President Trump: Mueller Shouldn’t Be Given ‘Another Bite Of The Apple’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

President Trump: Mueller Shouldn’t Be Given ‘Another Bite Of The Apple’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
President Trump: Mueller Shouldn’t Be Given ‘Another Bite Of The Apple’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
Play the fantastic group with us was Vance former US attorney and professor at the University of Alabama School of Law, not Miller. Former Chief spokesperson for the justice department under President Obama taken credit party and Matt Gorman Republican strategist and former communications director for the nrcc Joyce to you. First need to do to get Robert to reset. The narrative he doesn’t want to Democrats have a very careful needle threading job that they need to do Wednesday morning. Stephanie, I think, most importantly, has helped. Americans understand the connection between one of the report and volume to volume. Two more funds laid out 10 areas of potential obstruction. Legal experts have said that they believe between 3 and 5 of those are indictable, but obstruction never have vacuum, and here it happens in the context of the volume 1 discussion of collusion and cooperation between the campaign and Russia. Democrats should try to get molar to focus on his inability to fully develop evidence. He says he didn’t have sufficient evidence to indict a conspiracy, but he says that in many ways that’s because Witnesses were unavailable or they lied or evidence was destroyed. And if Democrats can Hammer that point home with the public, they may be able to make some of the inroads that they need to make in this hearing. The report was Robert Mueller’s interactions with the new attorney general Bill bar, and we know they didn’t agree with. Summarize the report is that an area where Democrats can get the most bang for their Buck, I think, are important it to try to question the special Counsel on one answer. The question did the president: if the president was a sitting president present, would he be indicted? I don’t think he’ll answer directly, but their way so kind of back into it is to try to show how the Attorney General mislead the public directly. Do you disagree with the way bars handle it? I don’t think he’ll answer that question in the affirmative, but I do think their way to ask him short, factual questions. For example, is it true that your investigation confirmed that there was no collusion, which is a statement the attorney-general made the answer? That question will be no. I think you can also ask him. Is it true that the president has said that your report found no obstruction of justice? We know the answer. That question is no because the report said so so I think if you frame the questions to him is, did you disagree with you’re not going to get a direct answer? However, if you just read some of the more aggressive statements, the Attorney General is made many, which are directly contradicted by the Special counsel’s Report. I think some of the attorney-general said can be very politically damaging. They could undermine mother’s credibility with a public and therefore his report essence of a lot of information that he might provide. I don’t think that this is Do or Die. Is it Democrats don’t actually form that narrative that our candidates can use throughout the remainder of this cycle, and I would also, I would say this Jerry Nadler, for example, who had been cautious in his conversation about whether or not we should start impeachment hearing as a Lead into it a little bit more over the last few days when is actually give getting a primary from a challenger that wants Democrats to go further into this impeachment and actually start these hearing, and my concern is whether or not if the Democrats, if some Democrats Take their time and try to create not going to do it quickly enough to Stave off some of the challenges that actually would be overtime. I’M an Enthusiast of Law and Order SVU the Deep State pushing on the origins of the investigation. Call me strzok Lisa page with the present likes to do, or do they go easy, knowing, as Basile put it, that he’s most likely not going to little bit a lighter touch because in many ways regular little lighter touch in Lumber. In many ways, the mower report came out, okay for the Republicans, and so, if they undermine mowers, credibility, they’re really get to feeding themselves and about before Robert Mueller, testifying in front of Congress. So this isn’t something that he’s going to do lightly and he’s probably not going to make a lot of mistakes out of this it’ll. Give them cover to call for impeachment that whatever little puss coming from the hearing and give that as an excuse to call for impeachment, I would watch it in the coming days. We can act on his election security, we’re not talking as much about that. Probably when the president was asked about mother testified we just a week ago, it was a. It was a massive Victory and you-know-what at some point. They have to stop playing games, cuz it just playing games. No, I won’t be watching mother digging back into this thing was decided a month ago, even though they might not realize it. The original pray that they heard from the attorney general that there was no collusion and no obstruction. Miller’S testimony will likely clarify that the question will be whether people are listening and hear the message and then secondarily, it’s important for people to criminal investigation is different from an impeachment hearing. Criminal investigations looks Tolle at very specific Federal statutes. Molar chose for a number of reasons not to indict the president, but it’ll be important Warren on Wednesday. But what happens in impeachment is very different and that a clean bill of health for a criminal investigation doesn’t mean that high crimes and misdemeanors weren’t committed by this president, The Weeknd that he is finally going to court to enforce the subpoena for Don McCann. In any way change the narrative around impeachment, or does one say why are you finally getting to Nao the president is trying to run the clock and if that’s his goal, he sort of achieving it. Since his report was released to the public 18 weeks since he finished the investigation and we’re finally seen the special counsel car, it’s the day before Congress leaves on a six-week resets when they get back there only in session a couple of months, it’s hard to see Impeachment happening in 2020, when you’re in the midst countries, in the midst of a conversation about who the next president oughta be. If it’s someone other than Donald Trump, and so this hearing to kick-start cannabis know, if you were looking to kick-start momentum for impeachment, you would want to be followed up with other hearing that would that would shine a light on the present Behavior. But we’re not going to see Don mcgahn anytime soon, it’s been several months since he blew. It will take many more months to resolve it. If you know it all before the election sometime in the fall of 2020, when those hearings will be largely a sideshow to the presidential election, so I think we all look at this hearing on Wednesday, not as as the Kickstart for impeachment, but it’s a chance for The for the Congress show the American people what it is, the president did during his campaign and just what he did in office and the American people that can decide for themselves whether they think that’s appropriate, behavior or not testify. Hopex is not looking to testify. Knorr’S donegan’s Deputy. That being the case, it’s a clock is on the president’s side, not Democrats side. What are they to do, how serious they are about pursuing these matters in court and whether they can craft a narrative that explains to the American public? How unusual it is to have people ducking subpoenas if they don’t have the witnesses available, and I think it is right that the clock continues to run and it doesn’t run in Democrats Behavior favor. Then they will have to explain to people why this Behavior I’m doing, and they have not been successful in doing that today. That is a significant challenge that they face, because the president is so good at running the clock and behaving in ways that previously would have been unexpectedly and and damaging to there’s a difference between unseemly and a cover-up unseemly, the president and directly his voters are okay. With they knew that I’m insanely was what they were. Voting for. A cover-up is something entirely different: Pointe hair Stephanie, because their actions that the president may have taken for political reasons he didn’t want, for instance, voters to know that he was engaged in a deal with Russia in the late stages of the campaign. But the question becomes whether or not criminal Behavior, as you point out, at least in his base, people are satisfied. Previously, the rules are different for this President, you can click subscribe. Lots of other great videos,
Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be testifying before two House Committees on Wednesday, committing to at least five hours of public testimony. Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance, former DOJ Chief Spokesman Matt Miller, Democratic Strategist Basil Smikle, and Republican Strategist Matt Gorman join Stephanie Ruhle to discuss what we can expect from Mueller’s testimony.
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President Trump: Mueller Shouldn’t Be Given ‘Another Bite Of The Apple’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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