Preview of tonight’s Coronation Street – Mon 4 Feb | by Amazing UK

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Preview of tonight’s Coronation Street – Mon 4 Feb | by Amazing UK
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Preview of tonight’s Coronation Street – Mon 4 Feb | by Amazing UK
Monday, 4th of February 2019 Paul has his eye on Royce Asti of the diamond ring from the box and pocketed when Roy comes to see Billy wondering if he accidentally put his mother is suspicious. She confronts Paul, but he has already sold at whisper 3000 lb. Paul hats off to the market, with Janet running after him Paul warns Jemma that if she grasses him out to Roy, he will tell Chesney about her past at the market. Stall Garth refuses to hand over the ring so Gemma and Paul break into his van to try and find it and end up like back when Johnny reveals. He has asked him to go and visit her and Susie and frightened Jenny and says he must go once he’s like cheaper seeds to get blind drunk and stumbling around the bar convinced everyone is staring at her and talking after she throws everyone out of the pub The ship of Dreams Abby tells an incredulous, Sally and Tracy that she is going to go sailing with teether Tracy warns Peter not to leave Abby up the Garden Path and let her down gently as we’re when Rita confirms that she won’t be buying the cabin. If it read Maria’s heart, if she demanded her money back, Brian is given food for thought. Monday, 4th of February 2019 Channel becomes Chad and Jenna is shocked. When fall starts to panic inside the van, she calls Emma and Chesney to enlist their help and distract guards. So they can escape when I found you hugs Chesney to thank him. She realizes that they should be together and finishes with him to set him free, Chesney and Gemma snog. Meanwhile, Jenna and Paul bury the hatchet and admit they have missed each other. Abby’S hopes are held below the waterline Peter tells a. He is not looking for a sailing companion, but ever hopeful Abby’s tell Sally that was Peter not due to set sail for 3 months. She is sure she can change his mind faced with her Nemesis elsewhere and excited Bryan suggest to Kathy that they should buy the cabin when Kathy agrees. Brian is Overjoyed fancy writing a guest blog post for us all. Details here read more Corey News interviews: spoilers follow us on Twitter and, like us on Facebook, call original work on Coronation. Street blog is covered by a creative
► Preview of tonight’s Coronation Street – Mon 4 Feb | by Amazing UK
► Monday 4th February 2019 PAUL HAS HIS EYE ON ROY’S RING Paul steals the diamond ring from the box an…
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