President Donald Trump’s Tepid Response To Missing Journalist News | The Last Word | MSNBC

President Donald Trump’s Tepid Response To Missing Journalist News | The Last Word | MSNBC
I am all remember in for Lawrence O’Donnell, we begin with developments in a story that Lawrence brought you last night at Turkish official now telling NBC, with 100 % confidence that Saudis executed, the missing journalist, Jamal khashoggi and late. Today we learned more about the audio recording of This alleged killing. There have been reports that turkey and gruesome recorded proof of the reporters, torture and alleged murder NBC News, Richard angle reporting the source of that audio recording when he joined us an MSNBC just earlier this evening. So these are stunning on this story about what happened to Jamal khashoggi. What he went into the cop was behind me. We’Ve been reporting for that. There are these recordings that Turkish officials have recordings of inside the embassy consulate, being tortured, being beaten, being interrogated and ultimately being murdered. But there’s been a big question: where did these recordings come from at tonight? A pro-government Turkish newspaper is saying that recorded these these himself. He went into the very suspicious. He thought something bad might happen to him. He asked his fiancee to wait outside. He gave her his cell phones, but, according to this newspaper, he went into the consulate wearing an Apple Watch, which he synced up, information being uploaded to a cloud and being saved and terrible things did in fact happen to him murdered that he was interrogated that he Was tortured with this, this act of of foresight this this this active cunning, really, I left behind the clues that Turkish authorities are using to solve his murder to solve his murder. But let’s be clear, these solving of this murder and almost real-time and in public is putting new more significant pressure on the Trump Administration for its stance and any potential. I meant that it would consider for Saudi Arabia in retaliation in both parties of often cozied up to the Saudis as a dangerous but useful Ally in the region. Donald Trump is not only following that controversial approach, he’s doing so with far less discretion and some other past presidents, who at least would use the bully pulpit to press the salaries on us priorities. Trump’S, not pretending to do that thus far this week. Instead, claiming that relations with the salaries are excellent, Drew pushed back even from his interview was at Fox News and also Trump saying he hasn’t called Saudi Arabia to even discuss this. He was this evening. Nobody knows quite yet nobody’s been able to put it all together. People are starting to form ideas and, as that formed will let you know, but it certainly is a terrible thing to look. If you look at her and if you look at some of the other countries, take a look at Syria. You take a look at a lot of countries, a lot of countries records have been overlooked, but this is a very serious thing and we’re looking at it in a very serious manner. Okay, I will see you. We have a big crowd. I will be calling them for the American government under Trump may be. Holding back. There are other people taking action. Business Leaders like Richard Branson Steve case announcing they’re suspending deals with the Sally’s corporate sponsors media companies like the times and Bloomberg and CNBC, which is a sister company of MSNBC, the head of the World Bank, also drawing a line here. Dropping a conference is a pretty simple step and won’t have a huge impact on the side Bill towards more unified or natural condonation. But let’s be clear, even that step is apparently still too much for the Trump Administration. As of tonight, you lead us elsewhere. Pulling out, are you still determined that you will attend at this point, given that there is still, I think, no clarity as to what has happened to me. I am planning on going at this point. If information comes out in changes, we could look at that, but I am planning on going going over to the investment conference for Yahoo news and Evelyn Farkas in your fellow, the Atlantic Council of former Debbie assistant Secretary of Defense and MSNBC analyst Evelyn. There plenty of heroin, it happened in statecraft, but the blatant manner of this and the fact that we live in a world where so much of it is is really unspooling almost in real-time seems to make an extraordinary breach. What presidents are historical context think up when you look at this, I want more. If anything should the United States do, I mean, as the New York Times and other media Outlets have reported, that the Turkish official officials have said that they already told the United States and gave our government their intelligence. So the fact I I mean I think the treasury secretary should be saying unless find out information that you know proves that he’s alive and he wasn’t murdered by the Saudis, I’m not going the other president. I mean, I guess the thing I thought of because I spend so much time on Russia is the condemnation that the world, and certainly the Europeans and weed together with the Canadians you know in the transatlantic, sounds expressed about the murders of residents of the United Kingdom And citizens of the United Kingdom by the Russians, especially those we’re committed using chemical weapons, and here we have another case where we’ll find out how clear-cut it is. But I think we need to hear more from governments and because this is a journalist, I think our president needs to speak out. We know you know you covered it very clearly here on on your program, on the beat that you know this. This president has spoken with alarming words against journalist, and so I think it’s incumbent upon him to speak clearly right now to get to the bottom of this and to tell the American people what he already knows, which have to do other countries and take people out. Michael one big deal: what is a sum of their targets have been what you might call of expertise or people. They view in a way as a sort of intelligence, combat, and certainly debatable. Besides, this isn’t even near that this is a journalist, and that goes to your today with y’all read for the viewers and let you explain you say that cuz Shaggy across this line that made him a Marked Man and probably let it was brutal death. This is according to your discussions with at least one of his close friends is a fence Anna Washington, Post common accused, it’s supposedly reforma strongman by the way of Partners, Kushner of imprisoning intellectuals, journalist and other political dissidents, explain Michael MBS, Mohammed bin, Salman and other members Of the royal family, precisely because he was no bomb thrower, he was not a renegade, he was not a Defector. He was a guy who had been closely. Why do members of the royal family have been a top adviser to Prince turki bin Faisal, who had been the chief of Saudi intelligence and then later the Saudi ambassador to the United Kingdom? So his criticisms were very much from somebody inside the tent and that’s what I think outraged the MPS and his around him so much because he was a respect boys. He had a huge megaphones thanks to that Washington Post column and to have him questioning Muhammad, been Solomon’s, reformist credentials, say he’s arresting the wrong people and then, most recently, just a couple of weeks ago. Writing a column calling on The Saturdays to end their cruel war. In Yemen, it was, I think there was a view that he had crossed a line and the southeast what they apparently did here. So that announces make sense, but obviously anyone listening would say. Well, if you were concerned that someone from inside your own network is, is sort of calling you out for this kind of attack on the Free Press, and then you go ahead and execute that person. That would seem to reinforce, among other things, that very good cheek, and so that goes to what they thought this would do. Is it that they didn’t think it would break in this way internationally or they don’t care about International coverage of it and they’re just going to handle spitting it back home? How do you make sense of that truly fascinating and important question like how could they have been so clueless as to think they could get away with it? What years was Saudis have had on retainer, former CIA officials, former State Department, officials of Washington, lobbyists and security? Why is them on what they could get away with them? What they can’t get away with Mohammed bin, Salman who’s? The defacto ruler of the country is somebody who is clearly khakshoor, confident himself doesn’t feel he has to play by the sea rules of you. Damn self is reformer, he was trying to get all this street Pratt and somebody was allowing women to to drive and making other modest reforms, and I think he was the sort of a little bit DeVore from reality. Is that how this would play out? What other point it’s important that I want to make that’s in our article. This is based on an interview with one of his very close friend somebody Sapori and he said look. You cannot take out of the equation. President trumps rhetoric here. Listen, he would not react if we kill one. I think that was very likely the way this was processed in Riyadh. I, given the Benzino, almost the daily President, Trump saying, sort of off-the-wall things and a lot of the lot of people that states no longer take them seriously, but people around the world do here this rhetoric. People do here, but I’m calling the press the enemy of the people and then when they hear that they might take it more seriously than it many people in this country doing that may have been what happened here and so do you think that up and do You think that there is some notion of us contributing role liability here, that they should clean that up by products right kind of outlandish rhetoric. We sometimes here would be normal. What’S the most conventional presence would do not Mexico, you know our neighbors, but he went to Saudi Arabia where they haven’t already have a mixed history in terms of their foreign and domestic policy. Thanks that he is running Saudi Arabia. Although his elderly father, the king, is notionally in charge, but he’s running the country now he’s come running a jekyll-and-hyde policy, so he’s loosening up some reforms and he’s how to attract foreign investment on the basis of being reform are economically and a little bit culturally. But at the same time you know, while he allows women to drive, he jail, some of the original women who called for the driving he he put his family under house arrest, Witcher an effect. Basically the people who are running Saudi Arabia. The rich relatives are the folks in both parties in the Diplomatic Corps. International Security Community are still quite careful about how everyone talks about baby, no matter what they seem to do, because they seem to have this Stranglehold. Here’S mr. Jordan, only using question marks to say what I think he’s trying to say, which is there was possible and then something must be done. Take a look at a relationship since 911. I arrived in Saudi Arabia is Ambassador a month after 9/11, and the question then was are the Saudis Friend or Foe. I think we got similar questions going on right now. The time has come for us to stand up and show some leader and on this issue, I guess you could say is a good Diplomat Evelyn’s because he didn’t quite say anything: are they Friend or Foe? What is leadership? Look like. Do you care to answer? What are US values and interests globally and domestically – and you know this – this business about arm sales, which President Trump throughout their as sort of an excuse for why he was not doing anything about what looks like the murder of this journalist. He was a permanent resident of the United States. Was that sales going with the Saudis billion dollars of arms sales going with the Saudis on paper? They, President Obama, going to do much Against The Saturdays either. I don’t know why I would expect this Administration Royal at Financial in military plan. Well, I think this is a bridge too far, although many people would argue that jamming was already Bridge Too Far. You know we had in. I believe it was September the bombing of the school bus with the children dying no there about. I think 20 million people at risk of salmon and trout and lack of medical assistance. It’S so there are people in Dire Straits in Yemen because of the way the Saudis have been fighting that wore a shogi was specifically most recently criticizing mad. I think is Michael said, but it may be that we reached the point now where we have to reassess this relationship and we we may not need the Saudis as much as we thought we did. I certainly think it’s been bad policy on the part of this Administration to swing so far towards the Saudis, because we need to maintain a balanced relationship in the Gulf area and again also with regard to Ron. We don’t need to be sucked into this Iranian rivalry as much as we have been under this Administration expertise. Our YouTube channel, subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC
Turkish media reported a new twist in the disappearance of Wash. Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi as Donald Trump faces growing pressure. Evelyn Farkas explains why she is “appalled” at Trump’s silence, and Michael Isikoff explains how a friend of Khashoggi says Trump contributed to the apparent death.
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President Donald Trump’s Tepid Response To Missing Journalist News | The Last Word | MSNBC

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