Prosecutors Won’t Pursue Sexual Abuse Case Against Les Moonves | Katy Tur | MSNBC

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Prosecutors Won’t Pursue Sexual Abuse Case Against Les Moonves | Katy Tur | MSNBC
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regarding allegations of sexual misconduct against CBS CEO Les moonves Prosecutor’s telling me see news that they will not pursue one of the allegations against him a woman told Los Angeles police that he had abused on three occasions in the 1980s prosecutors have declined due to statute of limitations the announcement comes after the New Yorker publish an article in which Six Women alleged sexual misconduct it is not known if the woman in this case was among those who spoke to the New Yorker joining me NBC News senior editor Claire Atkinson Clair what more do you know about tonight having this news about this lady who apparently in February went to the police and told them about a couple of incidents involving Leslie moonves who is the CBS CEO saying she was abused the fight that you went to the police raises the question of seriousness of allegations against the CEO I will head about those on Friday from the New York has Ronan Farrow it’s a very bad day for the CBS CEO obviously the LA County prosecutor office is saying that that declining to prosecute but it’s about headline on another bad day to CVS because all the negative news the controlling shareholder of CBS today is revealed to have filed a lawsuit CBS buried evidence they had disappearing text and she would like them to preserve evidence because she’s in a fight with them and who controls between the 1980s and now moonves sexually harass them for describe forcible touching or kissing during business meetings to set he physically intimidated them or threatened to derail their careers and became cold or hostile after they were after he rejected or they rejected his advances excuse me right now the incorrect me if I’m wrong this CVS board is deciding whether or not to keep moonves on or to correct yesterday they had a meeting couple of hours long after the meeting was over they decided they would hire an outside counsel to look into the accusations but he was surprised they didn’t suspend Leslie moonves immediately about typical practice in these cases work what is investigating a top executive at a company so but they didn’t say they’re not going to suspend him at all so powerful have come through much to switch your way that things are starting starting to slow down in the investigation process it seems before someone is summarily dismissed it seems like his companies are starting to go through and and check these allegations out in this case the boys seems to have decided that the process two sides to every story and they want to give Leslie a chance to defend himself but I think that a lot of corporate governance experts and I spoke David said it’s a little bit awkward for anybody else of a corporation who has an accusation if the person the power is still at the top and not removed while these things are going on that will be all the reports I’m hearing from other Outlet besides the New York with accusations that man who were accused of bad behavior will be outfitted and complaint that women have made haven’t been heard correctly so I think CVS is problem is not just that I have been made the CEO has a culture that hasn’t been addressed in timely with the correct process the entire company and it also goes to CBS News in the way things have operated there at how things have been done there are how things of operated at 60 Minutes Claire Atkinson Claire thank you so much for joining us to see lots of other great videos
A woman’s case against CBS CEO Les Moonves which claims he sexually abused her in the 1980s has been declined by prosecutors because the statute of limitations has expired.
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Prosecutors Won’t Pursue Sexual Abuse Case Against Les Moonves | Katy Tur | MSNBC

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