President Trump feuds with New York Times publisher

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President Trump feuds with New York Times publisher
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got to tell you if these graphic allegations is documented by Ronan Farrow New Yorker were made against anybody below Moon Rises level that person would at least have been suspended not outright fired when the Washington Post in November published the sexual harassment allegations against he was gone before you could blink of course Moon as runs the company and this pizza over details in the secret meeting Trump firing off this to this tweet on salzburger had a very good and interesting meeting at the White House with a G sulzberger publisher of the New York Times and how to phrase enemy of the people the increasingly dangerous I told him that although the phrase fake news is untrue and harmful I’m far more concerned about his labeling journalist the enemy to reconsider his people to our country what did you make of that exchange is no longer so secret meeting but luck when the president sort of pasta side the off the record of the meeting by Tweety what he did he kind of open the door for AJ Salzburg year old rookie publisher with the time to challenge him and now you have each side accusing the other especially of risking people’s lives because you have salzburger saying enemy the American people fake news is increasing risk to journalists around the world and you’re the President coming back with a tweetstorm in which he calls some journalists unpatriotic which is akin to enemy of the people for revealing the inner workings of government kind of suggesting that National Security secrets are being Aubuchon fairly it so what was intended I think is a as a section to sit down and kind of clear the air like both sides vent as of anything poison the atmosphere in Moore finishing up with the Italian Prime Minister and and reported for firing off their questions as they do and we know that there was a recent incident where someone was asked to not rejoin the group that pool Jim Acosta and a staffer at the White House this is this is the exchange I’ll show it Juliana and they were saying it’s time to go Jim Acosta we are seeing play out I know people out there think it is absolutely rude for journalists to be shouting at the president that way it was another CNN correspondent Caitlin Colin who got punished by being disinvited from the bank last week especially in the Oval Office when there’s another world Lena there but the reason Center that people that journalist keep shining those questions is that often times president Trump more than his princesses will answer them get out time to go thank you very much press he will answer when he stopped answering those questions the incidence of the shot of questions will probably receipt of it
Trump fires back at ‘insane’ media after New York Times publisher calls rhetoric ‘divisive’ and ‘dangerous.’ Howard Kurtz reacts on ‘The Story.’

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