President Donald Trump’s Dismal State-By-State Job Approval | All In | MSNBC

President Donald Trump’s Dismal State-By-State Job Approval | All In | MSNBC
President Donald Trump’s Dismal State-By-State Job Approval | All In | MSNBC
If the presidential election were held today, according to brand new state-by-state polling of trump job approval, he could lose the election by 300 electoral votes. 419 electoral votes to the Democrats still to be determined 119 electoral vote for the Republican Donald Trump edwards-levy reporter and pulling editor at HuffPost welcome to go through. Thank you for being with approval rating. Do it people don’t if more people in the state don’t like not strong, and that that’s going to translate to a difficult election for him? The problem is when we actually get to the election. It’S not going to be just any Democrat. Who’S running against is going to be a Democrat with real policy, some of which will be popular. Some will be less so that’s going to shape the direction of the 2020 election, but it’s kind of running yeah and I think we saw that very clearly in 2016, when you saw two candidates who are unpopular and voters who were having to make the choice. Sometimes, for the lesser of two evils – and you know, I think there is a constitutional – is it somebody points that that we’re talking about 20 20? But the polls just aren’t predictive yet because we don’t know who the candidate is in her. So much. That’S still left to happen in this campaign. Google ratings and insofar as these numbers indicate they’re in line with the the polling 53 % disapprove. Google is remarkably consistent over the last Almost year at this point, somewhere between 42 % 41 % on the low, and sometimes it gets up to 45 %. Winning re-election that there’s no doubt about that. There are some Republican party Republican party is indeed demographic. Change is leading a lot of Texas is one of those days. That’S so heavily symbolic, but there’s always a lot of attention to whether this is going to be the cycle that it finally flipped. But you know the fact that were talking about that doesn’t mean something, and you know demographics always sort of tend to lack of The Ballot Box between behind was actually happening in the States, but we’ll see whether that can actually catch up this time around polling and Fundraising goal to ensure that, on a 25 people on the stage at the next debate about nine people, I think of qualified so far in terms of the fundraising part of it, the number of individual donors. That means they can give any the money. Tom steyer has qualified that these DNC rules about the number of donors are out of step with polling and allow a guy is Richard, Thomas Tire, Somerset, to buy his way. Steve Bullock said to buy his way onto the debate stage, Senator gillibrand or somebody’s Canada $ 2, and if he gets some love supporting the Paul’s, that’s what these cut-offs are meant to do. It’S meant to assure that this late in the game there’s at least some level of support for the candidate. So I think when we get to November stars going to have a much tougher time, making that cut off party can fix it. If we, if the rules, look too lenient by increasing the polling requirement, but is there some some argument to be made for the unintended consequence of talking about the number of donors resulting in candidates spending far more than a dollar to get a dollar from a donor Created a set of incentives where that’s what candidates are going to focus on if those the requirements and look, I don’t know that there is any particular perfect way to make the cut off, but eventually this field has been how to start when towing down as orders Going to have to start focusing on, you know a couple of realistic options: Central to the election, a recent HuffPost yougov poll Donald Trump deal with this. I think Donald Trump is just Donald Trump and he does what he thinks I I don’t. I don’t know that. There’S any way he particularly deals with it. It’S a blemish on his administration. It’S a blemish on his record. What is strategy probably is is try to scare people about the Democrats and hope that the economy doesn’t go into recession. Thank you. Both Today, Twitter videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list and see lots of other great videos.
A new poll puts Trump’s state-by-state job approval numbers in dismal territory, making him weak in ten key states he won in 2016.
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President Donald Trump’s Dismal State-By-State Job Approval | All In | MSNBC

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