President Donald Trump Rallies For GOP Candidate In Crucial NC House Race | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Rallies For GOP Candidate In Crucial NC House Race | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
President Donald Trump Rallies For GOP Candidate In Crucial NC House Race | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
The nation’s political Spotlight falls on a small section of North Carolina where the polls open just 18 hours ago today, special election in North Carolina’s, 9th congressional district could tell us weather or if his Coalition is falling apart. How important is this race? Well, both President and Vice President Pence last night to campaign for Republican a sign. There is real concern that this District could go Blue for the first time in more than fifty years. One reason and one reason only in America, we are joined by the perfect person to explain why this race is so important, our own National political correspondent, my favorite favorite, Steve, kornacki, final four 2018. Officially, but really we’re looking at this because of the signed it could give us for 2020. Cities are the candidates he mentioned Dan McCready, the Democrats he ran in that election last year. It was not ever certified infj. He replaces Mark Harris who had run last year as a republican to his McCready. It’S Bishop, it’s an open seat in the ninth different UC. Basically, this disappearance, the Southern Tier of North Carolina, it starts in Suburban Charlotte. It works its way, Eastwood! Nothing about this District. Do they have two pieces of two different kinds of America that we talked about a lot in terms of the political climate right? This is an area that Donald Trump actually in this District, Suburban Charlotte in the 2018 midterm McCready, the Democrat won it by 10. We’Ve been talkin about Suburban areas that are going towards the Democrats in the Trump area. This District certainly had that there are also rural-urban outlying areas here to become more Trump friendly, but the remind here in terms of the national significance of this look recently Mitt Romney in 2012. He carry this District by double-digit Donald Trump we mentioned in 2016. He carried this District by 12 points in that midterm. That was never actually serve. Eyeglass, ear, McCready the Democrat trailed by only 905 votes. It was a closest thing you could get to at I basically, so you went from Romney, +, 12 + 12 to basically a tie in the midterm and that’s the question. If this thing comes back Interstate again, almost at I one way or the other, that tells you that climate 2018 may be alive and well, and that would be trouble for Donald Trump if, on the other hand, Bishop the Republican or the win, this thing comfortably 5/8 Double-Digit something like that get close to that Trump Romney margin ever that would tell you. Maybe the winds in some of these districts are shifting back. That would obviously be good news for Trump in for the Republicans, the News & Observer out of Raleigh North Carolina, Westmore retired army, Captain author and CEO of Robin Hood organization. Paul, you are our local expert. So, let’s start with you, your takeaways from the president’s pitch last night: do you think it helped Stan Bishop win today, Trump asked the crowd whether or not people have voted early and almost no hands went up at all to the point where it surprised the president And he said: well, that’s okay! The big day is tomorrow, and so if he was relying on you, the crowd last night to have saved them. I don’t think that’ll come through, but maybe that’s why he hammered home. Then Bishops name multiple multiple times last night. There’S no mention of the Alabama hurricane debacle, there’s no mention of the Taliban. You stayed on script and kept name-dropping Dan Bishop again and again, of course, he’s going to stay that the day before, depending on who wins either side is going to say this is or isn’t a bellwether so because of his personal involvement in this race going down There, the night before the election is, he did last night a rallying all of those supporters in that big crowd. You know he’s really put his political capital on the line here and if the Republicans don’t bail tonight in the special election, that could be a warning sign for President Trump. But you know he’s he’s not going to take it. That way, of course, because he he’s going to just continue to campaign and and sort of view, his presidential re-election that separate from the special house election in North Carolina North Carolina residents attacking Democrats nationally, you don’t have any choice. You have to vote for me. What are you going to do? Okay? That is a winning great message at a classic Trump rally, but is it the kind of message that wins over voters in yours? I guess we’ll find out, but you know lately it hasn’t gone this way, especially in 2018, when Mark Harris was on the ballot, a pastor from Charlotte. You know, they’ve been saying the same things about me. Are you calling on the Socialist, which is not casting him with Nancy Pelosi and AOC, which MacCready stays away from 900 votes of winning an election that was tainted with absentee ballot fraud on the other side? So if these tactics are the same that he used back in last November, then I don’t necessarily see how there you know reliable as a winning strategy. We just are slowly taking up I’m responsible for the winning economy and a few for a Democrat. The system to those who have benefited from the Trump economy did they don’t want the entire system blown up Or democrats, making it deep poverty, so we’re talking 50 % of the federal poverty line, so we’re talking a family 700,000 people who are living a family of Four for making less than $ 12,500, and so what we’re seeing right now is. The argument of the president continues to make as of 2016 about is to blame, but the truth is the reality: no ground for people. North Carolina has not changed since that time. So, at what point, when you are sitting in the seat, does it doesn’t become about a blame, but it really does become about? These are the solutions that we have places actually make your fundamental like better and that’s why I think they were having these elections in the Democrat coming up with that economic argument coming in hitting people exactly where they know that this is their real anxiety this. This is their pain. It’S really make that argument and not have it be about this person claiming that person to blame the person who can win that argument when the selection not lose hope job opportunity in chances are the school that your kids go to is not preparing them for a Better life and a better job are those people actually motivated to get out there and vote or have they lost hope? The 16 election 212 election, the most disenfranchised, the most impoverished selection, is going to be one or lot, and I think, what’s going to happen in the elected officials who really get. This is why she spend time in communities who focus on proximity. Is the core fundamental issue by being in a boat with a policies that are being placed but also bring the community into the policy conversation with them? That’S how you’re going to be able to instill and install a sense of hope showing people that works scale. Anything short of that becomes fancy and it comes Fairy Tail and no one else will buy into it and power. Their anger, president, as a dealmaker, was Hugh ideological convictions and a promise to reach across the aisle and some in bold results. Instead, on a host of issues as immigration and a trade war with China, expectations of imagination, the next 12 months, the president that you and I both know behind closed doors for the president, who is in his all his glory, Maga rallies sticking to his initial script, Is anything like the last three years, he’ll be healing very closely to his base really afraid to cross them on any of these hot-button cultural issues? Because he’s is that you know his advisers will tell you he sees this the re-election as it as a challenge to Galvanize the base acid-base election, that he wins a second term if he can mobilize all of those so-called forgotten men and women in the Erica who Came out for him in 2016 is a finite number of people and get to vote twice, and then he needs to try to win over some of these Independence and that’s where the the challenges. When you look at an issue like gun control, where so many Suburban voters, so many independent voters really so many Americans support measures like expanding background checks and the hardcore sort of gun rights. Supporters within the president’s base are opposed to that, and so that’s why the president has been going back and forth on his background checks issue and why it seems very unlikely that he’s going to put forward. bass package of legislation to tighten these gun laws. That’S why they’re talking more and more about mental health and some other other areas that don’t affect guns Dead, ending any hope that we might be nearing an end to America’s longest war. Apparently, according the president, the director of the president is to stop talking now. We know that what diplomats are paid to do is to continue to talk, even though, when they’re pretending not to be talking, but when the present Stop & Go back to a serious military campaign. Concern about what the White House has been doing. The president is well with my contacts have been boasting about how hard they’ve been hitting the Taliban, the last 10 days or so they’re indicating that will increase the challenge for the White House today. Stephanie is to get everyone and administrator on the same page on Afghanistan, because there are clear fault lines between John Bolton, the National Security adviser and mr. Pompeo, who wants to continue this diplomatic effort will see to what extent they think they can drawdown troops without an Actual do I think, that’s the key question for today Stephanie conversation with US forces there give us a soldier’s point-of-view sit down and try to negotiate with the Taliban, or is that type of meeting an insult to US soldiers we’ve lost over 3,500 people in Afghanistan has Spent nearly a trillion dollars on this war and we still don’t have an objective. The truth is that everything of the president talking on our tactics, you know who we sit down with when we sit down with them. These are tactics, but we still don’t have an overarching objective as to what it is they’re actually trying to accomplish over there honest feeling that my service over here is being done. Even if I don’t come home, you know I felt like a Taliban was a group that was harboring Al-Qaeda. This was about 9/11. This was about a response. I remember having individual conversations with all my soldiers and actually asking them that question. When I first went over there as a lieutenant, I was actually in end up getting a battlefield promotion to Captain wild enough, and I asked him why you there was amazing how many of them said. 911 was the recent they were serving. The reality is, we now have soldiers who are on the ground in Afghanistan who weren’t born when 9/11 question, and that’s why it’s so blue who’s, the president to be able to have an honest conversation with the country as to what is the objective? What are we trying to accomplish and then how are the tactics that were talking about moving us towards the objective, not that were in this forever war concept in the Forever War idea? That is just simply going to continue to send men and women and consigna centrillion to spend trillions of dollars on something that we still can’t even fully articulate. What is the goal, the Radley trying to accomplish their anymore? Is this the president’s new game plan on the world greatest economy, but we do have a strong economy. I too have both been in that foreign policy peace. Remember he campaign on withdrawing America from these forever Wars. He campaigned on bringing troops home from Afghanistan and I think he sees an imperative to try to show some movement in that regard between now and election election date and next November. He said yesterday that the talks are dad and I would just caution everybody watching that he makes declarations like this regularly and and sometimes we’ll find ways to revive talks or bring people back to the it’s all part of the way he negotiates things, and so I Would it would not surprise me if a few weeks or a few months down the road, these talks resumed scribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos?
Today’s special election in North Carolina’s ninth district could tell us whether President Trump still has this swing state on lock or if his coalition is falling apart. NBC’s Steve Kornacki joins Stephanie Ruhle to explain how important this race is. Weighing in: News & Observer Political Reporter Paul Specht, Washington Post White House Bureau Chief Philip Rucker, and Robin Hood CEO Wes Moore.
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President Donald Trump Rallies For GOP Candidate In Crucial NC House Race | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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