President Donald Trump Plays Both Sides On Foreign Policy Issues | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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President Donald Trump Plays Both Sides On Foreign Policy Issues | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
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will again this morning with President Trump playing both the good cop and the bad cop on the farm policy front is now offering to meet with Ronnie and leaders just a week after essentially threatening them with war we have seen this movie before you remember with North Korea and it did not end the how’s it going to go this time have a great team here to break all the town but first I want to explain exactly what we’re talkin about late Monday evening we learn from The Washington Post North Korea is building muscles that are capable of hitting the United States the evidence comes from us spy agencies and new satellite photos that show work underway at a research facility right outside the capital of Pyongyang seem to validate concern North Korea had absolutely no intention of getting rid of its nuclear weapons despite cans very big promises following the summit took that took place in June at that time president Trump went so far as to say the nuclear redhead been eliminated but his own Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said last week that does not appear to be the case material nuclear bomb material is that correct I’m trying to make sure I stay on that correctly I buy the yes that’s correct yes they continue to produce special material according to spy agencies they’re working on a specific kind of advanced ICBM this muscle has a potential range of more than 8,000 Miles meaning East Coast even after the president praise Kim Jong on any agreement they signed the north is still working on weapons designed to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans so how does this relate to a run if yesterday is any indicator the president seems intent I’m following the exact same Playbook on a run then he did with North Korea offering to meet without any preconditions then trusting his own abilities as a deal-maker to reach a breakthrough here’s what he said about Iran yesterday I do believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet and I’m ready to meet anytime they want to and I don’t do that from strength or from weakness I think it’s inappropriate thing to do he have preconditions for that meeting anytime they want anytime they want to add president wants to meet with folks to solve problems at the Iranians a demonstrated commitment to make fundamental changes and how they treat their own people produce their Moline Behavior can agree that it’s worthwhile to the nuclear agreement that actually prevents proliferation and the president said he’s prepared to sit down and have a conversation with them according to Ronnie and presidential adviser quotes respect for the great nation of Iran reduction in hostilities and the u.s. returning to the nuclear deal that will open the rocky path of the moment it is not let the idea of a meeting is about Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein and Republican Senator Bob Corker came out in favor of the president’s offer and it comes less than a week before the sanctions are set to snap the fact put in the wrong in a very vulnerable economic position question is whether the president’s approach to negotiations can be affected this time when we still don’t know if it were the last time call me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
President Donald Trump is playing both the good cop and the bad cop on the foreign policy front. He is now offering to meet with Iranian leaders just a week after threatening them, as previously seen with North Korea. Stephanie Ruhle breaks down how this method did not end well before and how it might go this time.
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President Donald Trump Plays Both Sides On Foreign Policy Issues | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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