President Trump plays hardball with the border wall

Anika said the President should play hardball if that’s what’s needed in order to get the wall built it’s that important he says Brandon Judd is president of the national border patrol Council he joins most recently where you said this is really the only thing that we should be doing it as far as the Border goes we need to be more more strict with it we need the wall we need to put a and then you say it’s for Humane reasons it’s the Humane thing to do walk us through then explanation of why we need the wall if the mainstream media was being honest about this they would start reporting about how children are being separated in the country of Mexico prior to coming over to the United States when we talked about all these children that have not been reunited with her family members a lot of those children were separated prior to even crossing the border illegally but when you’re bored religion like myself in and we have to deal with tracking group to cross the border illegally and parents are getting their children behind knowing that we will then find them which will be a distraction to us as so that they can get away and later be reunited at you know this is an issue that we have to look at it is a very Humane issue if we build the wall strategic locations we will then be able to control where illegal immigration takes place and our country will become a much safer country and its bearing is very necessary create the right kind of incentives and you’re trying to remove incentives for people to come here and there’s if it’s going to be that difficult because there’s no way you’re less likely to try and sneak yourself or your child across the border and if you’re less likely to do it then your child and yourself or less likely to come into any kind of harm via coyotes etcetera that may be taking advantage of you is that the thinking this is a multibillion-dollar industry it’s a business that’s what exactly what it is these individuals are coming here and asking for Asylum they can do it legally they can present themselves at ports of Entry they can give their credible credible fear claims their butt the criminal cartels that Force these people to cross the border at Point other than than ports of Entry which is then of course drain to our resources at again that’s why we need to be able to control where illegal immigration all you have to do is look at McAllen Texas right now I eat over the weekend there was a mass hysteria at a mall where it where it was thought there was an active shooter situation the FBI ATF all kinds of and it turns out that these individuals is there believed to be illegal aliens that they cross the border illegally that if we would have had a wall it wouldn’t have happened a lot of people would pick that apart and say it again not going to do it you need to have a a lot more than just a while but let me get to this for moment because Philadelphia they have him are there who is scrapping the agreement that Philadelphia has with ice not in good conscience allow the agreement to continue frankly important than in 2018 a federal agency in gauges and practices that essentially targets law-abiding citizens border illegally they’re in the country illegally they broke in our luck and everybody’s going to say that well just the act of crossing the border illegally get a job that’s illegal if they get documentation that’s illegal there’s a lot of different things that happen after the fact it becomes illegal these people are not law-abiding citizens were you want to destroy incentives for people to come here illegally does that mean we need bigger penalties if you do come here illegally there has been talk for example of criminalizing that Trump started talking about all of the different sanctions they were going to put on illegal aliens illegal immigration dropped to 45 year Lowe’s that was simply because of the fear that if they cross the border illegally they would be detained it would be unfortunately we didn’t follow through on that truck wreck that he gave and we didn’t create operations we didn’t create policies if we would have had the zero tolerance policy back in April of 2017 we probably wouldn’t be discussing this to pretty amazing right I mean your country you should have orders you should know who’s coming in you should know who’s coming out and in the idea that somehow it’s considered Politically Incorrect ask for it seems like we’re not a pretty strange state right now finals on tonight be done so that we can keep the public safety that’s what we want to do very much
National Border Patrol Council president says the border wall is the only humane and permanent solution to the crisis at the border.

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