President Donald Trump Refuses To Condemn Anti-Democracy Crackdowns | The Last Word | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Refuses To Condemn Anti-Democracy Crackdowns | The Last Word | MSNBC
President Donald Trump Refuses To Condemn Anti-Democracy Crackdowns | The Last Word | MSNBC
We Begin tonight with the continuing struggle for democracy and freedom around the world to struggle that does not have the support of the president of the United States. Tonight. Order has been restored at the airport in Hong Kong and most flights seem to running clothes to schedule. After this week’s Hong Kong’s airport became the scene of what may be the most important and dangerous protests in China since the uprising in Beijing in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Thirty years ago, when the Chinese government Crackdown on protesters in Tiananmen Square, killing an unknown number of protesters, mostly students at that time, Hong Kong was not yet officially a part of the People’s Republic of China. The British government formally surrendered its Colonial control of Hong Kong to China. In 1997, China promised Hong Kong that the Liberties enjoyed their would not be curtailed, but a totalitarian regime taking over freedom-loving world-class city was bound to eventually produce a culture Collision which it now most certainly has. The world is on edge. As the Hong Kong prices on Falls and not surprisingly, Trump has no idea what to say for who he is rooting for or even if he should be rooting for anyone in Hong Kong, and so he says the most inane things ever spoken by an American president Crisis like this shouting to reporters over the usual helicopter noise. In the background, I’m sure it’ll work out. I hope it works out for everybody, including China, by the way, as afterthought, the present said, I hope no that’s killed in Russia. Protest of a similar Spirit have been joined by tens of thousands of people protesting in Moscow last weekend. The 5th weekend that Russians have rallied to demand Fair elections, transparent elections, the Russian protests have gotten larger by the week. Estimates put last weekend’s crowds at about. Fifty thousand protesters against Vladimir Putin’s regime, the Russian protests in favor of transparency in Fair election process, is go to the very heart of the operating principle of the Russian government, which is the opposite of transparency. Hbo dramatization of the Russian nuclear accident at Chernobyl shows the Russian Tai transparent transparency system in action, and we are now possibly seeing it again in real time in the aftermath of another nuclear accident in Northern Russia. Today, Russian authorities announced the evacuate of the village nearest to the site of that nuclear accident, which last week killed seven people and release radiation. Apparently, when a small nuclear reactor malfunction during the test of a new type of missile near a Naval Weapon testing site the New York Times reports, Russian officials have released a flurry of misleading or incomplete statements playing down the severity of the accident, which the military first Reported on Thursday, as a fire involving a liquid-fueled rocket engine, not until Sunday that Russian scientists conceded that a reactor had released radiation during a test on an offshore platform in the white. See that pattern of murkiness continued on Tuesday. As new news reports and actual statements offered, only the vaguest exclamation for the evacuation and hours later seems to indicate that it had been called off. The president commented on the situation yesterday in the tweet that seems to have been written for and by his staff. The United States was learning much from the failed missile explosion in Russia. We have similar, though more advanced technology. The Russian Skyfall explosion. Has people worried about the air around the facility and far beyond not good prison Trump has had absolutely nothing to say about the Russian protests for fair elections. He did not even bother to say I hope it works out for everybody leaving off our discussion. Tonight are former US ambassador to Russia, Michael mcfaul, his and MSNBC National Security, analyst, an ambassador Wendy Sherman, the former under Secretary of State and an MSNBC Global affairs contributor. I want to start with you on on the the situation in Hong Kong. The presidents has said nothing and yet by saying nothing has said everything in that he is supporting. He is not in any way supporting the protests for freedom and independence from the Chinese regime in Ankara. As you pointed out, we’re seeing signs of democracy in Russia. Signs of democracy here in Hong Kong or signs of democracy, of people trying to get rid of Maduro and Venezuela we’re seeing kinds of things happening around the world, and yet the president doesn’t Embrace of the universal Declaration of Human Rights, doesn’t embrace the agreement that was Made in the Handover of Hong Kong by the United Kingdom to China that created One China but two systems so that the people of Hong Kong could have a quasi democracy, at least until 2047. And it is really dismaying. And it’s quite extraordinary because McConnell of whom I am not – and he stopped every good thing that have could happen in the United States Senate for the American people. Even he said the world is watching, and the China should be careful, of course, China again today cuz. It’S today already in China is saying the US should bug-out. It has nothing to do with this, it’s an internal Affair and they think they have a green light from the president of the United States sing. The rights and freedoms promised to them. The US should be leading the Free World to Rally support behind them and with one voice to fend our shared democratic ideals and the desire for Liberty that beats in every heart and ambassador mcfaul. That’S the way presence in this country used to sound, that’s right, and I think, when the history of the Trump era is written, they’ll be two distinguishing features about. His foreign policy won the withdrawal. as from all kinds of agreements into he has demonstrated at consistency and not caring about democracy and human rights on almost every country in the world that Wendy just mentioned. He said next to nothing and on Hong Kong, Twitter feed before coming on Lawrence. It’S clear he’s confused, he’s retweeting some of the demonstrations, some of the videos, but then he says everybody will be safe. Who is he referring to when he says that to the protesters? Because they most play don’t feel safe right now, as the Chinese military is massing on the borders next to Hong Kong, Harris is also tweeted. I stand with the protesters in in Hong Kong at about this declaration on the Chinese. We need to stop that’s. This is the leader of the Free World. This is not just some another country, and Wendy is behaving in the weakest possible way ever seen a president in a situation like this is. This is the same guy who tries to pretend that he plays top with China. President, everything is a commercial transaction, it has nothing to do with emphysema. It has nothing to do with people that has nothing to do with human rights, dignity, democracy, freedom and you know twist or you’re going to get to later tonight we have 10. You know he’s standing up and saying that the Statue of Liberty should now say give me your tired, your poor, in people who can stand on their own two feet and won’t be part of the public charge and when he was pressed on that he said well. The Statue of Liberty was put up when people were coming from Europe. This is an Administration that is completely corrupt completely without a sense of what dignity, freedom and to use the president’s onward. Liberty is really about, and Russia could be protests in the United States, for fair elections and for transparency. We just saw a Stacey Abrams with Rachel Maddow in the last hour. Talking about how she’s working on exactly that here in the United States were going to talk. Stop later in this hour, but they’re in there seems to be a connection between what we’re seeing in on Khan, what we’re seeing in Russia weather people standing up for civil liberties, right. different cases right cuz in Russia. What happened there was people had got the petitions and place to be on the ballot and they were denied and so they’re standing up to say, hey. We want our representatives to be on the ballot, but in both places there sing autocratic regimes. Crockett cracking down. People are standing up, you know in a very Vigilant way in a very brave way and we should be standing up with them at a minimum. I hope the Trump Administration is sending the signal, especially to the Chinese authorities, of the dangerous consequences of taking military action. In Hong Kong, because that will trigger not just a problem with democracy and human rights, but they’ll be major negative Economic Consequences not only for prefer the world economy, so the president is not doing it publicly. I hope the rest of the administration is taking action in Russia. It seems in its way of a piece with what the pro sir, about the protester about a transparent governmental process of getting on ballots and having a real elections on here is this same government. That is behaving it. It seems very similarly to that’s what we saw after the Chernobyl accident 30 years ago, with this refusal to deal directly and honestly, including with the people whose lives could be endangered by. I agree express my condolences to those those people, the families of the people that were lost in that tragedy, unnecessary Tragedy. By the way do we really need nuclear powered cruise missiles in the world? I don’t think so, but the fact that they are trying to go back old Soviet ways and cover it up or some of the problems that Mikhail Gorbachev faced after Chernobyl, that led to a pivot to a more open society and I think they’re playing with fire Here in the twenty-first century, to try to just assume that the citizens of Russia, sophisticated people with access to information are not going to demand more accountability from that government Avenue and wear what you were presenting at your level to foreign governments was backed up a both Publicly and privately by what the president is saying, just just said, he’s hoping that the foreign policy establishment is communicating to China in a way that gets through them about the importance of this. But why would they take anything seriously from the Trump State Department if they see the tweets of Donald Trump in the public comments of Donald Trump, where he doesn’t seem to care about this at all? Indeed, most leaders around the world have decided. The only person who does matter is the president himself says is Donald Trump, and so, even when diplomats and there aren’t nearly enough of them – and they certainly aren’t all able to do the that – we would normally do that. Mike and I would have done – we would have been talking to her colleagues all over the world. We would have been going to the United Nations to ask that this situation be looked at. The United Nations is in fact starting its own investigation, police brutality in Hong Kong and I assume they’re going to someone’s going to take a look at what was really a flying Chernobyl on a missile that took place on applying nuclear reactor in Essen, something that we Began in 1960’s and put aside because it was so dangerous and so fraught with trouble, but all of that kind of diplomacy. All of that technical expertise is not being brought to the table and even if it were, as you point out, nobody will much care. President knighted states is really just saying, never mind. As Mike said, I’ve withdrawn from the world you’re on your own I’ll stay out of your business. You stay out of mine and just make sure that America is great again when I think Mara was pretty great, can be greater, always a, but the president’s past is a path of Destruction, not of creation. Thank you. Thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC
As pro-democracy protests continue in Hong Kong and Moscow, the president has said almost nothing, abandoning generations of American leadership. Lawrence O’Donnell discusses what this means for these democratic movements with Michael McFaul and Wendy Sherman.
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President Donald Trump Refuses To Condemn Anti-Democracy Crackdowns | The Last Word | MSNBC

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