Protests In Zimbabwe Turn Violent As Police Beat Peaceful Protestors And Fire Tear Gas

Protests In Zimbabwe Turn Violent As Police Beat Peaceful Protestors And Fire Tear Gas
Protests In Zimbabwe Turn Violent As Police Beat Peaceful Protestors And Fire Tear Gas
Watching on African hair on 24 x, Judy Kim and here are the headlines across the continent, violence and Chaos in Zimbabwe, Aguas government of brutality. What is the Ebola virus spreads to a new province in the Democratic Republic of Congo? One woman has died of the disease and another 100 20 people could be at risk at a shop but quiet decline in the number of giraffes drops to under 100,000. According to one estimate, making them vulnerable to Extinction, baton now to become faster than babwe, with violent clashes erupted in the streets of the capital Harare. This Friday, this off to opposition, demonstrates, has defied a protest on police, say they arrested 91 people, but brights stay there with 128 arrest Witnesses, say they so officers beating on processes, including an old woman, but police, deny the use of excessive force. Zimbabwean documentary filmmaker told us why he wasn’t surprised by the violence levels at the protesters today open you, president violet was elected on a platform of economic reform, but now we’re seeing triple-digit inflation and basically Zimbabwe experiencing economic collapse. What went wrong it’s about 500 % Cycles. There’S no medication in public hospitals, 90 % of the potential Workforce, Employment record video. that would make it much easier to Alliant load load to the new constitution. Does Eevee evolve into grabbing private property. Investment in capital is installation of a 126 million-dollar CCTV system from hallway. Now fresh concerns about the Chinese Telecom giant have been raised by the Wolves Street channel. The newspaper reported that technicians help you spy on ndestrukt the election campaign opposite of opposition icon, bobi wine. The foam Apopka is challenging president yoweri museveni and 2021 presidential election wines that the spying claims would not surprising Chipotle underdown. Does presidential spokesman have denied the accusations now A New Beginning awaits to Dom this Saturday as the military on the opposition for pacified a landmark transition deal, the historic agreement was made August 4th bringing an end to nearly eight months of political unrest. Unrest that sold dozens of protesters killed, as well as the ouster of longtime President Obama, alopecia and April the signing kicks off a 39-month transition. I need civilian majority Supreme Council will be announced on Sunday and also that nomination of a transitional leader, Abdullah Hamburg, the former un Economist, will become zidane fastest civilian prime minister in 30 years heading home now, and the Ebola virus has spread to another province in the Democratic Republic of Congo authorities Lasik and found a 26 year old woman died in South kivu. A child is being treated disease 120. People announce it to be at risk of Contracting Ebola off the coming into contact with at at the little outbreak had previously been contained into other provinces as bad reports. It’S what authorities have been dreading the most the spread of Ebola. The Congolese Health Ministry announced on Friday that the highly contagious virus has reached a New Providence. Two cases have been comes Urban self, Kavu, adding to the provinces of North kivu and dettori, where many have been killed in the year-long outbreak in South kivu authorities say one of the two patients has already died. 10 has passed away, it’s a woman and one of her children, a baby has tested positive. The woman had been identified as a high-risk contact of another, a bullet casing Bennie. She had travelled 700 km South by bus to one guess where she died on Tuesday night. Last month’s Ebola reached the city of Goma in North kivu, raising concerns that the epidemic could cross the border into Rhonda. Now the two new cases in South key who have heightened fears of the virus is spreading far and wide. The outbreak began in August of last year: Ebola has claimed the lives of some 1,900 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo will another need sex, so I can is in South Africa fighting for the decriminalization of that profession, teacher abuse and from clients and authorities alike, But it’s ya. President Cyril ramaphosa said he was considering decriminalizing the trade, but there is in the sex industry are yet to see any concrete reforms story, violent clients, police harassment and stigma from their communities. These are only some of the issues that South African sex workers face on a daily basis. A growing number are now calling on the government store greater protection by decriminalizing prostitution, and then I’m sex workers will be three two equals in any society because weed decriminalized. That means that me and you will same person, pictures which shows active notification. Engaging in sex work has been illegal in South Africa for over 50 years percent. Many men and women continue to turn to prostitution to make a living, and, while South Africans remain divided on whether to legalize sex work, several ngos have been actively campaigning to decriminalize, but with fertilization makes sex what makes sex what more dangerous? Because text wife is contraforte freely to the police because they are. Walk in the darkness. There. I can hit in weight African president Cyril ramaphosa has repeatedly spoken out about the need to better protect, sex-workers and said earlier this year. He would consider regulating the trade and announcements that was hailed as a step in the right direction by decriminalization Advocates who are now waiting for concrete reforms deep, but silence decline. Draft numbers across the continent fell 40 % between 1985 and 2015 to just under 100,000 animals. According to the international Union for the conservation of nature, attention given to the dangers facing elephants, lions and rhinos, the plates of the gentle giraffe has gone unnoticed, spoke them over the last 20 years, giraffe number to steadily declined in Kenya and across much of the African Continent December Community have lived alongside your off to generations and hunt the animal for food and Medicine indiski no to drop off some medicines. They used to have to cook them. The band Central Kenya is home to a subspecies of giraffes that is becoming increasingly rat. Current estimates show that the population of these reticulated giraffes has declined by over 60 %, and just 20 is Simon. On his car, animal research has Humanity, giraffe life and behavior. They collect Adrian, helped create conservation awareness among the communities that live around the animals. Other species of giraffe has very little known about the giraffe T5 2015 to some 98,000 individuals. The population decrease has pushed six African nations to propose to regulate the international trade in giraffes. Animal activist argue about the effects of Internet I’ll trade in the giraffe population are known on. The study should be carried out to assess the need for regulation. Let’S see the extent of these trade, you know, if is it local or is it you know what phone does it take attractive for the overall population? You know these are some of the questions that we need to answer before we can put inside of restrictive measures in, in my view, I’m still questioning the effectiveness of the measures, since most of the legal trade occurs in places by giraffe, them is actually rebounding like South Africa and Namibia, what game hunting is legal? Coming up next town, France, 24 stationed
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Anti-government protests turn violent in Zimbabwe; police are filmed beating peaceful protestors with batons, including elderly women. We hear from documentary filmmaker and journalist Hopewell Chin’ono. Worry spreads in DR Congo as two cases of Ebola are reported in a new province; authorities are working to track those who came in contact with the patients. In Kenya, the steep but silent decline of Africa‚Äôs giraffe population; numbers have plummeted by 40% since 1985.

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