they try to cross the border, because they’re not running from Americans. In order to get in here, rather than turning themselves into seek asylum in American tradition, also doing our conversation for the Boston Herald and an MSNBC contributor Kimberly Atkins Kimberly great to see you we’ve been talking about the president using this rhetoric and overstating what this Caravan Is in the threat to America, but he’s also blaming the Democrats, who have not been in power now for 2 ears are so President Trump has control the White House Republicans who controlled Congress. He had everything what he wanted in place to stop. What he believes is this Invasion from the southern border, and yet he continues to blame Democrats. You think about the president. He is very good at messaging to his supporters to the key constituencies who he’s seeking to appeal to ahead of an election and things like facts. If not, Austin is way 4 and they’re, not not standing in his way now yeah. He is blaming democrats for this. He is really demonizing these people, who are migrating on mast in part, to remain safe, as they make their way through Mexico, because it is a very arduous and dangerous journey and saying things that we’ve heard before that they are criminals that they’re bringing crime. Somehow, inexplicably mixing in middle-easterners being in there he’s not even saying terrorist he’s just using Middle Eastern as a code word for terrorist. That, of course, isn’t true either that they’re being funded by democrats that there. But if you talk to Trump supporters, they reporters do all the time they say all these aren’t people who are in crisis. These are people who are funded by George Soros, because that is what Donald Trump and other conservatives are saying, and the message is landing. That’S the biggest contrast right now between Democrats were having a much harder time messaging against it counter messaging against this in a way that is resonating and is being repeated by their supporters, the way that it is, and on Donald Trump Side by George Soros, brought up By the president, United States, the name – George Soros, brought up by backbenchers in the Republican Congress are blaming him for funding these Caravans, blaming him for funding one. You know a fake conspiracy after another last night, hey from what I understand, a explosive device was found at George soros’s Westchester home in Port. A you’ve got that you got to point the finger back to the president and these Republican members of Congress. I’M just been been spreading. These conspiracy theories that have any somatic overtones to towards George Soros will. George Soros is the Boogeyman we hear from Donald Trump’s mouth with Republicans every dark conspiracy, they believe is taking around the world in your right about 45 minutes to an hour north of New York City up in Westchester County, where George Soros has a home. He wasn’t home, but an explosive device was found in his mailbox yesterday, the police up there detonated it I’ll proactively. It didn’t explode on its own, but someone consent what they believe was an explosive device to the home. It was placed in the mailbox of George Soros. Just outside New York City will this work be the president. One lie after another lie after another lie, but I had relative yesterday talking about this invasion of migrants coming and I had a college-educated friend emailed me yesterday, asking how are we going to stop America’s borders from being invaded they’re coming they’re? Coming we hear from this. I hear from it from people who Weider email me after stories that I’m right about this at that there is an invasion in the country, the phrases that we hear the president say. If we don’t have a border, we don’t have a country. What we do have a border in a country and rules, but there’s also reasons why are we are seeing these migrations toward the border and the president now is seeing this as election gold? Republicans for a while Republican strategist have been saying that the the president talks about immigration, the better it is for him, and I think the President also loves to gravitate right around this time before an election, whether it’s a special election or the midterms. He graduates toward these culturally divisive issues, I’m I’m sure he probably tweet about NFL protest again before the elections come in two weeks. We have seen him talking about migrants in a way. That’S very divisive. We saw him last night say I’m a nationalist you’re, not supposed to say that, but use that word he’s not just saying he’s, calling himself that but urging his supporters to use that word. It’S that same push against quote-unquote political correctness and sort of embracing a term which has been made to stand for it, not just isolationism in in the internet, no contacts, but really just appealing to a certain constituency. Even within the United States white male constituency. At the exclusion of all others he’s now embracing that were the closer we get to the election, the more open he is with the with the use of xenophobic, islamophobic racist rhetoric because they say he sees this as a campaign advantage coming from Honduras. Of course, he’s called Hispanics breeders this past year he was the Mexicans and being rapist at the beginning of his campaign. You can go down, there’s a laundry list, but it better again. It’S not just culturally Mitsubishi said he’s pointing to now, and now it’s just the way it is there. Racial overtones that are so obvious he’s talking about middle-easterners in there. But again we talked about this in 2016. Border crossings historically are at a low point now and they were at a low point. At the end of Barack Obama’s presidency were, there was actually a negative flow netflow in the United States, more people going back to Mexico then coming here from Mexico, something of course that again the president that would completely under my yeah. Well, it doesn’t matter to him Joe Words are Weapons in his coming out of his mouth. We grow immune to it, cuz we listen to it each day and we talk about it each day, but Words are Weapons out there. You know the car Middle Eastern is in the car again MS-13 in the Caravan George Soros funding it and we see what happens with the bomb being planted enjoyed Services mailbox. But what were you going to say you hear him talk about MS-13 right and we can. We can repeat over and over again the fact that he’s talking about her are completely based in fallacy. The border patrol Chief down in the Rio Grande Valley sector told me in the middle of Separation crisis the busiest place along the southern border. I did MS-13 makeup lesson: 1 % people that he sees come through at that time. In that policy was based on the president, saying MS-13 immigration and the president trumps rhetoric. Everybody else brings up their desire to have jobs and have a good life and have hope and optimism and prosperity in this country, and part of the conversation has to be us, acknowledging pivoting to talk about what people really want and really need in their day-to-day lives. And I think the Democrats successfully he’s not telling the truth to say that, but then just move on to the things that really matter to people across the country, and so often it isn’t this stuff. At the president’s talking about both I’m a leader, I’ve always been a later. I’Ve never had any problem at leading people. If I say do it they’re going to do it, that’s what leadership is all about. Our next guest may have a different definition: retired General Stanley, McChrystal literally wrote a book on the topic and he joins the conversation straight ahead on Morning. Show any of the videos around us to watch more for Morning, Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching
On Monday, President Trump continued to stoke fears about race and immigration while mentioning ‘unknown Middle Easterners’ are among a caravan of immigrants headed to the U.S. border. Jacob Soboroff and Kimberly Atkins discuss.
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President Donald Trump Continues To Spin Falsehoods Ahead Of Elections | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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