President Donald Trump FEMA Nominee Asks To Withdraw His Nomination | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

President Donald Trump FEMA Nominee Asks To Withdraw His Nomination | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
President Donald Trump FEMA Nominee Asks To Withdraw His Nomination | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Tower so congratulations to offer. Congratulations! You guys we are getting a new boat, look at what we are getting that when I first read this in the indictment. I thought like we’re getting like a little sailboat thingy, it’s raining ceiling! Disclosure that misconception on my part might be because I know nothing about boats. I do own a canoe, but I still don’t even understand how to control that. If I try to do it myself, I just go around in circles. The only way I can operate Susan decides she wants to paddle me around, in which case I catch gigantic fish like that, I don’t even try to drive to the canoe American taxpayers are about to get a catamaran and sent to me no boat Concepts. That seems like no big deal, but then you look the thing up by the whole number, that is in the indictment, fun little training, sailboat, it’s a 40-foot, long catamaran and it’s basically a big speed. Boat thingy is a 40-foot catamaran. Is this gigantic plush speedboat think this is what we are getting, which is very nice right? Congratulations are in order. It’S a 2018 brand new nice brand, we’re also getting a brand new toy 18 Ford F150, also a trailer that goes with it, and I think we’re also going to get these two items from Caterpillar. This is the first one. I don’t think of these. Things is the sort of thing that people bring home for personal use, but would this be right? This one model just like this is described in the indictment as a tractor, but when you look it up based on the model number in the indictment, I think more specifically it’s what caterpillar calls a small Dozer would be fun around on that. Your back lawn also we’re getting one of these. It’S a model 320 medium size, not the blue thing, the yellow thing we, the American taxpayers, are getting of these to play with plus about 5 million dollars in cash, because, if it turns out, you were only able to obtain all that cash and all of those Things, that’s surprisingly, large boat, only able to get all of those great things because of your crimes, specifically in this case, because of your bribery of the main official charge by the Trump Administration, with overseeing the rebuilding of Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and Power after Hurricane Maria that, If you are in fact convicted of those crimes for which you are now accused, you will have to give up the fruits of those crimes. You will have to give up the loot, the cache right. You also have to give up being medium sized hydraulic excavator and the very fast 40 foot, long catamaran and the boat in the trailer and the truck and all the rest of it in any other four killed in a catastrophic hurricane botched Federal Disaster Response thereafter. It would be the scandal of the year. It would be a presidency defining, if not presidency, ending Scandal if the top person, the federal government put in charge of infrastructure rebuilding after that hurricane got, arrested and charged with 10 felonies for allegedly got huge contracts to do that. Work still wasn’t done and it’s still an ongoing disaster. The contractor himself was charged with eight felony counts, he’s the one that’s going to have to hand over his surprisingly fast boat in the bulldozer in the truck and the rest. In addition to him, a FEMA Deputy Chief of Staff is charged with three felony counts for allegedly setting herself up with a private-sector job while working on FEMA contracts for the company. She was getting to hire her as something roughly approaching triple her FEMA salary and, of course, there’s the deputy regional administrator in Fremont for FEMA in Puerto Rico, who is designated the sector lead there for Power & infrastructure following the hurricane Maria all died after the hurricane? Had blown through with no power and putting no power to the hospitals and all the rest of it, Administration official is now facing 10 felony charges. Bribery. Conspiracy, honest sir, is wire fraud. In terms of this ongoing disaster, you may remember how some of the Cook-Out you might remember that the first contractor got a gigantic inexplicable FEMA contract to rebuild the power Puerto Rico. Thousands of people’s lives were hinging. The first contractor, who got that huge contract from FEMA to rebuild Puerto Rico’s grid, was a mysterious previously unheard-of contractor from Montana who seem to have for the Trump Administration. Maybe it was a firm that appeared to have basically no employees. They had two full-time employees that were based in the Suburban tract house and after lots of controversy over who they were, and how they got this very, very, very important and remunerative gig. They ultimately lost the gag when they couldn’t explain, among other things, why they were planning to charge the US taxpayers an hourly rate for all the lineman would be working on electrical lines. In Puerto Rico, we rate for those lineman of $ 300 per hour per alignment. It’S of that contract fell apart in Scandal. That was the first contract they gave out after Hurricane Maria to setup the grid that one actor on board through FEMA this other contractor called COBRA. They were going to get paid 1.8 billion dollars as a plan B. Second-Choice contractor to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical grid, they ended up getting paid one $ 1000000 before their contract to was canceled because of mysterious irregularities that were discovered only after 1.1 billion dollars had already been disbursed to them those irregularities or less musty. Now that we can see this Litany of bribery charges laid out in black and white in this Federal indictment, so this is just been a disastrously, managed man-made catastrophe from beginning to end, and it continues in the people of Puerto Rico. I paid and are paying the human price for it, and now we’ve got these three arrests and, depending on how these prosecutions turnout, we, the American people, may not only see some people in jail for these alleged crimes and mother’s new stuff to by virtue of the Forfeiture section of this bombshell indictment, but it turns out that this is a story that just keeps getting more astonishing by the day probably heard about this. The high-ranking FEMA official who just got arrested for bribery, the 10 charges right turns out. She had a deputy at her position for FEMA in Puerto Rico: lead for Power & infrastructure in Puerto Rico, Deputy sector lead for Power & infrastructure in Puerto Rico. What’S his background, as first reported by CBS, News has recently been arrested in a totally different u.s. government bribery Scandal. He was a Navy officer who was suspended from his Navy command over his alleged involvement in the fat Leonard Scandal, which we’ve covered quite a bit here. On the show, the biggest Navy bribery Scandal ever it’s the Sphinx, sprawling Lawrence scandal, lots of money and lots of classified information and lots of hookers and lots of really expensive meals that terrible sounding restaurants suspended from his Navy command because of his alleged involvement in the Fat Leonard bribery in the Navy. Nevertheless, when the Trump Administration took office in 2017, they decided that that’s the guy, they would hire to the senior role chance before they hired him. I don’t know, but any mystery around, that part of the guys past would have been cleared up this past year in August, when he was indicted by a Federal grand jury for his alleged involvement in that Navy bribery scheme. It was arrested there after I think about this for a second number one person who the Trump Administration assigned to oversee restoration of power in Puerto Rico, the restoration of the power grid in Puerto Rico. Seven arrested on 10 felony counts for bribery. Deputy on the job has also been arrested and indicted on multiple federal felony counts for alleged bribery. That’S right, secret Santa in their corner of FEMA headquarters must have been love I’ll trade you that for the lock picks I mean. How do you end up with that? Would be if you weren’t, aiming at hiring multiple felony bribery indicted, I mean the and the but don’t worry. The Trump Administration has decided to shake things up and get control over there. Earlier this year, Trump Administration announced President Trump’s new nominee to be the new head of FEMA have announced him in February, announced him a couple months later, it’s been 6 months since they announce that he’s the Trump Administration pick in recent days. There have been reports recently that there was something personal. There was a personal issue in the nominees background that was tripping up his nomination process. Nobody was willing to say what the personal issue was or why it didn’t surface when he went through his confirmation. Ingham was cleared by committee, why it might only be servicing, as his nomination should have been heading to the floor for a final Senate vote and it was later reporting suggesting that the personal issue might have had something to do with an altercation okay. But still, no specifics on that, given the republican-controlled Senate willingness to confirm, basically anybody from the Trump Administration for any purpose the hold up with this guy started to seem a little worrying. I mean think about through. We don’t know what’s holding this guy, but it is holding him up now. It emerges from reporting them by NBC News investigative producer, Laura strickler, that this guy, who Trump has nominated to be the new head of FEMA, whatever his personal issues may be whatever the altercation was, I don’t know whatever else is going on with them turns out. He was the person at FEMA headquarters, who was personally individually C4. The official who just got arrested on 10 felony counts for bribery. She is charged with alleged crimes that started right after Hurricane Maria in October 2017 started in October 2017 and continued through April of this year April 2019, we have obtained an April 2019 FEMA org chart and, as you can see here right in the Centre here is The Deputy Regional are for the Caribbean area, as it says it’s right there. That’S the person who just got charged with 10 felony counts for bribery and, as you can see, there is one line that shows where she connects to FEMA headquarters and there’s one guy’s name that box that she connects to, and that is the guy who Trump nominated To be the new head of FEMA, according to a statement that FEMA gave us tonight quote, the dotted line on this organizational chart represents a coordinate. Okay, I mean separate, and apart from whatever, the Personnel of the personal issue is, with this nominative run, FEMA and whatever the altercation may have been with this guy. If there was one I mean, I have to give the guy a redo confirmation. Hearing at this point, symister by Ernst, us more about the billion-dollar Federal bribery scheme in Region 2. Did they coordinate that with you, bribery scheme had a deputy who was also recently arrested in another multimillion-dollar gigantic bribery scheme involving the US government? Currently, we can now report the mystery. Buyer does not want a redo confirmation hearing that has just been reporting in the last hour from several outlets that the White House is pulling this new nomination to run FEMA, including from The New York Times such reports that the issue was a quote bar-room altercation. We can report exclusively a letter to the acting director of Homeland Security. Last Thursday, formally request nomination be withdrawn, or at least we can tell you about the existence of a letter written to the acting director of Homeland Security. That is dated last Thursday, but it is dated September 12th exclusive. This is the first. Anybody has seen this letter as far as we are aware quote secretary mcaleenan, sir. Please accept this, as my formal request leave it to my current role as the associate administrator for response and recovery. So I should tell you that we have been communicating with FEMA for several days now and we had a lot of North with them about the official who was arrested. Her Deputy was also arrested on different bribery charges on buyers role as the person at FEMA headquarters, who had a coordinating relationship with her. The only person who was did from FEMA headquarters directly to her office. We’Ve been talking to them about that for a couple days. Now and a lot today – and I just want to tell you in the interest of full transparency – they called us literally five minutes before Showtime tonight, to tell us actually just fired, had withdrawn his nomination last Thursday. They didn’t mention his withdrawal 5 minutes before we going to shut time today they said, oh yeah he’s been gone for a week. Make of that. What you will the letter they gave us tonight is dated last week. It is dated September 12th. Nation was not formally withdrawn. President Trump had a new guy in mind already, I’m sure he’ll be great. If that is in fact the new pack, I’m sure he’ll be great at one level, this is just another on the pile of trump related criminal indictments right since he has been president at another level, is the umpteenth sequel in the ongoing career-destroying salsa horror movie. That is the Trump administration’s either refusal or complete inability to vet people for senior jobs are even not so senior jobs in the US government. This is a fairly Keen insight into just how well the Trump Administration in care of the people of Puerto Rico, especially in the aftermath of that natural disaster, which would not have claimed 3000 American lives had it not been so drastically botched as a disaster relief effort. Most particularly when it comes to the infrastructure and power grid are Puerto Rico, but if you look at it from the Trump administration’s own perspective in terms of what they care about and what they want to be known for and what they want to be seen doing, I mean there’s President Trump today at the Border in California, signing a peace sign and a piece of the Border, literally writing his name on a piece of the border and here’s. The Trump Administration happily Define the Pentagon and Congress and a million lawsuit, including National Security concerns to instead take money from wherever the president can, including the US military, because I have to go instead to the Border, because the Border must be secured because Homeland Security is Everything this is the stuff they most care about. This is the stuff they most want to be judged on. This is the stuff that, where they’re putting all of their effort to the detriment of even other stuff, that has real political cost when they lowball it right. Terry, it was supported by an acting deputy secretary in the news today that they just inexplicably, fired the general counsel of the Homeland Security Department as well the top lawyer in the department security. They pushed him out so suddenly yesterday that the Trump Administration still doesn’t know who’s going to replace him. The White House says it’s 1 Guy. The Department of Homeland Security says, if some other guy, who knows, we haven’t bothered to get our story straight, so he’ll be acting to or maybe two who knows, the sort of cheap, cheap Operating Officer. The Department of Homeland Security is the undersecretary of management, Customs and Border Patrol. That’S an acting commissioner ice. That’S an acting director, US citizenship and immigration services that the acting director and, of course, to haul FEMA. Where do I begin, like, I said, I’m sure the new guy the noon new guy will be great. I mean I wonder, who they’ll find to replace the folks against whom all the felony bribery charges are pending. I mean I don’t think assure us that those people would not be staying on while their charges pend like while they’re out on bail Phim. I think with assuring us that that wouldn’t happen. But you know it is hard to get good people these days, and this is what they want to be best at. This is what they want to be seen. Working on to the exclusion of everything else is pulled and very weird circumstances. Tonight there is new news: what is just now falling part in the plan to take money from the military to pay for the wall. Instead, we got brand new news on that front. Next, the videos were putting out you. Can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list, as he lots of other great videos
Rachel Maddow reports on how federal corruption charges against a FEMA official and private contractor who secured billions in contracts to rebuild Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria connect to Donald Trump’s now-former nominee to be FEMA’s new administrator. Aired on 09/18/19.
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President Donald Trump FEMA Nominee Asks To Withdraw His Nomination | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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