President Trump slams Democrats over the caravan crisis

President Trump slams Democrats over the caravan crisis
Well, the Caravan in the legal immigration in general yesterday. For me, the centerpiece of the president’s rally for now Texas Ted is supposed to Lion Ted in Houston last night. If you look at statistics along the border from Customs and Border Protection Crossings are up 30 % in fiscal year 2018 compared to fiscal year 2017. The president laying the blame for that increase and blame for the Caravan at the foot of the democratic party for his efforts to reform immigration. The president has found, particularly in competitive southern states, that the Caravan is an issue that really energizes voters. Listen here. You know, and now they’re saying I think we made a big mistake, because people are seeing how bad it is, how pathetic it is, how bad are laws. Are they made a big mistake, president in countries for letting all the people in that Caravan leave at all play from the United States? Is William La jeunesse, just reported also keeping an eye on developments in the killing of Jamal khashoggi, not really buying into what the Saudis are saying? The CIA director Gina haspel is in Turkey right now conducting no, not investigation talking to Turkish officials there. She will return to the United States soon to brief the president on what she found, but both the president and the vice president, indicating they don’t like what they heard from the Saudi. So far, I will very soon, as I am not satisfied with what I’ve heard. This morning is that this, this brutal murder was premeditated pre-plan days in advance flies in the face of earlier sershon, so that have been made by the Saudi regime and again, it underscores the determination of our Administration to find out what happened here. Response to the killing of Jamal khashoggi. What it is, though, remains in question. The president has repeatedly said bill that he does not want to do anything that would affect the 110 billion dollar arms deal that he signed a year ago May with Saudi Arabia. Just want to affect the general trade between the United States and Saudi Arabia so that very fine line that the president is going to have to walk here and if it stays outside the orbit of the Saudi royal family, he’ll find it easier to two greater deals. John Roberts, northlawn
Trump takes on illegal immigration at Houston rally and vows to send troops to the southern border. John Roberts reports from the White House.

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