President Donald Trump’s Summits Leave Us Worse Off Than Before: Haass | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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President Donald Trump’s Summits Leave Us Worse Off Than Before: Haass | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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when everything seems to collide with Donald Trump and things start going really bad he decides he’s going to take a meeting with the group of tyrants who did North Korea I mean North Korea at a particular time when Stormy Daniels was about to hit the front pages he went there now he’s open to meetings with the array Nyan I guess after this when he gets in trouble I guess we’ll talk about meeting the Martians let’s let’s take a quick look at the present United States doing what he likes to do most to flight I’m right now but I ended the Iran deal was a ridiculous deal I do believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet and I’m ready to meet anytime they want to and I don’t do that from strength or from weakness I think it’s inappropriate if we could work something out that’s meaningful not the waste of paper that the other deal was I would certainly be willing to meet preconditions for that meeting anytime they want anytime they want good for the country good for them good for us and good for the world no preconditions if they want to meet on me so the reason why we need it the world needed to have someone at the meeting with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump is because in the past week or so since Helsinki Donald Trump has one send a signal that he wants to lift on an oligarch whose close to close to Vladimir Putin that we just put on a couple months ago and two now he’s talking again from a position of weakness wanting to meet with Ron it’s complete 180 turn there’s very little actually to explain that Richard but there is a playbook for Donald Trump threaten to bomb a terrorist State say you want to meet with a terrorist state and then capitulate to the terrorist state are we going to see what happened in North Korea happened with her on now almost certainly not if the administration were serious about meeting with her on they would have done it before they unilaterally got out of the nuke Dil De by the way around was complying with to reach out to her on the administration of ratcheting up sanctions again they got out of there the nuclear deal after the president said he’d meet without preconditions with the Wyatt at the National Security Council and the Secretary of State on nuclear issues Orange Regional behavior on how they’re treating their up their own people North Korea all along and you have Donald Trump declaring victory in North Korea when the North Koreans now we keep finding out more ways that they’re cheating in fact there nuclear program is more dangerous today us intelligence officials tell us then it was when Donald Trump first started negotiating with the North Koreans your program now we learned that there missile program their intercontinental ballistic missile program it is convenient with Joe is cheating we don’t know if North Korea is cheating why the United States and North Korea communique they came out of the shingle for Summit they were a piece of Swiss cheese where the holes were bigger than the cheese so get we’ve had to Summit we know that’s all we know that’s a lie and that nothing like that with the cops again what we’re seeing is this pattern of summits where the promise is great we don’t really know what was agreed on and then there’s no no preparation and there’s no follow-through to all these Summit to safely leave us worse off than we were without them when he first met with Putin much stronger than Donald Trump look like his you notice Patsy on the world stage East much stronger than he was 4 and and now we don’t negotiate from a position of weakness or strength know if you’re the United States of America I’m sorry you always negotiate from a position of strength and is Richard supposed to come in at the end of the process do the handshake declaration not coming at the beginning and making promises and then declaring victory at the end of a press conference where nothing was actually achieved what are the patterns we’ve seen in this Administration is the president makes a grand public decoration and then the rest of the administration comes into shape it or clean it up is Richard mention yesterday Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talked about all the preconditions he would need to see before meeting with a wren etherians a demonstrated commitment to make fundamental changes and how they treat their own pee reduce thermaline Behavior can agree that it’s worthwhile to enter the nuclear agreement that actually prevents proliferation and the president said he’s prepared to sit down and have a conversation with him things they try to get it at that hearing the Senate hearing last week who should the American people who should the United States Senate listen to because you have President Trump saying one thing on the on the big stage and then people like Pompeo Bolton and others coming in after the fact and saying something completely Victory you listen to the president of the United States and that’s what the rest of the world is figuring out and as much as they may respect the secretary of defense for the Secretary of State at the end of the day if they don’t speak for the United States and it doesn’t appear they do how can you listen what’s the to Summit we’ve had they weren’t in the room the two Summits we had there was no staff in the room so the president of the United States just become the Chief Diplomat of the United States we have got to learn stating others can come in before or afterwards and try to clean it up but we he is like you did with Rex Tillerson where if you’re not in the room and you don’t know what transacted how is it you can authoritatively say this was the foreign policy of the United States at what point do Republicans visit at what point do Republicans question we continue to ask what point do Republicans say will wait a second we were anti-putin in Manti didn’t like him shooting down commercial aircrafts are invading other countries poisoning people at sassy American foreign policy that Republicans champion and then he makes nice when North Korea and now he he sounds so weak basically begging the Arabians for a summit at what point does somebody like Nikki Haley go you know what I’m out I’m running against this guy in 2020 before he ends up like turning us foreign-policy over Oliver I was grabbing already remember I was critical and every other conservative was critical of Barack Obama being so focused on on dealing with Ron and Cuba that was Child’s Play Donald Trump is North Korea Russia Iran there is not a tyrant there’s not a terrorist state that this guy doesn’t doesn’t want it the Cozy up to at least all the evidence that we seen today doesn’t never never it’s that I can’t stress enough there’s no evidence whatsoever that his base supporter or any member of Congress is actually turning on him in any public way I’d say the opposite is he’s growing more powerful his way is going more a powerful computer because because conservatives not like a Ron and conservatives like North Korean conservatives like Russia so you know what he’s doing it different the old way didn’t work I don’t believe any of you guys on the set I don’t trust and and type some stuff in the truth is out there but this isn’t the X-Files perfect example to him surely Republicans will turn on him nobody turned on him nobody even a couple of congressman who came outside while I have some concerns about that within 24 hours they all ran the Hills the truth and you can do that you can go to town hall meetings and actually I can tell the basic truth out a try it sometime I mean you you have again with with with Donald Trump you have him capitulating to Terror States and Steve scalise actually joining in somebody in the Republican majority joining in signing on to impeach Rod Rosenstein because they’re trying to get to the bottom of Vladimir Putin and his attempts to undermine American democracy that is a Republican leader is a Republican leader who is actually working hard to subvert and investigation that is already indicted several dozen Russians and we have to go to u.s. military the u.s. until Community has the goods on the Run they tried to support subvert American democracy 2016 and Steve scalise is signing on with freedom caucus backbenchers to try to actually subvert an investigation over someone undermine American democracy I saw your Tweet yesterday about how this election in 2018 is going to be the most important of our lifetimes for a lot of people and I think that is you answer whether you want to go down whether it’s foreign policy or its guns or it’s the tax cuts are going to be another proposed round of tax cuts for the wealthy now at the same time that President Trump’s base is closing ranks around him looking to the poll numbers and see what’s happening with the intensity of the disapproval on the other side of the Ledger and that’s why this election is so important but that’s also why it’s so hard to tell exactly what’s going to happen to match those numbers up because what we could see here is a repeat of what happened with Barack Obama which is that when Barack Obama was not on the ballot and the midterms his people didn’t come out but there was an intense on the other side of the Ledger that swept Democrats and you could see the same thing happening here who just because those numbers are becoming stronger with each one of these examples that you cite the intensity of disapproval on the other side is strengthening manifold to full three-fold 711 years ago said meet with aqua did a job without preconditions was absolutely Savage not only by Republicans by Hillary Clinton Democrat you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more from Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching
President Trump said on Monday he is willing to meet with Iran without preconditions ‘whenever they want.’ This comes a week after Trump’s Twitter threats against Iran. The panel discusses.
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President Donald Trump’s Summits Leave Us Worse Off Than Before: Haass | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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