President Donald Trump Under Fire For 2020 Collusion | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Under Fire For 2020 Collusion | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
President Donald Trump Under Fire For 2020 Collusion | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Is it Friday night, but it is a trump White House kind of Friday night and they are Under Fire from all sides for this whistleblower complaint that has now snowball into multiple reports of potentially illegal activity. New allegations in the story that we have been tracking comes from the Wall Street Journal flushing out explosive details from the call that appears to be at the center of that reported whistleblower complaint. The Trump Administration has been trying to hide. This is all about report. What made it unusual and potentially illegal requested a foreign leader go after Joe Biden before we go any further tonight. I want to tell you that alone is a bombshell. His powers commander-in-chief to get help to go after one of his top rivals in this very next election, and that’s not all tonight. The journal also reporting Trump didn’t just mention this in passing or in a way that might be explained, but rather Ukrainian president times for help to go after buy them and designate a specific age to execute this International plot. His criminal defense lawyer book collusion and the new reporting provides new context to a Donald Trump admission. The Nao may look, a little different may have been Advanced damage control. Does this all happened within weeks of trump declaring he would take for him to in 2020? I think you might want to listen. I don’t there’s nothing wrong with listening. If somebody call the trouble country, Norway, we have information on your opponent. I want a kind of interference in our elections, a blown through the deadlines and federal law and another Outlet. The Washington Post has a new story. This is also coming to us today about the lengths they went. White House counsel, patch Abalone, engaging in the matter since, shortly after The Whistleblower action for surface, that means the White House and not just bill. Barnes doj is actively working to keep Congress from what it is supposed to get under the law, which is the details of this whistleblower complaint earlier today, Donald Trump basically refused most questions about weather the Avenue Cranium president for help in this plot. It doesn’t matter what I discussed, but I will say this somebody to look into Joe Biden statement. I don’t want to talk about any conversation other than to say other than to say great conversation totally appropriate conversation couldn’t have been better when the President says that it doesn’t matter whether he discussed going after one of his rivals in the kind of a clumsy International Watergate you get two things out of that number one. You get his view that he says it doesn’t matter a lot of people just including federal law, but you get a second thing out of that, which is the obvious lack of any denial Vision cleared up would be to just follow the law and give Congress the Required information about The Whistleblower information and they won’t, which is itself a kind of tell. Then you have last night Rudy Giuliani, re-emerging and all you can say when you lot of words is well, it was classic Rudy did you know? Actually I didn’t. I ask the Ukraine to investigate the allegations that there was interference in the election 2016 by the ukrainians for the benefit of Hillary Clinton, for which there already is a never-ending anything about Hunter Biden. You never asked anything about Giovanni only thing. I asked about the bottom of how it was that would Seiko Who was the dismiss the case against anti Ukraine to look into Joe, but which involved Joe Biden. Bribery fruity not unlike about this, is getting to be solutely. Horrendous. We’Ve got a president of the United States of America. We’Ve been urging the Ukraine the cleanup it’s at and he’s now to the newly-elected president. You crave asking him to basically conspire with him to get involved in the next 20 20 election. If that does not reach out to people to say that this guy can no longer be or should no longer be the president United States, because it is now making a joke of our institutions, I’m saying that it’s time for my Republican colleagues to step up, stop Making excuses for this guy – that’s now in the White House is correct. Is this in itself a separate, impeachable abuse-of-power and I think they will be several more? What are the things that think that has to happen and what is happening know folks are focused on the Judiciary Committee. Remember Mary, which I sit on the hospital doing investigations there’s going to be even more, I believe, that’s going to be happy to come out. Did back in the Nixon time to say enough is enough and if not their seats will be a deputy in 20/20. Also, some of the Republican Party they’ve shown none so far, and I don’t see why, if colluding with Russia, wasn’t enough to make them speak out, why colluding with Ukraine’s would-be? I do think that there needs to be a much stronger response from the Democratic party. There is so much Fury out there, including I’m livid about this, that Nancy Pelosi is refusal to take a strong stance on impeachment. Benchley sent the message to his president that he hasn’t Unity, that it’s okay. If he asks foreign sources to help him with the election – and I know that there are risks in pursuing impeachment with 20/20 coming up with the idea that an election is going to fix this problem when we see the president shooting in that election right now, it’s Just not going to work, there’s no way around it, like the house could have proceedings, have articles of impeachment, and only the third president in American history, to be impeached, mean name checked, are on the wrong side of this. I just think they need to come to the conclusion that this can be done relatively low key that has control of their schedule. They could do this in the next couple of months. Have the votes have the articles of impeachment I’m here that by allowing them to get away with what they’ve gotten away with today, you’re actually provoking and invited these further abuse is because you’re dealing with people who will go as far as they can get away with? Take a look at a congresswoman, Alexandria, ocasio-cortez on this and the stakes of the rule of law, but now, when we’re talking about bringing in foreign governments to undermine our own, that is an extraordinary, really serious, serious allegations. Distract us from everything else here, as we sit here in New York right now, one of the biggest rallies in human history for the environment is going on in Battery Park. All around the world people realize that the climate change issue in the challenge to biodiversity, the extinction crisis. Instead, we have this incredibly irresponsible person in the White House who doesn’t care about the law, doesn’t care about anybody else. Somehow our system of government has got to make the statement put in the historical record, nothing else. It’S things that he’s done her wrong. The climate protest with a leader on that issue later tonight in the show – I don’t know if you know who I’m talking about the politician, he can help get it in there, it’s like when they drop their their campaign website. Your colleague has been shipped saying that they literally never had any other president blow through and break the deadline. We are talking about something that the Trump administration’s own intelligence agencies, the incredible and somewhere America somewhere. This person is sitting there. This whistleblower wondering what retaliation they’re going to face in this environment. Take a look at what year your colleague said on Rachel Maddow just last night. I want to say to The Whistleblower: if the whistleblowers watching you tonight that we are grateful for their courage in coming forward, we are going to do everything we can to make sure this urgent she was addressed and that you were protected protected if their issue and Their Intel doesn’t even get to the Congress. Is it supposed the Inspector General in the United States Congress refuse to participate 2 to submit to subpoenas and actually testify honestly about that speaker. Pelosi she’s singing Only focused to get this guy. She wants him in jail where he really believes they would be in jail and she is focused singularly because the truth of the matter is – and I agree understand the significance in the importance of maybe putting a star next to his name, but we could tomorrow. They came up, the members of the House overwhelmingly would vote to impeach, but he still would be sitting in office and he still would be damaging this country. So the one thing that it will this could be something that will be a star on us as a nation for decades, if not longer the example of the only example to show that we standing up for the rule of law, ultimately for the manor sitting in The White House to end up in jail because there’s a cynicism to the White House. We saw it in a little bit of the Clipper turn this over the Congress already and said, fake news. Clearly, there’s something scarier there or even the New York Times your paper, but by your colleagues, intelligence committees, Watchdog, not some disgruntled Denizen of the deep state appointed by mr. Trump was alarmed enough that he thought it necessary to inform Congress to keep the complaint from becoming Even behind closed doors from each other in the White House potential facts here, I think that the fact that this president has never gotten a butt, much above 40 %, despite having a good economy, for you, know most of his presidency very few kind of nausea crises. He has been damaged by all of the outrageous things that he’s done. It’S just that the structural problems they’re, the structural features in our government – means that the fact that a majority of the country wants him gone isn’t enough to get rid of him and it’s enough to ensure that he’s not re-elected. You know, that’s that. I think that there’s a combination of secretiveness and they refused to release all kinds of information and part of that might be fear, but part of that is also imperiousness. They don’t think they should have to release any sort of information. Nation of you see the secretiveness, but there’s also a part of it. That’S all out in the open investigation into what her completely bogus into bunk charges, and I think that needs to be emphasized about Joe Biden, son or at least the investigation of Joe Biden’s son and as if to say. Well, it can’t be that wrong. If we’re doing it in the open right, it can’t be that wrong. If I shot someone at 5th Avenue, one of the things that’s so interesting here is that the reason this is exploded into a huge Scandal is because there was uncovering of it is what makes it suddenly. I think this corruption under President Bush was only because of the courage of a whistleblower to your grave newspaper that we found out that this whole practice was occurring and yeah they did, but it didn’t work. So I just want to say to this person. Thank you for standing up for this country Apple, coming from you and from people who remember the impeachment history, you were one of the few Senators that openly advocated for the impeachment of George W bush. While I did not invade impeachment Century, didn’t you introduce the resolution sensor resolution because I actually thought it would have been sure. Even that was too far for them. We get it right, we’re going to go so far. Plus he wants some of your leadership or taking heat for not going far enough right now. You lived a different version that a different time, but now that you’re out all this, can you give us real talk about? Democratic Leadership doesn’t seem to go as hard as fast as strong on these issues. As far as the Republicans who many people perceive come out more aggressive while there’s a time and place for impeachment – and I think it was George Bush active – it would have been appropriate to impeach him, but not wise. This present is different. This present is gutting, our country, people have given their lives to protect our freedoms and our Constitution, and he doesn’t give a whip. I thought you hadn’t been in those fights. Why do you think some of the some of the democratic leaders don’t go that far about the situation, which makes sense they want to make sure they have controlled the government? So they can take care of these issues and deal with issues like immigration and climate change? Legitimate thing to consider those things, but somehow this has to be on the record, I might add you can even impeach President Trump after he loses next year. It can be done it a number of times if we Goldbergs surfango States.
The Wall Street Journal details new reports about the “urgent” whistleblower complaint, that President Trump asked the Ukrainian President ‘eight times’ to go after Biden, and assigned Rudy Giuliani to execute the plot. Rep. Greg Meeks argues, Trump is making ‘a joke of our institutions,’ adding Republicans need to ‘stop making excuses for Trump.’ Aired on 09/20/19.
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President Donald Trump Under Fire For 2020 Collusion | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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