Putin critical of US withdrawal from nuclear deal – BBC News

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Putin critical of US withdrawal from nuclear deal – BBC News
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Putin critical of US withdrawal from nuclear deal – BBC News
Optum United States withdraw from the relevant treaty this treaty, that was the Cornerstone when it comes to non-proliferation and putting it into an arms race. We had to respond with creating a new type of weapon to overcome this emptiness, our defense systems, and now we hear that Russia has an advantage when it comes to Weaponry system. Of course, other countries in the world do not possess such systems, but they are going to develop such systems and does provide us with a certain Advantage. But this what this is about? Having equal conditions heading De Pere see when it comes to what weapon Arsenal’s now they making another step and they are withdrawing from the INF treaty. So, what’s going to come out so that it’s hard to imagine what is going to happen, those missiles would be positioned in Europe. What are we going to do? We will need to ensure that we are safe and then they would be complaining that we have an advantage. We are not striving to have an advantage West to keep a proper balance, ensure our security. The same goes for that. The new start treaty in 2021. We do not have any negotiations in place as of yet so you’re. Not interested in that didn’t want to keep that that’s, okay. We can ensure a safety. We know how to do that, but this is a bad thing, because it leads us to a very risky Verge desert Trend to lower the threshold of actually using those weapons. They want to make a small scale on nuclear weapons in order to use them. Tactically, I can use it, but lowering the threshold might lead to a global nuclear catastrophe seems to have decided against it, but they deer is there and to the ballistic missile has been launched. Nuclear and non-nuclear orenda prevention systems. They record the place of luncheon in several seconds. They Define the trajectory and the post about Target, but that’s always – and we should not let this collection happen. For example, a submarine would launch such missiles and we do not know whether it’s very hot to tell so. This is very, very dangerous, and this is being a hyped-up and discussed, and this is what is dangerous, but I believe that the humanity would have been necessary common sense and the desire to survive in order not to lie to any extremities.
Russian President Vladimir Putin holds his annual televised conference with a selected group of Russians

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that the threat of nuclear war should not be underestimated, but that he hoped that common sense would prevail.
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