Pressure on Trump to declassify more of Page FISA docs

let’s bring in Amber Athey media and breaking news editor for the Daily Caller so Republicans at least suspect that the FBI was essentially spying on the campaign or or looking for dirt on the campaign before they had interesting in Russian election meddling to declassify these documents fisa warrant against Carter page it really lays claim to everything that Nunez said in his metal which was that not only did they rely heavily on this deal. Date I was unverified and paid for by the DNA but they also didn’t disclose at the DNC was the one paying for it and they said that his candidate number one but instead of ever saying that candidate number two or political party number two was paying for that. Say they insisted that still couldn’t I’ve been bias because he was never told that he was supposed to be which we know isn’t true because he admitted to Bruce or that he actually hated Trump and never wanted to see him in office the Russian investigation into Trump and the investigation to try to take out a sitting president dossier and and where it came from how it was paid for and the political bias behind it candidate number to our political party number to AKA Hillary Clinton and the DNC political opposition document was paying for it because of the way that Fusion GPS was mentioned which is absolutely ridiculous clear that they made every effort to say that this was not a biased investigation around a revised document in the past Democrats also like to say that look of the judges on this approved these warrants Republican presidents complete picture it can lead to incomplete conclusions and rulings From the Bench right that’s all the information required to make an informed decision to Grant a fisa warrant then they can’t really be held accountable for that decision I’m in now Republicans are putting the pressure on he also was signing off on some of the fisa warrants against Carter page and so where are his involvement in this whole deal and really it’s not will provide some political cover if Trump decides to take action against Rod Rosenstein Christina lawyer behave this way in my entire life and I’ve been a lawyer my most of my adult life when it comes to Michael Cole and you should be very suspicious of anything he says and this idea that he told Trump about the Russian meeting before it happened is to us very much new news so missed your call if you got something new to say you need to come to Congress and say it under oath because apparently he has not offered to Capitol Hill Amber and he was praising during that meeting just back when it happened and now he’s quickly changed his tune turn around and say that he was secretly recording his client which is probably not legal but it’s really a very scummy thing to do daily color amber thank you
House Republicans want more details on use of FBI informants.

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