Psychiatrist: No evidence of ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’

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Psychiatrist: No evidence of ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’
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anxiety called Trump anxiety disorder the main symptom fearing the world is ending but our next guest says there’s no real sign evidence to back this up right now is a former mental health policy Fellowship in the u.s. Senate and psychiatrist dr. Daniel today thanks for having me who are these people who are going to psychiatrist and psychologist complaining that they can’t take Trump anymore you know I practice in Fort Lauderdale Florida which is sort of the democratic stronghold of Florida and I’m not staying this at all I know for certain that it’s not an official diagnosis there might be some people that have displeasure with the president’s policies but it’s not something that I’m seeing on a large-scale if it’s actually happening president sent out the Tweet to a ran in all caps it freaks some people out to the point where they thought is this the end of the world and then they intern talk to trained professionals like yourself about it you know they may have had so underlying anxiety to begin with but it really depends on your perspective right politics is about perception it’s about the world and how used in the lens through which you see it so if you’re someone who is sort of left-leaning you might find anxiety in these words your someone who leans towards the right you may find you know Comfort Inn top talk sure about the people who do go to see a professional do they just want to talk it out or do they want a pill that they can take until the end of the Trump years I find that people more often are more about pills than skills you no skills require you to actually do the work and sometimes pills are a quick fix but you know there are a lot of things you can do for anxiety that don’t involve pills you know you can listen to music you could meditate you could do yoga start sort of the low-tech kind of stuff that works really well before having to give someone a pill and the people who are more invested in politics are more likely to have anxiety when somebody they don’t particularly like is in a position of power I think that’s true on both sides whether you’re a Democrat or Republican if you don’t have an Administration that aligns with your values and your Viewpoint it tends to make you anxious and sometimes frankly irritated so just to summarize once again there in the medical world there is no such thing as Trump anxiety right it’s sort of partisan pop psychology there is no official diagnosis of anxiety there may be people who are anxious but there is no Trump anxiety on a large scale and any fish official capacity anyway in the book today dr. Daniel bober
Dr. Daniel Bober calls the diagnosis trend ‘partisan pop psychology.’

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