Public Evidence Suggests Robert Mueller Able To Bring Conspiracy Charge | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Public Evidence Suggests Robert Mueller Able To Bring Conspiracy Charge | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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as prosecutors promise there was no focus on Russia and they’re opening statements today at Paul manafort style but the Spectre of manafort’s deep connections to Russia and a kremlin-linked oligarchs hovered over today’s proceedings manafort was heavily in debt add millions of dollars to pro-russian interest when he landed on the Trump campaign once he became chairman of the campaign manafort offer private briefings is Joyce just said to one of those creditors of Putin friendly oligarch mother’s prosecutors in court filings have also Dr manafort’s Ukrainian business partner is having active ties to Russian intelligence services in fact a memo written by Rod Rosenstein last summer and made public through court filings laid out Miller’s authority to investigate whether Paul manafort’s committed a crime or Crimes by colluding with Russian government officials we also know mothers team has questions for the president on this very subject mother wants to ask the president what knowledge did you have any Outreach by your campaign including Paul manafort to Russia about potential assistance with the campaign last week began with the president’s lawyer saying they were willing to let the president answer questions on possible collusion but not on the issue of obstruction of justice but now the president lawyer Michael Cohen reportedly alleging the president knew about the Trump Tower meeting in advanced Democrats say the president may be on the hook for both fraction of justice and possibly The Conspiracy to undermine our elections just wondering there now unwilling to answer questions on that topic either maybe you would let him answer a few questions on collusion but that I don’t want to give them a false impression further away from the idea of answering any questions from them we don’t think they have legitimate investigation mastering the Obama Administration thank you both for being here tonight so you are both ban the word collusion from any broadcast on which we all appear together talk about how the real sort of pot-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow for investigate is a conspiracy talk to you first collusion just because it’s not a made-up thing collusion means agreeing with somebody else to do something that’s what a conspiracy is there synonyms right so the fact that collusion doesn’t appear in the criminal code AS mr. Giuliani asserts the other nonsense because conspiracy does and what the Mueller team is investigating is whether folks in the United States conspired with the Russians to interfere in our election call what you want when they finally charged it it’s going to be charged does conspiracy the notion that collusion isn’t a crime is a complete red herring it’s to mislead people as for the court of public opinion but it’s not for a court of law come to light and just what is public-facing in this investigation that you believe there will be enough to charge someone with a conspiracy to coordinate or receive assistance from a hospital for Empower but yes I am there are bits and pieces in the public record that suggest that it wasn’t just Russians the timing of the president’s statements in Doral Florida urging the directions to go find the missing emails or hack into the DNC computers all of that is tied to Russian activity that mr. Moeller recently charged when he brought a case against the Russian Intelligence Officers I think there is enough I think there are other calculations that are really important here like for instance weather mr. Miller believes he has the authority to charge a sitting president there’s some debate on that point the Department of Justice has weighed wait in on it in the past and has I’m behind that you cannot so there’s some unanswered questions but I think the pieces were there I’ll ask you the same question do you see enough public-facing evidence at this point to believe make another educated guess for us that there is enough evidence now to charge someone with conspiracy to coordinate with a hosta farm power she at and I think the Mueller investigation still has to wait to go to illuminate those facts but if you want to understand the wave Bob Mueller thinks about conspiracy all you have to do is take your dog yogurt and underline copy of the July 13th indictment of 12 Russian Intelligence Officers on 11 counts because in there Bob Mueller and his team layout with specificity exactly what conspiracy looks like and if people want to research and use the Google machine at home to research it it’s 18 best c371 it’s conspiracy to defraud the United States and a couple of interesting things about that statute first of all its states that if two or more people agree to do something to commit an offense against the United States and one of most people actually go ahead goes ahead and does it then both people are guilty of conspiracy and she will not be in prison for more than 5 years it’s a Class E felony and so the important part is that if there were people inside Trump Tower at the Trump Tower meeting or inside the Trump campaign or even Donald Trump himself who knew what the Russian government officers were doing and if the Russian government officers went off and didn’t even if it ain’t come back and report it back to the Trump campaign just the Trump campaign knew about it affect your knowledge establishes a conspiracy and there are other places in the Mueller indictment at you if you look at paragraph 21d and hear it talks about how one of the gru officers Creed spear phishing email attack will it’s clear that all the other 11 defendants didn’t know or didn’t participate in that they were all under the indictment terms conspirators and potentially guilty of the alleged offences and so I think understand the way by Moana special counsel’s office is approaching the the crime of conspiracy in order to analyze whether you think there will be a charge at the end of the day do you say to our friend earlier today pripara that there’s a 96% chance that the reason Donald Trump is taking a pro-putin position is because of money because of Lawns long-standing Financial ties with the Trump organization and people around the Russian government something else you said you talked about one of my meetings you talked about Donald Trump clearing the room which is what we understand him to have done with Putin we looked up one of the other people and I think you’ve made this reference to he clear the room when he asked him call me to see to it to let me know navigation to Mike Flamingo hang together in your mind in terms of what a prosecutor earn investigator would be looking at right now when does Donald Trump actually want to have a private conversation when does morning something something we doesn’t want other people to hear what he’s doing and I think one of the concerns that I have in many National Security Professionals have about the one-on-one with Putin and by the way we still don’t even know if the translators were in there for the entire time what’s the American translator was in there for the entire time there is no record of what was said and I think even to this day the Director of National Intelligence so publicly about this and even secretary Pompeo was questioned about this they have not received a full debriefing discuss that in my mind the other time when Donald Trump clear the Oval Office so he could put the alarm on Jim Comey to ask me intervene in the Flint case and drop charges which is clearly something about mother is looking at in terms of obstruction of justice check out what your thoughts on that but also if you could if I give you a two-part question here and if you could sort of way in on the news tonight that Bob mother has sent more cases to the southern district of New York but first on Jeremy’s point about closed-door meeting closed-door meetings and Donald appetite for them right so I think Jeremy is spot-on the reason you throw everybody out the reason you want something your quote-unquote off the Record is you’re going to do something underhanded and it seems like a number these conversations are underhanded I want to know one thing Jeremy said he did a nice job explaining log conspiracy he did that well one thing I would add it doesn’t require that you succeed you you and I could agree to rob the bank Nicole we could get Jeremy to be a part of this he goes out and buys a getaway car and then we get stopped on the way to the bank we’re still guilty all three of us have conspiring to rob that bank and so when I I said earlier that I think there is enough public information in the record to to see a conspiracy I don’t necessarily mean that they succeeded spiritually again that’s not required what’s required is that folks agree to do something that the law forbids that somebody took a step in that direction so to me it seems to be coming together referring more cases to the southern district he’s from or lobbyist doing pro-russian business in there in the Ukraine and other places to him that he look at Russian interference in the election but again you have a binary Choice when you’re a prosecutor or an investigator and you come across criminal Behavior I faced this myself in my time as a prosecutor you either something with it or you do nothing with it and it’s very hard for prosecutor to do nothing when they come across evidence of a crime so it makes perfect sense to me that these other folks are going to get farmed out to u.s. attorney’s offices around the country and face the consequences are Chuck Rosenberg former US attorney and Senior FBI official Jeremy bash former Chief of Staff and CIA and the Department of Defense taking out a bank robbery taking me to law school and grateful to you both thanks for being here coming up president Trump’s new best friend is reportedly still working missile that could reach all the way to the US more about that was one of my best friend Steve Schmitt that’s after the break from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with you can click subscribe show me click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Chuck Rosenberg, former U.S. attorney, and Jeremy Bash, former CIA chief of staff, talk with Nicolle Wallace about the legal meaning of conspiracy and why they think, based on the evidence made public so far, that Robert Mueller has enough to charge someone with conspiracy.
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Public Evidence Suggests Robert Mueller Able To Bring Conspiracy Charge | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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