President Donald Trump Holds Joint News Conference With Italian Prime Minister | NBC News

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President Donald Trump Holds Joint News Conference With Italian Prime Minister | NBC News
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be civilized society doesn’t affect the economy of the small and medium-sized Enterprises in Russia Italy from this part of your hazard tradition of intense economic relations with Russia in the Bible in order to stress once again with a final statement sanctions against Russia and not and cannot represent and second issue Braddock pipeline I just got this with President Trump and I reported to him that my government is the fact that this is strategic work in terms of energy Supply to Italy and to the south of Europe I never did write an area we are perfectly aware of the fact that this can provide a contribution also in the renewal of the energy system stop program at the same time I correctly informed resident come from the community since problems faced the directly and not trying to avoid them at once back to Italy as soon as possible I will discuss the issue with the computer and ministers and I will go meet the local mayor’s the local communities trying to find a solution which will take into account the concerns of local communities as far as the third boy just concerned at 35 as you know you know that the program which was decided in 2002 that the agreement was signed in 2002 so it’s a great big terms of talking about needs for dependents Isaac I meant we are responsibly evaluating this a file as you know there’s already a process of odor to being issued that which is taking place and these orders are issued because of work is very complex and we will continue to follow this file and will make all the necessary choices in a very cautious all the needs of defensive security of being fully transparent with our partner did Tampa Bay station will remain as is concerned I’d like to see a competing pipeline so miss the Prime Minister I hope you going to be able to do that competing Pipeline and we are already talking to the European Union about building anywhere from 9 to 11:40 which they will pay for that we can ship LNG over to various parts of Europe and that will be more competition but the sanctions on Russia will remain as is okay thank you very much everybody thank you thank you thank you thank you very much president Trump concluding a statement and Joint news conference with prime minister Giuseppe Conte of Italy they are Kindred Spirits or the issue of a Crackdown on illegal in operation you see that a lot of synchronicity between the two men on that issue president making a bit of news again reiterating his position now that he would be willing to absorb a government shutdown in the name of tighter borders secure he also made news on the issue whether he would meet with the leadership in Iran saying that he would meet with anybody and meet with Iran with no preconditions is going to Hallie Jackson our chief White House correspondent in the East room there observation tally of just walked out of the East room behind me here and there are two points to make number one this was largely a Love Fest between these two men when it comes to the geopolitical an international relationship specifically as a relates to the US the European Union but we would be remiss in not noting that the elephant in the room was not addressed and that elephant is anything having to do with special counsel Robert Mueller his investigation Michael Cohen the president’s former attorney and the who’s that has broken over the last week or so related to a recently revealed recording of President Trump talking with his former fix or Cohen who is now obviously under investigation this was the 15th time in the last week or so Lester that the president has had an opportunity to Aunt questions on Cohen and has chosen not to on the 14 other times reporters of attempted to at least ask the question the president has not addressed those so that I think is notable there were there was some news made here right if you look at the two things that you mentioned as I first came on the number one the issue of a potential government shutdown just two months from today September 30th the president threatening to shut the government down if he does in fact not get the money that he wants for his border wall Republican was delayed until after the midterm elections which is so critical for the GOP to retain control of the Senate and the house but now the president is doing some saber-rattling that is not sitting well with GOP leadership over on the hill there’s also Lester this question of whether the Press will meet with the Iranian leader Ronnie he had said that he would now meet with him with no preconditions that was something that you’re a bit of an audible reaction in the room after the president of course has met with Kim Jeong Hoon of North Korea Vladimir Putin of Russia so Lester might you not be traveling to another Summit here one of these days who knows what the president certainly says that he is not foreclosing on that idea news conference weather called two and two simply only allow a few bites of the apple and they didn’t get there today we’re going to have full coverage throughout the day on MSNBC and on in New York at everyone
President Donald Trump holds a joint news conference with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in the White House Rose Garden.
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President Donald Trump Holds Joint News Conference With Italian Prime Minister | NBC News

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