Protests continue after no charges filed in fatal Minneapolis police shooting

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Protests continue after no charges filed in fatal Minneapolis police shooting
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the unfortunate scene unfolding in a matter of minutes this man thirty-one-year-old Thurmond Blevins armed and evading police leading officers through this residential Minneapolis neighborhood those police officers eventually open-fire fatally shooting Blevins the entire interaction caught on these police body cams is the latest simple penetrating our national conversation about law enforcement and the use of deadly force on the one side officer issues or I pulled the trigger when the gun came out I feared for my life I fear for my partner’s life and on the other side of community angry and searching for answers weary and distrustful of authorities the incident took place on June 23rd officers Justin Schmidt and Ryan Kelley or responding to this 911 call black male in his 30s officers arrived on the scene and notice Blevins with a gun in his waistband Clemmons continues to run ignoring the officers commands it’s here in this enhance the video authorities say Blevins inside that red circle can be seen reaching for his gun and turning towards the officers the officers open fire killing Blevins the object in his hand falls to the ground police say it was a loaded semi-automatic handgun someone running answer the question is can you use deadly force when pursuing a fleeing suspect and the answer to that is yes you can use deadly force if that suspect is a threat to the officer and a threat to the community police department since 2013 officer Justin Schmidt since 2014 both were placed on administrative leave while at the request of the Minneapolis Police Department investigation was carried out by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of apprehension a hard thing to watch but I don’t see anything on the video that’s inappropriate but every bit of intent on shooting my partner and I I gave him numerous chances to give up and you continue to escalate the situation by first grabbing on his firearm then clearing it from his pocket yesterday the county attorney’s office held a press conference to discuss the findings of the investigation or officers face increasing criticisms and the community is devastated Department’s decision evidence pamalee members watch the podium and later announcing the officers will not face charges mr. Blevins represented a danger to the lives of Officer Smith and Kelly and other members of the community there is no basis you should criminal charges against either officer we have seen so many videos where they officers are not doing things the right way but in this case we see where the officers followed all the training and tragically had to take a life but only because this suspect rules to follow the commands of the officers but still tonight in Minneapolis many have taken to the streets to protest the lack of charges there is a lack of trust between the African-American community the police departments all over the country and that is because we over and over and over again are seeing this sort of trigger shooting of unarmed young black man there’s a lot of work to be done with the police department to Faust a better relationship with people in the African American community Apple stock forming their own opinions based on rumor conjecture gossip a long time rules of investigating a case they implemented the widespread use of body cameras in their police departments and after the deadly shooting of philando Castile during a traffic stop in July of 2016 which is girlfriend Diamond Rental live streamed on Facebook oh my God please don’t tell me he did Reynolds 4 year old daughter who is in the car watch the whole thing from the backseat officer Jeronimo Yanez of Minnesota to st. Anthony Police Department was charged with manslaughter and two counts of endangering Reynolds and her young child the case went to trial by jury acquitted the office that verdict left the community reeling and I’m so very very very very very very very disappointed in the system here in the state of Minnesota can this city sun and a murderer gets away it’s a story like casteels that leaves the family of Thurman Blevins to be suspicious of Minneapolis Police and many people not in that community and sickly in his family’s mind how unjust that case was and more recently the Minneapolis Police Department came under Fire after the death of 40 year old Justine damond a yoga and meditation teacher originally from Australia who was shot and killed buy an officer in their Department after calling nine-one-one to report a possible assault the death of Justina is a loss to everyone who knew her she touched so many people loving after the shooting prosecutors charged the officer Mohamed Noor with 3rd degree murder and manslaughter officer newer did not act reasonably and abuse his authority to use deadly force nor plans to plead not guilty if convicted he faces up to 25 years behind bars all of these incidents are likely on the minds of protesters searching for justice tonight what do you think then we got our hopefully we’re at that Breaking Point hopefully I were at that place with change is really going to happen and many hope that the national conversation around body cameras and the use of force does and must continue if there is a bright side to be found here is the fact that we are seeing more and more officers wearing body cameras we can just know whether or not the actions of the officers were appropriate Nightline Express in Minneapolis hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking on ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right we’re here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News after breaking news alerts thanks for watching
Thurman Blevins “represented a danger to the lives of” the officers, thereby making the shooting “authorized” under state law, Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman said in a statement.

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