President Trump heads to El Paso for first 2020 campaign rally and to push for border wall funding

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President Trump heads to El Paso for first 2020 campaign rally and to push for border wall funding
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President Trump heads to El Paso for first 2020 campaign rally and to push for border wall funding
The campaign rally in El Paso Texas tonight Aussie mixes big push for border security, we’re going to El Paso. We have a line that is very long already. I’M in you see what’s going on and I understand our competitors korsteel make it sound like they had more people than we do.. That’S not going to happen, but we’re going there for a reason. We’Re going to keep our country safe debacle hanging over her campaign announcement. The President also poking fun at senator Amy Klobuchar, for announcing her candidacy in a snowstorm or in firing back against the presidents ancestry attacks when we get to 20/20 Donald Trump may not even be president. In fact, he may not even be a free person and Klobuchar addressing reports. She can’t find a campaign manager because she’s difficult to work, for I am, I push people that is true, but my is that I have high expectations for myself. I have high expectations for the people that work for me and I have high expectations for this country. More than more I hear about her cuz she’s got. The fun is the name to say Call My Name point out that she’s got a bad temper if they did that with John McCain, they did it with Bob Dole and they do it with Trump, so it ain’t sexist, infected sexist. Not to do it with the kid, this is Elizabeth. Here’S the problem with Liz Warren she’s like a professional wrestler who overacts and each scene and instructs you to believe in the sport, no matter what she is a politician who pretends to be a politician wherever she goes and it’s so fake, and especially in the ear Of trump, where he rejected all of that all the trimmings of being a politician, it even it exposes her fall even more as a world-class phony she’s, a professional wrestler, and you see all the tricks. Let me grab his kid: okay, save a syllable, and we also have Kamala Harris’s admitting to smoking weed. What do you think? In reality, people in her State of California have suffered under some of her punitive actions as attorney general, and she even canceled a few years ago, when asked about legalization of cannabis in the great state of California. This is someone who is not supported. A bunch of nonviolent offenders are released when she absolutely for the faction of my friend Charlemagne. I thought he was adorable. No, I think it’s look, I don’t by the way. I don’t think that was a fair thing that you said Kennedy, because guess what people hang on, please enforce the law. That was her job as an officer for the State of California got to make it up and she did it. She enforce the law. With regard to selling or selective prosecution are way off on this, it’s almost to me and it’s coming from the left more than the right the same, because you were a good prosecutor. You can’t be a Democrat. How crazy is that? I just think she was a very good prosecutor and I up to you, but I will say I think the news today is about Trump and El Paso, because our own brain room that you like the site Jesse, has said violent crime even higher before the wall. In El Paso – and it wasn’t a headache time when the wall was erected in El Paso about 3300 violent crimes reported last available year, statistics were out 2016 about 2,600. Violent crimes reported violent crimes, since the wall has been erected in El Paso, 211, 06 to 2011. Violent crime went up 17 %. The way you could have went all the way from Beyond the Wall until the last year, and please and you’re, trying to fool put the clear fact is the sheriff in El Paso, El Paso Allstate, this town had a low crime rate before and after this phoney War, everybody can see the truth. Democrat side and the Republican side is always been one woman on stage and there’s been all of these rules about and the senatorial races in presidential races about. How do you approach the one woman on the stage and now that we have four or five on the stage it’ll be interesting to see how the Democrats play that, how they argue with each other, and so I think it’s a really interesting going to be really Interesting election to see the interaction, especially between the women, can we just preempt this sort of, like catfight narrative, that People magazine and that’s weekly and all these things will put on these. Women are going to battle they’re going to be really tough, because they’re politicians – and I want to be the president and dominatrix in the Builder field of democratic candidates, we have ongoing director’s commentary from Donald Trump. This is never happened before about everybody, and his media presence is so huge. He’Ll be Darth. Vader will be Ewoks gladys-knight-the-pips as snow man or woman. I think you dodged from a sensitive here, but you know what I think if he goes after those women, I think they they fire back a joke to say everybody
This comes as the field of Democratic contenders gets even more crowded with the addition of Senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar; reaction and analysis on ‘The Five.’

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